Who is the Perfect Running Mate for Joe Biden?


Joe Biden is going through his VP vetting process, Who will it be?

Ann Coulter Names the 3-Point Criteria and the Person

Coulter's 3-Point Criteria 

  1. Woman 
  2. African-American
  3. Tough on Crime

"Biden needs a vice president who is 1) a woman 2) African-American and 3) tough on crime. I didn't think it could be done, but here she is!" says Coulter.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms

She is the perfect VP candidate according to Coulter. 

Coulter may be correct.

Select Transcripts

  1. "When I heard of violent protests in Atlanta, I called my son and said where are you? I said I cannot protect you."
  2. "This is not a protest. This is not in the spirit of  Martin Luther King Junior. This is chaos. A protest has purpose. When Dr. King was assassinated, we did not do this to our city." 
  3. "More than 50% of the business owners in metro-Atlanta are minority business owners. If you care about this city, then go home"
  4. "You are not honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King Junior, running around with brown liquor breaking windows in this city. When you burn down this city you are burning down our community."
  5. "If you want change in America go and register to vote. Show up at the polls. Do it in November."
  6. "You are disgracing the life of George Floyd and every other person who has been killed in this country. We are better than this. Go home. Go home."

Please Play the Video

Please play that video by the Atlanta Mayor. The video is in Coulter's Tweet.

It was a powerful message, extremely well-delivered.

"Law and Order" President in Hiding as D.C. Burns

As Washington D.C. Burns, Trump Hides 2

Keisha Lance Bottom delivered a powerful message. 

Meanwhile, the "Law and Order" President Hid in a Bunker as D.C. went up in flames.

Trump's Message 

Instead of urging calm, Trump threw more raw meat at his supporters. 

The Wall Street Journal reports Trump Pushes Governors to Use Law Enforcement to ‘Dominate’ at Protests.

President Trump pushed governors to get tough on the violent demonstrations that have followed widespread peaceful protests against police brutality, telling state leaders, “most of you are weak.”

“You have to dominate. If you don’t dominate you’re wasting your time,” Trump said.

One Person Sounded Presidential 

Of Trump and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, one of them sounded presidential. 

Which one was it?

No need to answer. I can approximate the percentage without a new poll.  

538 Presidential Poll 

538 Presidential Poll June 1 2020

I estimate that 38% to 43% are likely to approve of Trump's blatant mishandling of the riots.

Blatant Mishandling

No doubt some of you will challenge my "blatant Mishandling" label. But you are wrong.

De-escalation Keeps Protesters And Police Safer

Please consider De-escalation Keeps Protesters And Police Safer, but  Departments Respond With Force Anyway.

Researchers have spent 50 years studying the way crowds of protesters and crowds of police behave — and what happens when the two interact. One thing they will tell you is that when the police respond by escalating force — wearing riot gear from the start, or using tear gas on protesters — it doesn’t work. In fact, disproportionate police force is one of the things that can make a peaceful protest not so peaceful. But if we know that (and have known that for decades), why are police still doing it?

Three Reasons We Still Do It

  1. Alleged "Law and Order" presidents encourage more violence. They believe (incorrectly) that it serves their purpose.
  2. Cops Kill Because We Gave Them The Legal Framework To Do It
  3. Public Unions

Why do Cops Kill?

The American Conservative explains Cops Kill Because We Gave Them The Legal Framework To Do 

"Focusing on racial bias obscures the fundamental problem: The Supreme Court has effectively given police a license to shoot, pummel, or falsely arrest ill-fated citizens across the nation."

Public Unions

Factor in public unions who want more police to preserve order. The best way to get more police is to have more violence.

Tired of Winning Yet?

Please consider Tired of ‘Winning’ Yet?

Republicans should stop making excuses for the president's lies, threats, and abuses — or stop wrapping themselves in the mantle of patriotism.

In case you are wondering what deep-state, left-wing political rag wrote that article, note that it is on the National Review, a deeply conservative magazine founded by William F. Buckley Jr.

Where We Can And Should Be

Damani Felder Founder of YouTube's "TheRightBrothers"

"These riots stopped being about #GeorgeFloyd a long time ago. Enough is enough. I’m fed up watching us destroy ourselves. It’s time for me to speak."

Damani Felder Quotes

  • "You have a right to be furious".
  • "You have a right to demand punishment for all 4 officers on the scene."
  • "You have the right to peacefully protest injustice, wherever it may be.
  • "Your actions show you do not care about George Floyd. You gave made this about you."
  • "You do not have the right to ravage cities we live in without consequences."
  • "You do not have the right to put citizens of all colors out of work as you raze places of employment."
  • "You do not have the right to assault police officers trying to keep you safe as you protest them."
  • "You do not have a right to say your skin color makes you a target for police violence then expect your own skin color to absolve you of any  accountability. 

That is another extremely powerful message about the riots. Please play the full video.

The Epitome of Rioting Irony and Ignorance in One Tweet

ESPN Reporter Chris Martin Palmer

Yesterday, I penned The Epitome of Rioting Irony and Ignorance in One Tweet.

It is about ESPN NBA Reporter Chris Martin Palmer. He Tweeted "Burn that "s**t down. Burn it All Down".

Then his own gated community came under attack and Palmer Tweeted "Get these animals TF out of my neighborhood."

Please, Stop the Damn Rioting Already 

Cowards to the Rear

In response to that Tweet someone replied. "That's easy for you to say".

The coward removed his Tweet but that was my response to it. 

Easy to Say?

If it was so "Easy to Say" then why did so few say it?

And why was I mocked for saying it, if it was the right thing to say."


I am sure others said it, but two people made eloquent cases about how to respond.

  1. Damani Felder
  2. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms just moved up in likelihood of becoming Biden's VP nominee.

If indeed she is the nominee, I believe Biden will win handily and Bottoms will deliver Georgia to the Democrats.

Regardless, Trump's message is wrong and proven wrong.


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Welcome to the resistance Ann. She's been brutal on twitter taking on Trump. I don't agree with her on policy but I'm loving this.

But the VP is more than just crime, he or she is there on foreign policy , economic policy etc its also not the role of the VP to focus on criminal justice. I still say Klobuchar is the best pick but given the current burning situation I think an African American A.G. would be completely appropriate. Why not select Klobuchar as VP and Harris as A.G. Country has a huge problem where Blacks cannot reasonably trust law enforcement. The symbolism of a Black A.G. would send a strong signal, that the system is broken and that it will be fixed.

I do like the Atlanta Mayor. Tells me that this country has better leadership at the state and local level an we have at the Federal level. What we have in the White House is a joke. I don't know very much about Keisha Bottoms but the speech is wonderful. She's saying all the the things Trump should say but is incapable of.

Klobuchar is still not only qualified but she'll help with the electoral map. I don't see as Abrams or Bottoms as having the experience on their resume. People just don't go from being mayor to VP. I was willing to cut Mike Bloomberg some slack because New York is just not any city and he has deep corporate experience.


I continue to hope that Trump will withdraw before the election, and allow the Republicans to nominate someone else. If Trump is the candidate, the Republicans will lose the House and Senate as well, perhaps by 2/3 majority in both.


Some serious escalation will happen in DC and Miami tonight...

...Barr has directed the Federal Bureau of Prisons to dispatch riot teams to the nation's capital and to Miami to assist local authorities in responding to protests there, according to a senior Justice Department official....

Secretary of Defense Esper, call states weak...

...“I think the sooner that you mass and dominate the battlespace, the quicker this dissipates and we can get back to the right normal,” Esper said in a White House call with governors...so says Lt Esper of the First Gulf War, later recognized as a top corporate lobbyist by The Hill in 2015 and 2016.


President Bottoms ?!

Mr. Purple
Mr. Purple

Bottoms is a good choice. Or Stacey Abrams, but Bottoms makes more sense.

Whitmer made sense to deliver Michigan, but taking Georgia is the same difference.

Harris was never ready for primetime.

Klobuchar just had her "Willie Horton moment." She is toast.

Warren, roflmao.


Here's where we're at. Trump has spent his political capital saying there are good people on both sides, quoting white segregationists, Mussalini, encouraging white militias to storm the capital and calling Mexicans rapists, saying a Judge of Latin decent can't be impartial. He's not able to calm the nation. It's no longer about the words. It's that Trump lacks any credibility so if he were to read off a telepromtper the words would come off as vapid and lacking any meaning.


Susan Rice.

Other people might be tough on crime, but no one is tougher against Putin. She is the candidate that will keep the military industrial complex running forever and ever.


I thought it was only twitter links that I can't see on this site (kind of odd since I can use twitter just fine), but I see no link to the video of the Atlanta Mayor either.

Dodge Demon
Dodge Demon

Mish, call Peter Schiff for a lesson on the U.S. Constitution if you need to be informed about the responsibilities of the Federal Executive Branch and the States, and governors of the States. If you want Theater, contact the cable news networks and Hollywood.


Michelle Obama.
President Obama !


"In fact, disproportionate police force is one of the things that can make a peaceful protest not so peaceful. But if we know that (and have known that for decades), why are police still doing it?"

For the same reason police resort to violence any time they have an interaction with anybody who is uncooperative in their eyes: To force them.

Same reason to solve any form of non-compliance with incarceration.

Same reason the American goTo solution in international affairs is bombing, drones, CIA plots, and other violence. It's laziness of thought, failure of imagination, and above all, substitution of magical thinking for actually talking to people to figure out what the possible resolutions might be.


Undoubtedly quite similar to what was going on in and around Rome, circa 475 A.D.
"Just a little bit of history repeating..."
Just an anecdote here. The son of a distinguished fellow and neighbor of ours who owns a $5 MILLION condo in Brooklyn, is "temporarily" re-locating here (to the middle-of-nowhere in West-Central FL) for the summer. People usually LEAVE here in the summer, due to the oppressive heat and humidity. Now, apparently not-so-much.
History repeating, indeed....



The link to the Atlanta VP video is Coulter's Tweet.

Play that


Trump just gave a 12 minute speech. Sounded like he was thumping his chest. Continues to blame ANTIFA. Sounds to me like you have criminal elements taking advantage of the protests.


MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The U.S. Attorney’s office has charged Galesburg, Illinois resident Matthew Lee Rupert, 28, with causing civil disorder, a riot and possessing unregistered explosive devices in an effort to stoke chaos Friday night during protests for George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The criminal complaint says Rupert posted to Facebook Friday, saying, “I’m going to Minneapolis tomorrow who coming only goons I’m renting hotel rooms.” Then Saturday, he posted a cellphone video of himself in Minneapolis, giving out explosive devices to people and pushing for others to throw the explosives at law enforcement. He is also shown in the video damaging property, and engaging in arson and looting businesses.

“They’ve got SWAT trucks up there … I’ve got some bombs if you all want to throw them back,” Rupert said in the video. “Bomb them back … here I got some more … light it up and throw it.”

He is also seen in the video asking people for lighter fluid before he enters a Sprint store.

“I lit it on fire,” Rupert says in the video, before going into an Office Depot and looting merchandise.


The best running mate for Biden would be someone trained to take care of Alzheimer's patients.


Did Trump just teargas peaceful protesters for a photo op? Insane .....


Driven mad by "bunker boy", Trump has photo op at St Johns via tear gas and rubber bullets


Say Mish I just saw a video of policemen and national guard units give in to protesters call to take a knee up in Philadelphia I think! Surely you don’t support this kind of appeasement?


"The Supreme Court has effectively given police a license to shoot, pummel, or falsely arrest ill-fated citizens across the nation." No, the politicians 9both parties) approved members of the Supreme Court who would support an increase in an authoritarian government.


If we lived in China, North Korea or Russian, you could just beat dissenters into the ground, lock them up and proceed on your autocratic way.

Dissent is the hallmark of liberty.

Sure, arrest the looters, arsonists and stone-throwers. Those are actual crimes.

Protesting--not a crime.

A police officer taking a knee in recognition of an unjust act with the action in the service of defusing tense situations--why not.

You may come back in your next life as a poor black man in the south (or south Minneapolis).


“. In fact, disproportionate police force is one of the things that can make a peaceful protest not so peaceful. But if we know that (and have known that for decades), why are police still doing it?”

Minneapolis was about agent provocateurs injecting themselves into otherwise peaceful situations. We saw that with the window smasher at AutoZone as as well as the arsonist from Galesburg, IL who drove all the way up there to start trouble.

There was nothing in need of de-escalation until the provocation of outsiders made itself evident.


Lizzo. She represents.


Shame no one quotes the pollsters that actually got the 2016 election correct (it certainly wasn't 538/Nate Silver). As former president Dewey found out, polls are not votes. Yes root for your favorite candidate but be careful when betting money.


hell maybe we can get Joan Baez to sing Kumbaya as we join hands . This has escalated to the point where no amount of appeasement and talking point rationales
are effective . my god d'blasio dragged his feet on a simple curfew for days. Yet he commanded the populace to stay home during the covid crisis. This is pure anarchy.
When they come knocking on your door are you going to invite them in for a beverage and a chat ???



Maxine Waters would be perfect for creepy crooked senile old Joe.


When I was a kid in the sixties, the mayor of my home town got on TV and announced a curfew and that looters would be shot on sight. Police were everywhere. There were no looters and no shots fired. Protect the demonstrators. Arrest and prosecute looters and instigators. There are two groups here. People that legitimately protest a horrific crime and people that are trying to start an insurrection. The riots were well planned in advance as evidenced by so many cities going up in flames at the same time, pallets of bricks being dropped off for the thugs to throw and the crews that go around taking the doors off of stores to make them easy to loot. The perpetrators do not intend to stop. They are not part of the protest. They are looking for a fight. They they have been waiting for an incident that they could use for cover. The Minneapolis city and Minnesota state government provided one by not bringing charges on all four officers immediately. A short intense conflict to bring the instagators to justice where the the thugs are outnumbered and overpowered is far preferable to weeks more of destruction while the government plays around trying to figure out how not to offend anybody. This is NOT about riot control when a peaceful demonstration gets out of hand. This is a planned, coordinated nation wide attack and ought to be dealt with accordingly. Just like Chris Martin Palmer's situation, it is easy to criticize right up until the time the looters and arsonists show up at your house.


A good suggestion would be the best attorney he can find. Someone who can help keep him out of jail when all the investigations into his past crimes come to light.


My question concerning the problem of Police brutality and the uprisings resulting from them is this. When is the Democratic Party take the responsibility for this?
The fact of the matter is, that the only reason we have Police brutality, is that we have the Police Unions who protect the Police from not only prosecution, but even being disciplined for their illegal actions against American Citizens. The Police can basically get away with lying, cheating, stealing, and even murdering with nearly complete confidence they will never face charges, because their Unions are so powerful. Their Unions are fully supported by the Democratic Party, which accepts millions of dollars of contributions from the Police Unions and their members.
As long a Police Unions exist, we will continue to see Police abuse and murder American citizens because they know they will get away with it. The entire system is corrupt to the core.

El Capitano
El Capitano

So I guess many people here think Trump is the devil and Biden is a shoo-in, all he has to do is pick the right politically correct partner and BAM he's in there. Trump is a child but Hillary the has been is a career criminal and clearly a communist. She even consciously dressed the part with her self-named "mao suit". That woman is evil. Biden is a rapist. Have we all forgotten this little fact?

I don't care much for trump but at least he has clear put a stick into the eye of the global elite who are clearly trying to enslave us in their global communist fake money system. All other presidents have been sell outs to the globalist bankers that really run the show. Biden is a rapist and a pedo. If you vote for him that is what you are voting for; the return of the obama status quo and the resurgence of the corrupt deep state. And yes, the deep state exists and is corrupt. We know that for a fact with the well documented IRS bias against conservatives, the Obama-led attacks on Flynn that showed corrupt in both DOJ and FBI and of course the CIA spying on American citizens. And now they are putting "contact tracing" on everyone's phone so that they know who you are gathering with, when, and where.


Perfect Running Mate for Biden? I recommend someone with nursing skills, and past experience as a ventriloquist.

First they get a senile Mueller to investigate the fake Russian collusion . . . and now they have a Presidential candidate that can't get through a vocal op without garbling his thoughts. And it's clearly getting worse.

I think we should all wait for the debates and see how Biden performs before making any predictions about the election outcome . . . .

Unfortunately, I don't think Biden's accelerating non-compos will deter Democrats from voting for Biden, no matter how bad it gets. When it's a choice between an Alzheimer's sufferer and Satan himself . . . Better Go with Ole Joe

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