What Can Orangutans Teach Humans About the Coronavirus Threat?


Sandra the Orangutan started washing her hands after observing her caretakers doing it .

Watch Sandra wash her hands for minutes, then inspect them.

Sandra even started washing her enclosure.

Georgia Late to the Party

Hello Georgia

Colorado Nitwit Mayor

Colorado mayor faces furious backlash after dismissing coronavirus concerns and daring someone to spit in his mouth.

States with No Lockdowns

Florida Governor Finally Restricts Movement To Essential Services

Please note that the Florida Governor Finally Restricts Movement To Essential Services

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My Comments Today

  1. Sandra the Orangutan has more sense than many of these governors and mayors.
  2. It took Trump a month to catch on, but he finally did.

Please note Trump Warns Big Death Toll Is Coming

No V-Shaped Recovery

Forget about V-shaped recovery optimism. The Covid-19 Recession Will Be Deeper Than the Great Financial Crisis.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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But it really is just another regular flu. It is fully under Trump’s control. It will magically disappear in april!


All my life been coming down with the cold, maybe skipping a year here and there...
Mostly though two or three cold every other year...
Even the dreaded summer cold...
Who'd a thunk that made me into the asymptomatic super spreader I am today?
I'm empathetic because I had my entire colon removed at 24 due to colitis....
Wear a mask so as to not infect you at risk humanoids...
Just a wonderful crazy debt free life we are living.....hoping for an zombie free end to it all..
Oh, and , go all in when "they " declare the infection rates peaked
Bumpy ride from there I'm thinking, then steady as she goes
We have the biggest best guns in the world. ...
We could default three, six times and yet the rest of the world would line up for our fiat.....


Nice article Mish, sometimes it’s good to be reminded of our roots. For my money, I like how the bonobos sort their problems.


Another set of examples showing the vast majority of people are dumb as h.

I can't count how many stupid articles I've read where people try to calculate the actual death rate. The vast majority are written by people who may have taken a calculus class and somehow think that makes them experts at analysis. The data at this point is complete garbage. You can't calculate anything. And you can't look at current deaths and divide it by the total number of cases. It takes time to die. You have no way of knowing how many currently infected are going to die. Might as well calculate the number of planets in the Milky Way that have intelligent life. It would be as accurate.


In other news, the head of the WHO, "Dr." Tedros has now reached the point where he “deeply concerned” about the rapid escalation and global spread of the virus. I guess now we know how far a pandemic has to spread before he gets concerned.

In addition, after studying it for two months, the WHO's technical lead, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, has concluded that “COVID-19 is a real threat".


She could be our next orange president.

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