Welcome Back Zero Hedge: The Thought Police Admit Error


ZeroHedge is back after Twitter admits it made a mistake.

On January 31, 2020 Zero Hedge was Permanently Suspended From Twitter for ‘Harassment’.

Twitter accused ZeroHedge of "targeted harassment" 

Twitter Restores Zero Hedge Account After Admitting Error

It took Twitter nearly 6 months to review the case, but on June 13, 2020 Twitter Restores Zero Hedge Account After Admitting Error.

“We made an error in our enforcement action in this case,” a spokesperson for Twitter said in an email. “Based on additional context from the account holder in appeal, we have reinstated the account. We have a dedicated appeals process for all account holders.”

Hopefully the "dedicated" appeals process does not take 6 months for everyone. 

Welcome Back

The controversial @ZeroHedge has 727,000 followers. 

ZeroHedge has those followers because he will post on anything and everything.

His posts frequently take two sides of the same issue because he takes a lot of guests posts.

For example, he may use a post of mine on deflation then hours later post a rant by someone calling for hyperinflation within a year.

The more controversial the subject, the more likely ZeroHedge is to discuss it. 

Thought Police Don't Control ZeroHedge

The thought police do not control ZeroHedge. And that is a good thing, whether or not you like his style.

Unfortunately, the thought police are running rampant nearly everywhere.

 Trump and the Media Both Destroying Themselves

Yesterday, I commented Trump and the Media Both Destroying Themselves

My article contained excerpts from Matt Taibbi's article The American Press Is Destroying Itself.

Taibbi blasted Trump as a "clown" but even more so the media which has "become a cowardly mob of upper-class social media addicts."

Taibbi gave instances in which editors or writers lost their jobs or nearly so at the Intercept, the Philadelphia Inquirer,  Variety, the New York Times, and other places for seemingly innocuous headlines. 

  • Philadelphia Inquirer’s editor, Stan Wischowski, was forced out after approving a headline, “Buildings matter, too.”
  • The editor of Variety, Claudia Eller, was placed on leave after calling a South Asian freelance writer “bitter” in a Twitter exchange about minority hiring at her company. 
  • Times editorial page editor James Bennet was ousted for green-lighting an anti-protest editorial by Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton entitled, “Send in the troops.”

Intercept writer Lee Fang, whose investigative work led record fine to a conservative Super PAC nearly lost his job and was forced to apologize.

This is what Fang said:

I always question, why does a Black life matter only when a white man takes it?... Like, if a white man takes my life tonight, it’s going to be national news, but if a Black man takes my life, it might not even be spoken of… It’s stuff just like that that I just want in the mix.

Taibbi commented:

A significant number of Fang’s co-workers, nearly all white, as well as reporters from other major news organizations like the New York Times and MSNBC and political activists (one former Elizabeth Warren staffer tweeted, “Get him!”), issued likes and messages of support for the notion that Fang was a racist. Though he had support within the organization, no one among his co-workers was willing to say anything in his defense publicly.

Screw the Intercept

If you click on an Intercept article you are likely to see this message asking for donations.

Protecting freedom of the press has never been more important. Thank you for being a member of The Intercept. Will you make an additional contribution to support our journalism?

I suggest, "screw the Intercept", it is just another radical  publication that is now part of the thought police problem.

The Medium 

Earlier today, a reader sent a link to an excellent article on the Medium. 

If you click on the link you get this message.

Under Investigation

Under Investigation

The Medium article, Anonymous letter from UC Berkeley professor concerning BLM/recent events, was brilliantly written if you decide to click through and read it.


If we claim that the criminal justice system is white-supremacist, why is it that Asian Americans, Indian Americans, and Nigerian Americans are incarcerated at vastly lower rates than white Americans? This is a funny sort of white supremacy. Even Jewish Americans are incarcerated less than gentile whites. 

Increasingly, we are being called upon to comply and subscribe to BLM’s problematic view of history, and the department is being presented as unified on the matter. In particular, ethnic minorities are being aggressively marshaled into a single position.

The vast majority of violence visited on the black community is committed by black people. There are virtually no marches for these invisible victims, no public silences, no heartfelt letters from the UC regents, deans, and departmental heads. The message is clear: Black lives only matter when whites take them. Black violence is expected and insoluble, while white violence requires explanation and demands solution. Please look into your hearts and see how monstrously bigoted this formulation truly is.

No discussion is permitted for nonblack victims of black violence, who proportionally outnumber black victims of nonblack violence. This is especially bitter in the Bay Area, where Asian victimization by black assailants has reached epidemic proportions, to the point that the SF police chief has advised Asians to stop hanging good-luck charms on their doors, as this attracts the attention of (overwhelmingly black) home invaders.

Most troublingly, our department appears to have been entirely captured by the interests of the Democratic National Convention, and the Democratic Party more broadly. To explain what I mean, consider what happens if you choose to donate to Black Lives Matter, an organization UCB History has explicitly promoted in its recent mailers. All donations to the official BLM website are immediately redirected to ActBlue Charities, an organization primarily concerned with bankrolling election campaigns for Democrat candidates. Donating to BLM today is to indirectly donate to Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign. 

I personally don’t dare speak out against the BLM narrative, and with this barrage of alleged unity being mass-produced by the administration, tenured professoriat, the UC administration, corporate America, and the media, the punishment for dissent is a clear danger at a time of widespread economic vulnerability. I am certain that if my name were attached to this email, I would lose my job and all future jobs, even though I believe in and can justify every word I type.

That is precisely the kind of thinking that nearly got Intercept writer Lee Fang fired. 

The thought police at the Intercept forced Fang to apologize. His crime was telling the truth. 

The Medium took a chicken-sh*t way out.


a friend of mine provided a two-sentence synopsis of the current state of affairs.

"The point of journalism and the point of educational institutions is to promote free and thoughtful inquiry.

But most Democrats will not speak out as they fear the wrath of the woke crowd just as Republicans fear the wrath of Trump."

The result is one "clown", as Taibbi describes Trump, vs two packs of cowards, one on the left, the other on the right with Trump egging both sides on.

If you say anything at all against Trump you automatically are accused of having TDS. 

And heaven help you if you run a newspaper and say something like White Lives Matter or Buildings Matter, because if you do, you will soon be out of a job.  

The middle is very fearful of the radical Left and the radical Right. This is a very dangerous slope we are on. 

Welcome Back

We can use a lot more of writers who are willing to speak their minds. 

But the risk of course is obvious, as a 6-month suspension shows. 

You don't have to like what he says, or how he says it, but please appreciate the fact that he can say it.


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Polarization is marching toward a second US (un)civil war.

Russell J
Russell J

There's a lot of flat out bs out there that is being swallowed hook, line and sinker for some reason.. its a weird time. Nobody's thinking things through. Someone screams racist, nazi or discrimination and they come running, like a dog whistle! No questions asked just ready to attack...and they do.


not a fan of the journalism. a mistake's a mistake but i don't see them adding anything of value


these "public forums" are advertiser revenue based platforms . The content is dictated by those that place ads. The truth is out here . (Maybe in the X-files /s )


The narrative has been that the police officer choked out the man's life because he was black. What about the police officer who pushed the old man (not black) - he could have also died if he were unlucky?

The main issue lost in the process is police brutality. All these show how issues can be portrayed if one so desires.

Mr. Purple
Mr. Purple

Mr. Purple
Mr. Purple

A few days ago, a letter was posted to the web, purportedly written by one A. Cab who claimed to be a former police officer pushed into a repudiation of all police. His worldview aligned perfectly with Black Lives Matter. He called "all cops bastards."

The letter was long, beautifully written, structured like a research paper, flowing with polysyllabic words and complex sentences. In short, it reeked of bullshit -- it was published anonymously and you could tell within one paragraph that no cop would be capable of writing what resembled a doctoral thesis.

The letter linked to in this post, attributed to a Berkeley professor, reeks of the same bullshit. It too was published anonymously. It strains all credulity that any Berkeley professor's worldview would align so perfectly with talking points from Fox News or Lew Rockwell.

Look, I am anti-censorship. The remedy for free speech is more free speech. I don't think anyone should lose their job for their ideas. But once anyone opens their mouth, it is implicit that there will be rebuttals.

If you don't think systemic racism is a thing, you simply haven't read enough US history.


Mish -- still getting logged out.
Chrome, Windows 10.


That Medium letter was great! The following two paragraphs were particularly apropos. When will a statue celebrating the wonderful life of George Floyd be erected in Minneapolis or Houston?

"As a final point, our university and department has made multiple statements celebrating and eulogizing George Floyd. Floyd was a multiple felon who once held a pregnant black woman at gunpoint. He broke into her home with a gang of men and pointed a gun at her pregnant stomach. He terrorized the women in his community. He sired and abandoned multiple children, playing no part in their support or upbringing, failing one of the most basic tests of decency for a human being. He was a drug-addict and sometime drug-dealer, a swindler who preyed upon his honest and hard-working neighbors.

And yet, the regents of UC and the historians of the UCB History department are celebrating this violent criminal, elevating his name to virtual sainthood. A man who hurt women. A man who hurt black women. With the full collaboration of the UCB history department, corporate America, most mainstream media outlets, and some of the wealthiest and most privileged opinion-shaping elites of the USA, he has become a culture hero, buried in a golden casket, his (recognized) family showered with gifts and praise. Americans are being socially pressured into kneeling for this violent, abusive misogynist. A generation of black men are being coerced into identifying with George Floyd, the absolute worst specimen of our race and species. I’m ashamed of my department. I would say that I’m ashamed of both of you, but perhaps you agree with me, and are simply afraid, as I am, of the backlash of speaking the truth. It’s hard to know what kneeling means, when you have to kneel to keep your job."


Zerohedge is a bunch of hypocrites. I've been banned from posting on their site for around 10 years.


Mish, I quit going to ZH years ago because of the tinfoil hat writers and Nazi Stormfront posters that wrote drivel so outlandish that the Enquirer would not publish it, and god forbid you question or disagree with anything as you will find out what the online equivalent of burning at the stake feels like.

Of course that does not mean I think ZH should be banned for strictly ideological posts, now had they broken actual laws that would be another thing, but as you point out our speech is being limited in ways that are far harder to fight than if the government just published a list of banned subjects. I think they have a right to their opinions and certainly the right to speak them, I just do not agree with most of them nor will support them in any way.

But, there is no doubt the wider public is being spoon-fed white guilt by the bucket. False and misleading narratives, for example up till very recently the movie Avatar was the top grossing film ever made and was just barely edged out of it's top spot with a box office of $2,790,439,000 and how ANY adult with two sober brain cells could see that movie as anything but an attack on white males is just incredible. They do not even try to mask the message of the movie, I am only surprised they did not name the arch honky Colonel Christopher Columbus Rapemaster or some such.

Dances With Wolves same thing. White culture comes in killing and raping and stealing except for that one enlightened white guy that "understands" why the natives are the way they are. They give you a choice, be the bad ugly white man, or the sensitive rescuer lone hero that single handed saves those natives too unintelligent to save themselves. Really a pretty pathetic interpretation of how the world actually works. And aside from that is in itself a paternalistic insult to the "victims" of white men.

If we follow these memes to their absurd ends it would be a total isolation between cultures, the very antithesis of multicultural contact. And at the same time an accusation that there is NOTHING good about white males that would benefit any other culture. Personally I am tired of it. If people want to live in shit and deny their kids modern and healthy benefits of our culture so be it, scratch out a subsistence living in the heart of some undeveloped continent as best you can with malaria and dysentery. Just don't come and accuse me of trying to harm you because of something your own masters did to you 400 years ago.

Avatar, one of the very few films I got up and walked out on, DWW, never even bothered going to that in the first place. Mostly because I do not have any desire to spend money to watch Costner apologize for my vile white male self. I have news for the world, I did not enslave Africans and I did not conquer the natives of the Americas. As far as I can tell those extreme backwards populations were in their current situations several centuries before I was born and I refuse to judge those that went forth and did what they did to native populations, I won't judge 17th and 18th century minds by 21st century standards. I have enough on my plate without condemning myself for the lack of prescience of people who lived hundreds of years ago. I do not participate in white guilt and TFB if that makes me a bad person.


Hi Mish. I agree with Herkie about Zero Hedge. I went there a few times many years ago and read mostly hate and conspiracy theories. So I simply stopped bothering with the site. I occasionally see a little of that here in some of the comments, but I realize that is difficult to manage. I think you manage it well.

Hi Herkie. I was fortunate to grow up in a country that, while not perfect, did a reasonable job of providing education for all, and opportunity for all. I took advantage of what was offered to become a successful, contributing member of society, who has paid back many times what was invested in me.

Today, rather than feeling guilty about being the success the country intended, I spend a good portion of my time and wealth giving back to my country by supporting a charity that focuses on training those who need better skills to be able to participate in the work force.

I personally feel that I would rather be part of the solution, than part of the problem. I would rather do concrete things that make a difference, instead of marching in some demonstration that calls on government to fix the problem. If we all took on a little more personal responsibility to do what WE can, rather than relying on the government, WE would all be better off.

Just my personal opinion.


Black crime stats from Wiki:

According to the US Department of Justice, African Americans accounted for 52.5% of all homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008, with Whites 45.3% and “Other” 2.2%. The offending rate for African Americans was almost eight times higher than Whites, and the victim rate six times higher.

The CDC keeps data on non-fatal injury emergency department visits and the race of victims.[70] While non-Hispanic white victims account for approximately half of total non-fatal assault injuries, most of which did not involve any weapon, black and Hispanic victims account for the vast majority of non-fatal firearm injuries.

Youth crime
The “National Youth Gang Survey Analysis” (2011) state that of gang members, 46% are Hispanic/Latino, 35% are black, 11.5% are white, and 7% are other races/ethnicities.[73]

According to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, in the year 2008 black youths, who make up 16% of the youth population, accounted for 52% of juvenile violent crime arrests, including 58.5% of youth arrests for homicide and 67% for robbery.

According to the National Crime Victimization Survey in 2002, robberies with white victims and black offenders were more than 12 times more common than vice versa.

A black WSJ commentator on the Sunday talk shows cited stats regarding the disproportionate percentage of 911 calls emanating from the black community.

So the police have more frequent interactions with black Americans, who commit a disproportionate number of violent crimes. It is not unlikely that the frequency of negative interactions with the police is directly related to the frequency of total interactions with the police.


Zerohedge is a conspiracy theorist site. PERIOD. It started out as a purely financial blog but strayed once the owner thought the government was after him in 2007 and moved the site overseas to an undisclosed location.

The problem with the internet is these sites have no sourcing and can say anything and people believe it. The internet is the undoing of mainstream media and government but its gone too far with tinfoil sites and the like. Someone could post an article saying the sun comes up in the west and the sky is not blue and people would believe it.


"This is what Fang said:

I always question, why does a Black life matter only when a white man takes it?... Like, if a white man takes my life tonight, it’s going to be national news, but if a Black man takes my life, it might not even be spoken of… It’s stuff just like that that I just want in the mix."

Mish, Fang did not say that. you are contributing to the problem. Fang is quoting what someone he interviewed said!

that is a quote from an African American man in East Oakland.


"But most Democrats will not speak out as they fear the wrath of the woke crowd just as Republicans fear the wrath of Trump.""

you get the wrath of trump but how many speaking out against trump have lost their livelihoods? yet that happens a lot when the left doesn't like what you say. how many have been banned from twitter for speaking against trump and the right?


"The middle is very fearful of the radical Left and the radical Right. This is a very dangerous slope we are on. "

again, how many have been fired or banned from twitter for speaking against the right? I challenge you to find even one but i bet in a country of 300 million there is one example. It is not difficult to find examples of this when speaking against the left.


How come Zero Hedge banned me from their site for observing that a lot of right-wingers hang out there? Thought police anyone?


I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It

-Voltaire? François-Marie Arouet? S. G. Tallentyre? Evelyn Beatrice Hall? Ignazio Silone? Douglas Young? Norbert Guterman?


Twitter's ban was not in error, it was deliberate. Jack Dorsey makes no attempt to hide his platform's political bias. They have verified and then de-verified a journalist after they posted a story that didn't agree with the thought police. Meanwhile the NYT editor Sarah Jeong, with a history of racist tweets targeted at white men, continues happily employed and blue-checked.

Twitter is the worst thing to happen to this country. It has turned discourse into a meme-laden shouting match and it helped get Trump elected (he loves the platform).



Supreme Court rules workers can’t be fired for being gay or transgender

You see that? TODAY the SCOTUS ruled that employers can't fire gay people just because they are gay. Not 160 years ago, not in 1955, not under even liberal administrations like Clinton or Obama, TODAY June 15, 2020.

Our society is slowly getting better even if it is three steps forward and 2.957 steps back, but I would ask African Americans why they think they have the market cornered in being hated and discriminated against, after all as bad as they have been treated it was never actually illegal to BE black, but there are still dozens of states that have laws on the books (now unenforceable) that make homosexuality (and how do you separate that from the person?) illegal, there are people in prison just for being gay.


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