UK Prime Minister Theresa May Will Be Gone Before Christmas


The UK’s opposition Labour party Foreign Secretary says May will be gone by Christmas or this Spring at the latest.

Emily Thornberry, the shadow foreign secretary, says [Labour Will Vote Against Brexit Deal]( Thornberry Says.1e8-b3ef-799c8613f4a1?emailId=5b9b9d1b750f250004cf1cf0&segmentId=ce31c7f5-c2de-09db-abdc-f2fd624da608).

Thornberry told the Financial Times that a deal will not happen, and if it doesn't, the result will be new elections before Christmas or in the Spring.

Either way, Thornberry says UK Prime Minister Theresa May will not survive the vote.

Curiously, Labour policy is also to take the UK out of the EU unless the EU agrees to six demands that the EU will not agree to.

The alternate scenario is the Tories will hold their noses and back Theresa May even though they do not generally like her or her Brexit strategy.

What complicates the mess is a significant number of Tories want to remain in the EU while another large block of Tories wants a hard Brexit.

The Financial Times notes that Labour’s opposition to the deal means that it would require as few as 10 Tory MPs — from either the party’s hardline Eurosceptic or pro-EU wings — to defeat the government.

This is one of the screwiest political setups I have seen.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Yep. Screwiest. No one knows how this will all fall out.

There are calls for UKIP and grassroots Leave supporters to join the Conservative party (the Bluwave) and call for leader selection by grassroots rather than the Parliamentary party deciding. Should that happen, May is toast. Supposedly there has been a noticeable increase in Party membership for that reason. Recently a 50 strong group of Conservative MPs (Leavers) also met behind closed doors to decide how to oust May too. She vows to fight any challenges.

All this in addition to Labour looking to remove the Conservative Government, plus the EU playing games etc etc.

She has managed to annoy nearly every faction inside and outside the party by trying to take a centralist pragmatic approach during a period of extreme demands.

A shift show.


Emily Thornberry, just another way to say turd. Beyond the pail.


The gang (s) which cannot shoot straight is in charge of Brexy!

My puts against in UK (EWU) are doing just fine! Will rinse and repeat all the way March '19


Theresa May's idea of negotiation is to wave a white flag, agree to everything EU wants as first move and then hope and pray EU will give her some crumbs.

The plan May is trying to push through would make UK follow EU directives and hitch UK to EU rules FOREVER with NO say in anything.

This despite the fact that UK imports more stuff from EU (especially Germany and France) that it exports to. If May would have played a hard negotiation strategy where UK would have demanded free access to all products made to EU specifications in UK to EU markets in exchange for giving free access to EU made products to EU specifications to UK markets May would have definitely got that because German industry and French industry would have been yelling at Merkel and Macron to give UK what it wants to keep their huge export market.

UK should be able to also have their own standards for products inside UK either made in the UK or imported to UK from outside of UK like from USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, India etc. but May has tied UK's neck to EU regulations as the opening offer from May.

May is incompetent and her Brexit plan has been written by ex-communist bureaucrat called Olly Robbins.

Tories should kick May out and demand the plan I just wrote above regarding products and also free access of all UK services to EU if those services follow EU rules but keep UK free to decide all internal UK rules for products and services as it likes plus stopping all EU migration of people to UK and have UK decide itself who it wants to come and cut ALL UK welfare off from all EU nationals.

Visa freedom should be reciprocal between UK and EU so tourism flows freely like before but UK is out of Schengen like it has always been so there are controls stopping illegal immigrants and following who comes to UK and when they leave.

Ireland- Northern Ireland border can be solved by having an allowance of 500 pounds of products one can bring free to either side, have some spot checks for large vans and trucks and tell companies to declare the things they bring to UK from Ireland at the local customs officials.

Customs should work so that there are customs officials at large factories and large warehouses so no need for customs at the border. Smaller companies can have self reporting and random checks if they are deemed trustworthy and new companies have their imports checked at border so less volume and no queues.

If EU agrees to NO customs then NO customs but if EU acts difficult have customs at WTO tariffs. The biggest advantage EU used to have was free trade but this advantage was made much smaller by WTO so WTO rules are OK also.

Remember EU imports much more to UK than UK exports to EU so UK has all the power in the negotiation.

Plus UK companies can run their services through EU subsidiaries for EU market so this is not a problem if EU does not want to give free service access to UK firms.

If EU plays nice UK can pay the about 50 billion EU thinks they owe for already agreed long term EU budgets but if EU does not play nice UK can tell Germany and France to paqy that to EU and that UK will pay NOTHING.

May was incompetent also in agreeing to pay that money before anything else.

It is like Theresa May has NO experience at all about business or negotiation.. Oh right, theresa May has NO experience at all about business or negotiation she is a career politician...


While the rest of us were out target shooting and drinking beer, was there a new rule imposed globally that leaders have to be female?

Dear Old Blighty is not what it was back in the day, but have all the men left England? Is that why they have to bring in healthy young lads from the East?


May is no Thatcher. Thatcher knew how to grab the bull by the horns, thus her nickname of "Iron Lady".


May never wanted Brexit. And it shows.

A traitor and disaster.


Brexit makes sense....if you have an actually effective plan and set of monetary and economic policies that would enable the UK to do so without suffering the punishments the EU can bring upon them. Those policies of course are the new paradigm policies I've long advocated on here. It's the same thing here in the States of course as third rate intellects (read total knumb skulls like Trump and Bannon) advocate "fourth turnings" which even though they are accurate historical observations they miss the more significant fact that fourth trunings are actually simply the failure to accomplish the wisdom of thirdness greater oneness available with the integration of the truths in opposite perspectives.