Tweets of the Day: Over 1 Million Acres in California are On Fire


1.2 Million Acres on Fire, Only 20% Contained

I went through that map separating out state jurisdictions from federal.

Major California Fires

Major California Fires 2010-08-22

Grim Stats

  • Acres on Fire: 1,209,383
  • Acres Contained: 243,6198
  • Containment: 20%

Fires Continue to Spread

Hard to See Your Memories Burn

Lightning Siege

Smoke Spreads

Themes of the Year

Devastating California Fires in Pictures and Video

In case you missed it, please see Devastating California Fires in Pictures and Video.

Hoping for Rain

Best wishes to all impacted.


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The 1910 fire in north ID and western MT they were smart enough to learn something. After the fire they started logging the forest to build fire blocks. In the late 1960 CA stop all logging and now look what it’s doing. Stupid liberal DIMS can not learn anything. Something as simple as this and nope. I knew this was going to happen at some point.


One of the reasons California has not had this level of damage in the past is that there is a wet season and a dry season, so that there usually are no storms to make lightning. I grew up in far northern California and only remember lightning a couple times till I was in my thirties. The further south the longer the dry season, though in the high Sierra and far south you can be affected by the monsoonal weather that is more typical of the desert southwest. As you get closer to Oregon you have a shorter dry season and longer wet, but the wet is just rain not thunderstorms.

So this is an anomaly that is maybe once in a lifetime, we see more news about it because the population is so much bigger now when it happens it affects millions rather than some remote area.

As for Wendmink's snotty wrong filled post, California has not stopped all logging, just ended the most devastating poor forest practices, such as clear cutting in sensitive watersheds. "California has been a major producer of wood products since attaining statehood in 1850. It emerged as the Nation's third leading softwood lumber-producing state in the 1940s, and since then has ranked second or third in the Nation, along with Oregon and Washington." Currently #4.

Hey, Wendmink, maybe if the fascist right like you would just listen to your fuhrer and rake the frigging forest floor this would not be happening!


Amazing,,, even natural disasters become political talking points, only minutes after they occur. Even 6 sigma /fat tails.


For a longer-term perspective...

....This work estimates that approximately 1,800,000 ha of
California wildlands burned annually in the prehistoric period.
Our estimate of prehistoric annual area burned in California is
88% of the total annual wildfire area in the entire US during a
decade (1994–2004) characterized as ‘‘extreme’’ regarding
wildfires (Stephens and Ruth, 2005).....

1.8 MM hectares is about 4.5 MM acres

The times we live in are the anomalous times when the impression that we have subdued nature to a manageable beast is being tested every year.


I'm basically surrounded by fires but live in fairly populated metropolitan area. I'm calling the tree guy now to trim everything away from the house. At some point everything will have to be cut.


Every year we seem the same stories about loss of houses, personal belongings, memories, etc. No one ever seems to learn from what went before. People have houses that are worth hundreds of thousands, if not millions but they won't spend the $$ to protect the house in case of fire. Instead, they just whine on the media, time after time as the TV news shows their house and others burned to the ground.

If your house burns and you are going to rebuild, DON'T use wood! Maybe use stone and metal. Maybe put in a water tank or a large access to the main water line. Maybe build part of it in a cave.

And maybe build a fallout/fire shelter where you can store the important stuff in your life plus maybe save your family's life if necessary.


No mention of Colorado at all Mish? Second largest wildfire (by area) in our history and the primary east-west corridor has been closed for two weeks.

The problem with California is that there was a very wet rainy season last year, which led to high brush growth. Doesn't help that there hasn't been much of a monsoonal flow this year so it's very dry. Colorado's snowpack ended the season slightly above average, in fact we had a brief period when none of the state was under a drought watch for the first time in about 10 years or so, so we aren't too concerned about water restrictions this year, but now that it's dry that isn't doing us much good.

One other odd thing that happened this year was a very late season frost/freeze, which killed most of the flowers on the Palisade peach trees. I know my ornamental trees were starting to bud up right when it hit and I didn't get any of the usual flowers this spring.


These fires aren't caused by global warming. The reason California has so many fires is they go months without rain every year. Everything dead dries up completely. Doesn't matter if the temp is 1 or 2 degrees warmer. Everything will completely dry out.

ndre avo
ndre avo

As soon as no jail for burning nature and doing nothing, nobody cares. It so pity how nature is tortured every minute but we have kind something " best ever !(

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