Tweets of the Day: More Trump Narcissism and Incompetence


When asked about the coronavirus Trump responded that he "broke all ratings records" on Fox News.

Another Trump Home Run

Trump stepped up to the media plate again today and smashed another home run on insensitivity, narcissism, and incompetence.

During the tour of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention headquarters, Trump was asked by a reporter what measures he was considering to help offset the widespread economic and social impacts of the crisis.

Trump compared the coronavirus to the flu then continued: “As of the time I left the plane with you we had 240 cases, that’s at least what was on a very fine network known as Fox News, don’t you love it? That’s what I happened to be watching and, how was the show last night? Did it get good ratings by the way?” he asked as he turned to a Fox reporter. “I don’t know,” the reporter responded. “Oh really, I heard it broke all ratings records, but maybe that’s wrong.”

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Question of the Day

Is breaking media records a good thing or does it show people are scared to death and hoping for answers (they clearly did not get)?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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I stocked up on toilet paper, paper towels, canned foods, etc a few weeks ago. I just talked to my neighbor who said "Trump is right it is no big deal - wash your hands and you'll be fine."


This is what we get when clowns are running the Government....



"How can you toilet paper when you are out of it? " No kidding, there aren't even any Sears catalogs anymore! And how many people have corncobs anymore?


Is it too early to call him "Former President Trump"?


Mish, in terms of 'breaking media records' being good or bad, I believe the answer is staring us all right in the face: Good! (Bigly!)

The role of the President is to play the part of someone running the country in an extensive, ongoing Reality TV Republic. We have a Reality TV Presidency during a Reality TV Election. This will be a Reality TV national virus pandemic. The problem we face these days is that there is a civil war amongst various producers; some of the leading characters work for one faction, some for another (and there are more than two). What was once a high-ratings, high quality national production is now splintering into many varied - and much lower quality - offshoots. In short: the country is no longer able to put on a good (aka convincing) show. All the criticisms levelled at Trump - many of which are quite understandable - could also be levelled in spades at nearly all around him on all sides, be they political adversaries, media moguls, intelligence department heads. Nearly all of them are total clowns, morons, perverts and criminals! Why the fixation on the Lead Carnival Barker? Well, because the President is the Star of the Show, of course.

The point, though, is that one of the President's main functions is to keep ratings high during the News sections which are run by our Intel agencies. Both those who admire and those who detest choose their preferred outlets and remain engaged in the Reality TV Republic. It's the President's job to keep those ratings high. He's just the first one to admit it in public.

I know this sounds like an absurdly fanciful explanation, but it's one that continually fits the bizarre unfoldings - especially the many inexplicable lapses - that we witness all the time not only in the front men Presidents, but also nearly every major government agency.

The entire country at this point is probably some sort of scenario being played out by the boffins who mounted Operation Mockingbird but they are all playing video games on Epstein's empty island and have let their program run on A.I. algorithms and it's turning into something far worse than Greys Anatomy Season 22.

Truth really is stranger than fiction.

As is the fanciful notion that Team Trump is serious about creating some sort of sea change in the US body politic and are going to take a real crack at draining the Swamp. I find this extremely hard to believe, of course, but the sad thing is that unless and until somebody or some group does it, the Republic is doomed which ideally people on all sides would deplore, but seemingly that is no longer the case and about half the country truly wants a collapse, even though they probably have no concept of how many millions will suffer and die if they get their wish.


Since when don't you brown nose the prez? You know you are his #1 FANBOY! What's the matter? You don't believe him that you are gonna be okay? LOL!


Mish would you rather have Trump or senile Biden? Just checking!

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