Tweets of the Day: Is Anyone Worrying?


Here are some Tweets that caught my eye over the past week on retail sales, bank assets, home sales, and coffee.

Nobody Worried Yet

Retail Sales

Weak Home Sales Everywhere But Florida

Bank of Japan’s Hoard of Assets Is Now Bigger Than the Economy

Starbucks Slashes 5% of Workforce

Those are excellent Tweets that caught my eye from @dlacalle_IA@GoldTelegraph_@EconguyRosie and @LizAnnSonders.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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That first chart showing banking assets: How is that a parallel with your owning a house that's worth more than your income? Far more, if you're in France. :)

Or having more in the bank (so to speak) than you make?

That is, to what extent does this show that the world's assets have become represented (quite unevenly, by country) by numbers at banks more than in the past? Given that the world's assets are arguably more the world's peoples than minerals, land, buildings, etc, is this a good thing, or what?


Also, interesting: The BoJ has apparently been buying the Japanese stock market. At some point they'll be the dominant "owner" of listed Japanese stocks. Is this some kind of Communism?

The Swiss bank is doing the same thing, isn't it?

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