Tweets of the Day: Apple, Venezuela, Foxconn, Corporate Debt Bomb, Trump


Here are a few tweets from some Twitter profiles that I follow. Various topics.

Apple Slowdown @htsfhickey

Sad Video Shows Venezuela Hunger Crisis @steve_hanke

Corporate Debt Bomb @DiMartinoBooth

Deutsche Bank Capital Ratios @lisaabramowicz1

Yemen @caitoz

Clinton Foundation Donations Plummet 90% @zerohedge

Gasoline Prices So Low Trump Claims He Causes Traffic Jams

Record Cold Coming Says Trump

Oil Prices

Happy Thanksgiving

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Perhaps we should start getting serious about Africa population growth. How will we feed them all in our lifetime?


So, Apple, what will the new phones do that my old one won't. Once internet became available on cell phones, they had nothing new to offer except faster speeds. Welcome to the new reality. Personally, I want my old flip phone back... it's more durable and it slips easily into my pocket.


That picture from Yemen is horrific. Reminds me of Ethiopia 1984. Venezuela is just as bad. Human created disasters.