Turkey Opens the Migrant Floodgates, Greece Fire Teargas


Turkey opened the border with Greece in a feud over migrants with Syria.

Turkey Opens the Border With Greece

In another test of alleged EU's freedom of movement policy, Turkey opened its border with Greece.

Greece Responds With Teargas and Denials

DW reports Turkey Opens the Migrant Floodgates, Greece Fire Teargas

Greek police have clashed with migrants on the Turkish border where as many as 4,000 people attempted to cross into the EU. On Friday, Ankara said it would no longer stop migrants from crossing into Greece.

Migrants and Greek police clashed along the Turkish-Greek border on Saturday, as Greek authorities claim they blocked 4,000 refugees from "illegally" entering the EU.

Police fired tear gas at migrants who amassed at a border crossing in the Turkish state of Edirne. There were also reports of stones being hurled by refugees at the officers.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that around 18,000 migrants had crossed Turkey's border into Europe. The president did not provide evidence for the number, but said it would rise.

Meanwhile, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias called for a special meeting with his EU counterparts after Turkey opened border crossings for migrants, according to Greek state broadcaster ERT.

The possibility of a new wave of migrants has spurred other European countries to prepare. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz hinted that borders could be closed across the Balkans in response to Turkey's threat.

However, Bulgaria denied that there were any problems at its border following a boost to security on Friday. "There is zero migration at our border with Turkey," Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said.

In the midst of a coronavirus outbreak in Italy where over 50,000 people in 11 cities are locked in, this move by Erdogan will put a huge strain on the EU.

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This will potentially transform the EU as we know it. Another slow-motion-train-wreck let lose.


Anyone want to speculate what the average European's reaction to Brussels will be when the first coronavirus case is confirmed among these poor refugees?


Doesn't it take two countries to open a border? Greece should have the right to close its border regardless of what Turkey does.


This is Erdogan's response for not getting the support for his intervention in Idlib, in support of islamists there. He knows the EU is weak, and weakness has a smell to it that attracts predators, like flies... Trump has proved that he can play them like a fiddle, too.


Erdogan is now fully engaged in IDLIB to save the last democratically ruled province of Syria (his saying) under (the facts) Islamic extremists rules (Charia laws, VBIED sacrifices, Al Quaeda bloody destruction of the US Twin towers...: yes together with ISIS AL BAGDADI (presumed dead now thanks to Trump), they still live there in great number…) .

The democracy promotors, the US-European coalition, which caused such mess by repeated destruction of very very bad (they though that, but had seen nothing yet) Middle East countries under dictatorship, apparently forgot their wallet somewhere and are presently unable to help him annex IDLIB to Turkey territory. What a shame!

There are a lot of very stupid peoples on this earth, but come on Islamic brotherhood leader, you cannot deceive anybody all the time.


Oh well, I guess if the EU is strained no one will have to worry about them screwing up even more crap and trying to take control of absolutely everything. Might be for the better when it's over.

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