Trump Says "If You’re Going In, Keep the Oil"


Trump now proposes keeping some troops in Syria to "protect" the oil.

Instead of withdrawing troops from Syria as announced earlier, Trump has changed his mind.

Gee, who coulda thunk that?

However, experts say plan would face formidable legal barriers, is unlikely to succeed.

Please consider Trump Calls for Defense, Use of Syrian Oil Fields.

President Trump said that he is planning to keep a small number of troops in northeast Syria to protect the oil fields there and suggested that an American company might help the Syrian Kurds develop the oil for export.

I always said if you’re going in, keep the oil,” Mr. Trump said at a cabinet meeting Monday. “We’ll work something out with the Kurds so that they have some money, so that they have some cash flow. Maybe we’ll get one of our big oil companies to go in and do it properly.”

Former administration officials said Mr. Trump’s plan raises a host of legal, technical and diplomatic issues. And industry analysts say it is unlikely to draw any interest from the oil companies it would need to succeed.

Legal Issues

Rex Tillerson, a onetime Exxon Co. CEO, had considered the idea when he was secretary of state only to conclude there were formidable legal barriers, said Brett McGurk, who served as the administration’s special envoy to the coalition fighting Islamic State until he resigned in December.

“Oil, like it or not, is owned by the Syrian state,” Mr. McGurk said Monday in an appearance at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a Washington think tank. “Maybe there are new lawyers, but it was just illegal for an American company to go and seize and exploit these assets."

Just One Thing

I would be amazed except for one thing:

It is hard to be amazed by anything Trump says or does because he changes his mind day-to-day in wildly random fashion.

On October 14, after Trump reported he would pull troops from Syria, I noted Russia the Biggest Winner in Syria's Pact With Kurds.

Trump Tweets

Serious questions remain.

Don't worry, the questions will be different tomorrow when Trump denies he ever said “I always said if you’re going in, keep the oil.”

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Blood and Treashuh!


So much winning.


So for years, ISIS was running oil convoys in hundreds of miles of open desert, but the US Air Force and its NATO partners were unable to do anything about it. Instead all the ordinance kept landing on infrastructure of the Syrian state, hindering its conventional military. Then the Russians came, and blew up all the convoys, collapsing the ISIS economy.

Now that "We've beaten ISIS 100%", troops are needed to secure the oil from ... ISIS! No role for Syria and the Russians and Hezbollah and the PMU in defeating ISIS. Some have even opined that it was Assad that created ISIS so that he would have an excuse to wage war (and presumably, bomb more hospitals and schools, and be able to orchestrate counter-productive chemical attacks against children).

Whenever US authorities claim they are fighting ISIS, they mean destabilizing Syria. Protect the oil for the Kurds who no longer have any role from ISIS that purportedly doesn't exist any more. The level of lying propaganda has moved so far beyond ridiculous and absurd that you just cannot fathom what the point is.

It's also clear that the commander in chief and the head of the executive has no actual authority.


Trump is receiving criticism and threats for his best FP decision - withdrawing troops from Syria.

It's too bad for the PKK/YPG/SDF Kurds but, if they're from Syria, they're Syrian citizens and have no business allying themselves with a foreign government that, with its proxies, has sent head-chopping jihadists into Syria to oust its elected government. And, if they're not from Syria, they have no more business being in Syria than the US military.


Trump's obviously received new orders from his Israeli masters, which is where Syria's "Kurdish" oil end up now.


Trump is better informed than most people think and there are often hidden motives in his Tweets. Earlier, there never was a COALITION will to stop the ISIL Syrian oil traffic, the aim beeing a support to the civil war in Syria. Hopefully RUSSIA solved that problem, as reminded here by a poster. Later only, the COALITION took over the fields right before the nose of the Syrian army when ISIL fighters surrendered in mass. The lobbies affecting the COALITION wanted to avoid the oil fields to be taken back by their legitimate owners as they kept this plaguing idea to destabilize Syria (and all the Muslim countries) by supporting an independent Kurdish State in the North (When they oppose Catalonia to get their independence in Spain as an Example amongst many others).

Now, Trump remember very well that the ISIL oil looted from the Syrian fields was the object of a traffic with ERDOGAN family and friends in TURKEY. Such riches at a short distance now could be a magnet attracting Erdogan nowadays again.


of course it is all about oil....and about the Saudi clientele wanting a gas pipeline crossing Syria .....Money money money (Abba song) .....and then Trump claiming the fckn US beat ISIS, hahahaha ....after messing around and collaborating with the barabaric 'enemy' for years, the Russians came to Syria at Assad's request and bombed the shit out of ISIS in a matter of months .... the US, my S !


Iraqi and Libyan oil was state owned. Who now owns or controls it? Joe Biden, of all people, when Vice President acknowledged at Harvard that Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other U.S. allies were shoveling terrorists into Syria with weapons, training, money and logistic support. Since it is apparent that Syria's oil and gas don't belong to the USA, Trump is using the U.S. military to prevent Syria from profiting from its own resources to rebuild the country. That the U.S. and its allies trashed.

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