Trump Praises Boris Johnson, UK's New Prime Minister, as Donald Trump of Britain


Trump and Newt Gingrich are heaping praise on Boris Johnson, the new Prime Minister of Great Britain.

The Guardian Live Blog reports Boris Johnson received 66% of the vote, on an 87% turnout. Boris Johnson: 92,153 Jeremy Hunt: 46,656.

Trump on Britain's Trump

Margaret Thatcher With Wild Hair

No Early Elections

Corbyn Won't Opt for Motion of No Confidence

Corbyn could force early elections, if he had the votes. But Corbyn just stated he would go for a no confidence vote when it was “appropriate to do so”.

Translation: Corbyn does not have the votes or he thinks Labour would lose the election.

Lie of the Day From Guess Who

Interesting First Move by Johnson

Curiously, selecting a Remainer as his Chief Whip was very well received by even the hard Brexiteers.

Macron Issues Thinly Veiled Warning

He Will Be Great

Nigel Farage

I wish Boris Johnson well as prime minister with his ‘do or die’ pledge to deliverBrexiton October 31. It is ‘do or die’ not just for Brexit, but for the future of the Conservative party too. Does he have the courage to deliver for the country?

Emergency Meetings Begin

Fat Chance Department

Johnson says the withdrawal agreement as it currently exists, with the backstop, is unacceptable and Barnier says the WA will not be modified.

Trick or Treat?

Nigel Farage asks the key question: Does Johnson have the courage to deliver Brexit?

Will it be Trick or Treat?

The EU thinks there is an 80% chance of no deal. Yet, less than 50% of the UK thinks the UK will leave at all.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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IMO there will be a no deal or a new deal so similar to what is on the table today as to make them indistinguishable sort of like old NAFTA vs new NAFTA. He will declare victory too....


Basically, meet your new boss. They now believe the same as your old boss.


Educated and professional Brits think Boris is a muppet, similar to how Americans view Trump when approached on a demographic basis. Fitting considering how much they look and act alike

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