Trump Plots Venezuela Coup With Terrorists Accused of Torture, trafficking


The Trump admin plotted a Venezuela coup with terrorists accused of torture and drug trafficking, then backs down.

Please consider Trump Administration Discussed Coup Plans With Rebel Venezuelan Officers.

>The Trump administration held secret meetings with rebellious military officers from Venezuela over the last year to discuss their plans to overthrow President Nicolás Maduro, according to American officials and a former Venezuelan military commander who participated in the talks.

>Establishing a clandestine channel with coup plotters in Venezuela was a big gamble for Washington, given its long history of covert intervention across Latin America. Many in the region still deeply resent the United States for backing previous rebellions, coups and plots in countries like Cuba, Nicaragua, Brazil and Chile, and for turning a blind eye to the abuses military regimes committed during the Cold War.

>The White House, which declined to answer detailed questions about the talks, said in a statement that it was important to engage in “dialogue with all Venezuelans who demonstrate a desire for democracy” in order to “bring positive change to a country that has suffered so much under Maduro.”

>But one of the Venezuelan military commanders involved in the secret talks was hardly an ideal figure to help restore democracy: He is on the American government’s own sanctions list of corrupt officials in Venezuela.

>He and other members of the Venezuelan security apparatus have been accused by Washington of a wide range of serious crimes, including torturing critics, jailing hundreds of political prisoners, wounding thousands of civilians, trafficking drugs and collaborating with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, which is considered a terrorist organization by the United States.

>American officials eventually decided not to help the plotters, and the coup plans stalled. But the Trump administration’s willingness to meet several times with mutinous officers intent on toppling a president in the hemisphere could backfire politically.egion, said Mari Carmen Aponte, who served as the top diplomat overseeing Latin American affairs in the final months of the Obama administration.

Nothing like backing terrorists, drug traffickers, and other unsavory characters to support a regime change more to our liking.

Well, at least they backed down.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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At least NYT's reporter just caused this guy "He is on the American governments own sanctions list of corrupt officials in Venezuela." to be known to Maduro after the NYT article so he will be imprisoned and tortured by Maduro to give up the names of other coup planners in 1.2.3... if he is still in Venezuela.


On the face of it, this sounds like yet another horrors-of-dihydrogen-monoxide story.

Someone who works for the American government met at some time with people, some of whom may or may not have been making plans to actively or passively change the Venezuelan government. And, wonder of wonders, some of the V people may be "unsavory characters". (Which, if we were to take American media at face value, would accurately describe pretty much everyone living in or near Washington DC.)

Let me just clutch at my pearls and note that America's top political officer, his identity uncovered and identified by tenacious, crusading journalists, recently met with an "unsavory character" from a secretive, back-alley lair north west of Japan.


Meeting with coup plotters is a good idea for intelligence gathering purposes. As they didn't support a coup, there is no wrongdoing.


These foreign intervention typically work out well. Look at how well our support of Islamic extremists in Afghanistan in the 80's worked out. We repelled the evil dastardly Russians who were trying to stabilize the govt in Afghanistan so they wouldn't be overrun by islamic extremists. Worked out fabulously, teaming up with Osama bin Ladin. Most of our current problems in the middle east wouldn't be there now if we had kept out. Ditto ad infinitum. Long live the military industrial complex.


Maduro is a crazed leftist.

Here are a few pointers about mistakes Maduro made to other leftists around the world so they do not repeat these:

1. Forcing companies to produce and sell products at a loss. This will soon lead to NO products in the shops.

2. Confiscating factories and companies from entrepreneurs. This will lead to incompetent political hacks running said factories and companies and lead to NO products in the shops.

3. Putting incompetent political hacks to run the national oil company. This will lead to production crashing and soon to no oil and no gas being available.

4. Using currency reserves to support your own currency by selling said currency reserves and buying your own currency. Hopeless and stupid when you do 1,2,3.

5. Telling hospitals that no drugs can be bought from Abroad because you used up almost all of your currency reserves doing 4. Leaves kids and other who are sick dying.

6. Having an official exchange rate and black market exchange rate for your currency that is several times different is stupid and waste of the few currency reserves you have. However that is convenient to make multimillionaires or billionaires out of those who are part of your corrupt leadership circle who are given access to this official exchange rate to get rich while getting the local currency from the black market exchange rate at 90% discount

7. Having policies where you just confiscated materials and products from companies to build your non-working voters houses and give your non-working voters food and supplies because sooner or later the companies realize there is no point in producing anything because you are going to confiscate it anyway if they haven't already gone bankrupct from the confiscations. Your non-working voters will still be screaming for handouts when you have crashed the economy and since they are no longer anything to give they will start robbing people since you conditioned them to getting something for nothing.

8. Having a Spanish educated Spanish marxist-economist guy plan your whole economic policy for you around the principle that if things fail it is because there was not enough marxism, not enough communism and evil capitalists are responsible for all your problems because they wanted to sabotage you (since they did not continue to produce things and products for you to confiscate) means the guy is the most stupidest and incompetent economist in the world or he is a CIA plant intended to fail you by telling you only crazy things and getting you to actually do those crazy things because you Maduro are incompetent and uneducated and you have hid this by surrounding yourself with Venezuelan "elite" that are also incompetent and uneducated with their only skill being cheering your "brilliance".

Maduro is like Hitler in a bunker, The only problem is that Maduro's bunker is whole Venezuela.

If Trump would have participated in a coup in Venezuela that would have killed Maduro and 100 of his closest corrupt cronies that would have been a good thing because Maduro has killed and caused the deaths of MORE people than Assad by now.

Assad only kills ISIS and Al-Qaida and their supporters like extremist sunni-muslims that want to butcher all christians, yazidis and alawites (branch of Shias) until there is only Sunnis in Syria.

Maduro kills innocent kids like FLIES because there are no longer any medicines in Venezuela because Maduro REFUSES to import drugs with currency because he wants to save all the remaining currency reserves for CORRUPTION.

Also Maduro has lots of political prisoners and has executed lots of people just for being part of opposition and Maduro enabled thugs are robbing and killing the half of Venezuela who has anything and who could Rebuild Venezuela if Maduro was just removed.


America fighting (and badly losing) so many wars,venuzuela,like iraq,Afghanistan,Yemen,gettin kicked bitched slapped in syria by ....wait fer it the iran lol,makin a complete mess in libya then runnin away,and that just the wars we know off.Trillion dollar MIC that can't is what it is!



So some administration officials talked with some Venezuelian officials who want to get rid of the crazy marxist dictator, but when they found out who they were and what their plan is, they said "sorry, no can do". So what's the problem?

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