Trump Mocked From Both Sides After Caving In, Coulter Claims "Biggest Wimp Ever"


Ann Coulter and Republican Senators blasted Trump following his cave-in. Democrats mocked him.

Democrats Mock Trump

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Senate Republican Lisa Murkowski "Never Should Have Happened"

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"How Pathetic" Says Bernie Sanders

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Senate Riot Act

The Hill reports GOP Senators Read Pence Riot Act Before Shutdown Votes

Frustrated GOP senators read Vice President Pence the riot act at a closed-door meeting Thursday, telling him the partial government shutdown needs to end soon, according to lawmakers in the room.

Republican senators, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.), warned the vice president that prolonging the shutdown is not a smart political strategy, in hopes of sending a clear message to President Trump that he needs to resolve the crisis as soon as possible.

The pushback against Pence came from outspoken critics of the shutdown like Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), as well as from lawmakers who usually keep a lower profile — Sens. John Boozman (Ark.), Johnny Isakson (Ga.) and Jerry Moran (Kan.).

One of the most remarkable moments during the Senate luncheon came when McConnell told Pence that shuttering the government to try to secure funding for a border wall was not a smart approach.

“I think that a government shutdown is not a good option. That’s my view. The American people don’t like it,” the GOP leader told reporters on Dec. 18, four days before funding lapsed. “You remember my favorite country saying, ‘There’s no education in the second kick of a mule.’ We’ve been down this path before.” 

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) said after Thursday’s meeting but before the Senate votes that colleagues were “airing their concerns.” Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) told reporters after the Senate votes that Pence got an “earful” from senators.

Good News!

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You Caved!

Politico comments Conservatives to Trump: You caved!

Conservative outlets, from the Drudge Report to Breitbart News, also blasted headlines in dramatic font declaring Trump caved with "NO WALL."

The response came like clockwork, only minutes after Trump announced the deal to reopen the government for three weeks with no guarantee of wall funds.

Cave vs. Wall

Jan 22 No Cave

1500% Spike on Cave

New West Wing Addition

Saturday Night Live Will Be All Over This One

Trump to Blame

Trump gets almost all the blame for this. And it proves once and for all his "art of the deal" facade is a sham.

He just accepted the same deal he had 35 days ago. I saw several Tweets along the lines of “And THAT,” Trump says, while dousing himself in gasoline and lighting a match, “is the art of the deal.”

Trump boxed himself in an unwinnable corner. He did the same thing with NAFTA. The new "great" deal he got, was nearly identical to the old one. In one respect it was worse.

Our allies are ready to tell Trump to shove it over Iran and the Nord Stream 2 pipeline deal in the EU with Russia.

Love the Wall

On January 24, 2018, one year and one day ago, Democrats offered Trump $20 billion for a wall. The Atlantic reported How Democrats Stopped Worrying and Learned to Accept Trump's Wall.

Vacuous and expensive. Pointless. Ineffective. Medieval. A non-starter. Over the last year, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has used each of those words, and many more, to denigrate the proposed southern border wall that President Trump made a centerpiece of his campaign.

But on Friday afternoon, as the hours ticked away toward a government shutdown, Schumer went to the White House and told Trump he could have his wall. “The president picked a number for the wall, and I accepted it,” Schumer recalled in the midst of the shutdown. He had agreed to a significant sum of money for the wall—reported to be $20 billion, though the Democrat’s office will neither confirm nor deny that figure—in exchange for Trump’s support of permanent protections for the nearly 700,000 young undocumented immigrants covered under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

The White House ultimately rejected the offer, and later that night, Senate Democrats withheld their votes for a stopgap spending bill, leading to the three-day shutdown.

Wow - $20 Billion!

Do you think he would take that same deal today? I do, in a flash. But that same deal is not on the table today.

Trump, if he wants his $7 billion wall will have to declare a national emergency to get it.

McConnell was correct. There is no education in the second kick of a mule. But he too insisted on not sending a bill to Trump that Trump would not sign.

Trump had two years to negotiate a good deal. He got nothing.

Art of the Deal, my ass. Bernie Sanders described it best "Pathetic.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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This is "Mr, Negotiator" himself, right?


Nancy spanked him for his TrumpleTantrum. Maybe now he’ll Stop throwing them.


Short term, Nancy's tenuous grip on relevance is bolstered, but her antics are permanently etched on the brains of those waiting for decades for the flood to stop. Trump is the straw man the Beltway loves to hate Neither national party can see the 40 million pound illegal elephant in the room. I predict He'll shut it down again after paying up the Fed employees. E-verify and perp walks for 2nd time violators...for starters if we're to make progress....finally.


weak and pathetic,like barak never left lol


"Trump, if he wants his $7 billion wall will have to declare a national emergency to get it. "

You know that isn't going to work. The action will be challenged in court and that will take months, if not years to resolve. Best take this idea off the table before it creates more trouble for Trumpty-Dumpty.


Good on both you and Trump, Ann Coulter. Trump just passed the sanity test in not continuing to try the same thing with no change in result. And you just passed the junkyard dog test by jumping his ass when he stopped. I predict he'll be back with a new bag of tactics, with you still hanging on his ass. Hang in.


Retreating from a hard-line position always turns into a rout. The harder the line taken, the worse the rout.


I am still glad Hillary is not President.

Hillary and the MSM colluded to get the Republican party to nominate a Pied Piper candidate that they assumed they could collude again to easily defeat in the general election. Instead, they got KARMA.

The American Empire is in a state of decline, with such corrupt politics and mainstream media. It is like watching the twilight of the Roman Empire. China is sitting in the wings, bidding their time, while western civilization crumbles.

"The Wall Street Journal is owned by the Dow Jones and Company which has asked for visas to import 142 technology experts from 2016 to 2018."

We have American citizens who are technology experts.

American citizens are being laid off at Buzzfeed while "In 2018, for example, U.S.-based companies asked for visas to import 138 editors, 88 producers, 221 writers, six publishers, and 347 graphic designers, according to the website."

I wonder if the liberals being laid off are still supporters of open borders immigration?

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