Trump Encourages People to Boycott Harley: Dealer and Rider Reactions


Trump praises people boycotting an American icon: Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

Trump Praises Boycott

Hypocrisy Abounds

Wisconsin Governor Objects

Welcome Harley Riders

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War With Harley Divides Bikers

The New York Times reports Trump’s War With Harley-Davidson Has Divided America’s Bikers.

Half-Million Riders

The video is interesting. Some hardcore bikers and founders of the "Fat Bastards" claim this will be their last Harley and they will buy something else next time.

“I’m riding my last Harley,” said Mr. Rathbun, 67, a retired truck driver whose bike rally essentials included a steel knife nestled in his belt, a saddle bag stuffed with a Ruger pistol and a small bottle of Jack Daniel’s cinnamon whiskey. “It was American made, and that’s why we stood behind them.”

What are they going to buy?

American Made? Really?


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For the full interview, please see Harley-Davidson CEO Pushes Back on Political Criticism in Internal Memo.

Dealership View

In View From the Dealerships, George Gatto, who owns two Harley-Davidson dealerships in the Pittsburgh area, discusses how consumers have responded to Harley-Davidson's plans to shift some production overseas.

Gatto says there is no reaction from customers. Color me unsurprised.

Fat Bastard Hypocrites

Trump tariffs would have cost Harley $9 million a month.

What would the Fat Bastards have done if they owned Harley?

They would have done just what Harley did: Start assembling motorcycles in the EU.

No Deal

Please see Trump's Lies Won't Make Farmers Great Again: There Was No Deal on Agriculture.

And consider my follow-up Hey Mr. Juncker, About That Bean Order?

Business is business: Trump Tariffs Crush Small Businesses: "We Are at the Limit", Optimism Sinks

Trump is to blame, not Harley.

Reader Comment

The only competition for Harley is foreign manufacturers that completely build their bikes abroad. So he is effectively sacrificing an American firm to its foreign competitors.

This simply makes the point that if you announce something that embarrasses Trump, he’ll come after you, no matter whether or not it advances his policy objectives.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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The Harley-Davidson demographic is getting up there in years. I think they are on a downward slide due to the age of the riders as opposed to bikes being manufactured offshore. Management will do what they can in the best interests of the company for the near term however short sided it may be (extend & pretend). The best days of Harley are in the rear view mirror.


I had a Harley. I think my next will be an Indian because Harley Davidson itself thinks H1-Bs from India are better than Americans for their IT department. If HD says Indians are better than their own homegrown employees, who am I to argue.

Now how can we outsource innane market and political commentary to Bangalore like they do customer service call centers?


can't blame Harley,all their parts are Chinese/Taiwan/Mexican,why not assembl it all over there like every other manufacturer,do the math>>2 dollars (zero bennies) an hour in china compared to 12 dollars an hour and bennies here.


Trump's idiotic tariffs leave them, and other US manufacturers who use steel, aluminum, and chips in their products, to move production overseas. He causes it, them blames people for doing what he forced them to do.


The reason 67 year old, retired truck driver fat bastards have bought their last Harley, is because those a lot closer to Trump than they are, have stolen the money they were suckered into believing they "paid in" to some "retirement" racket. Their particular feelings about Trump's latest obfuscatory tweets, have exactly not one iota to do with it, whatsoever.

Also, that Ruger is about as effective against whatever army Trump can deploy to ensure the robbing continues "peacefully" and unabated; as a retired truck driver is, versus the lobbying army those who robbed him can deploy, at getting any government's ear.

Pains me to inform you of this, Fat Bastard, but you spent your life proudly riding around waving the flag of a country which died 150 years ago. Kind of sucks, but then again government, as well as any faith in it whatsoever, always end up sucking.


The politics of hate continues. Trump screws Harley with steel and aluminum tariffs, raising their US cost of production. Other countries respond to Trump tariffs by putting tariffs on Harleys. Harley responds as any rational business would by shifting production and Trump turns on them, calling for a boycott. Trump will never run out of enemies to hate, because he’s so good at creating them. I feel sorry for Americans. They chose someone who is insane to run their country into the ground, and many of them are cheering as he does it!


Everyone has lost their mind. Not that long ago when nafta was created we were allowing Asia to import products at a fraction of what we could produce them. This happened across all industries so instead of fair trade protection we joined them. Well the end result is a low middle class mfg. sector. Now were upset? Harley is an anomaly producing pleasure bikes for weekenders. There are hundreds of cheaper bike builders in the US. Harley should move overseas like all the others. Harley is just a brand like McDonalds, Apple, Amazon.



Mish asks: "What are they going to buy?" DUH: very simple they will buy Indian motorcycles, now backed by a well established company (Polaris) and made in Spirit Lake Iowa.

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