Trump Continues Obama’s Inane, Immoral, Unconstitutional Drone Policy


Drone on. We keep dropping bombs and we keep killing more civilians and children than we do alleged terrorists.

by Mish

Instead of lamenting all the lives needlessly destroyed, we praise a US soldier who died in an illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional action.

In the following video, Ron Paul discusses US action in Yemen.

President Trump ordered a second US attack on Yemen in his still-short presidency. Over the weekend a commando-style raid was said to have killed 14 al-Qaeda operatives. Also killed were at least ten civilians including children. Is this just a continuation of Obama’s disastrous Yemen policy?

“Even if they sincerely believed in their hearts, they have to look at the results, …. Don’t they ever look at history? … The seeds have been sewn for them to turn against us,” said Paul

No one ever questions why the policy of nation-building never works.

I strongly suggest people also take a look at a report on ZeroHedge today, with origins from Darius Shahtahmasebi via Congresswoman Who Says U.S. Funds ISIS Just Got Back from Syria: Here’s What She Found.

Here is a snip …

“My visit to Syria has made it abundantly clear: Our counterproductive regime change war does not serve America’s interest, and it certainly isn’t in the interest of the Syrian people.
“As I visited with people from across the country, and heard heartbreaking stories of how this war has devastated their lives, I was asked, ‘Why is the United States and its allies helping al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups try to take over Syria? Syria did not attack the United States. Al-Qaeda did.’ I had no answer.”

Mike “Mish” Shedlock


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