Tories Reject Rules Change But Ask May to Clarify When She Will Stand Down


News out of the UK is a mixed bag but Theresa May did survive another leadership challenge, unfortunately.

The Guardian Live Politics Blog has more details.

  • Theresa May is facing demands from the executive of the Conservative backbench 1922 Committee - the “men in grey suits” of Tory folklore - to explain when she will resign if she fails to pass a Brexit deal. She has already promised to quit if MPs pass the withdrawal agreement, but now senior Tories want a timetable for her departure if the Brexit deadlock continued. Sir Graham Brady, the 1922 Committee chairman, set out his committee’s latest demand as he confirmed that it was rejected calls for the rules to be changed to allow an early no confidence vote in May. Under current rules MPs cannot trigger a new no confidence ballot until December, 12 months after the last one, but some members of the executive committee of the 1922 wanted this rule changed to allow a challenge much sooner.
  • Nicola Sturgeon is to introduce new legislation to stage a second Scottish independence referendum, claiming one must be held by May 2021 if Brexit goes ahead.

Theresa May responded: “As we have been repeatedly clear, Scotland already had an independence referendum in 2014, and voted decisively to stay.Both sides need to respect the result of that referendum.

Respect the Referendum! Yes, indeed.

Irony and Hypocrisy

  • The British people voted to leave the EU. The vote to do so would have been overwhelming were it not for Scottish citizens overwhelmingly voting remain.
  • Now May tells Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland there already was a vote, when May will not honor the Brexit vote itself.

Meanwhile, the talks between Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have not been going well.

Neither side trusts the other. And why should they?

May has lied countless times and Corbyn's only goal is to have an election.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Theresa May is the appropriate prime minister for a nation whose crown prince is a dunce whose son married a tattooed whore.


Of course they rejected it. May is doing her job- defeating Brexit.


"The British people voted to leave the EU. The vote to do so would have been overwhelming were it not for Scottish citizens overwhelmingly voting remain."

Yes, and this is the proverbial "fly in the ointment" for brexit. I believe the British government will avoid Scottish independence at any cost. They know if the UK goes full brexit, Scotland will demand another vote to leave the UK, and this time it will overwelmingly pass.

Perhaps the thought of some future UK consisting of England, Wales and a patch of ground in Ireland, surrounded by increasingly hostile EU nations is just too terrifying for them.

So, I think May really did/does want her plan to pass. Apparently, she believes it kicks enough brexit down the road that Scotland will delay an independence vote for now.


The goal of the SNP is to achieve independence for Scotland by means of referendum. Should they win a vote, they would want everyone to respect that vote. Meanwhile they disrespect every referendum that they lose, be it for Scottish Independence or Brexit.

Further, they dont really want Scottish independence at all. They want to be in thrall to the EU. Scottish independence seems like a reasonable idea to me. The SNP proposal isnt independence at all though, it is subservience.

As for whether or not they will be able to win a second referendum, I have my doubts. The English, Welsh, Northern Irish and the Scots have fought and died for each other in wars over the years. The ties run deep. Would you abandon those ties and willingly supplicate yourself instead to those who have previously been your foe? The SNP may be willing to do that, but the Scottish people as a whole?