This makes sense . No current U.S. subway car manufacturers so let's ban the low cost provider and…

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William Janes
William Janes

China is an adversary. This company is a State Owned Enterprise whose President pledged obedience to the CCP and Xi Jinping and their policy that the CCP dictates that everything and everyone must work for the good of the Party. Read speech to the meeting of the 19th Congress of Communist Party. All subway cars and systems can be purchased from Japan or S. Korea, our allies. Money is not an issue here.

Country Bob
Country Bob

If NYC cared about saving taxpayer money, they could pay Japan double the invoice and clamp down on the abusive "overtime" hours charged by the MTA employees (many of whom are running personal errands or at a yankees game while "one the clock").

NYC burns through taxpayer money like it was sand in the desert. Absurd for NYC to screw taxpayers to the wall and then claim they are saving money by buying from an adversary.

Why don't you (and the NYTimes) show half as much concern for NYC taxpayers as you do for Chinese workers? Just another way for the NYTimes to whine like babies about Trump, even if it means screwing their own readership. Sad

PS -- in addition to Japan and Korea, train cars also produced by Canada, Brazil, and Chile ... that I know of. I suspect there are many other options.

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