The Spreading Feeling "This Is All Happening By Design"


The growing opinion that something sinister is happening beneath the surface is being battered around. The uneasy feeling that things will get far worse is being heightened by the suggestion the economy and society is being undermined by design. More about this rising feeling in the article below.

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When people talk about “sustainability” some groups immediately jump to the conclusion of liberal pinko communist socialists agendas but the reality is that endless consumption by one group species, humans, is not sustainable. And it isnt just eating all the food, it is the production of plastics to encase food, the dirty production of fuels to create those plastics, and then the emissions to distribute those goods. And it goes beyond food...

So if anything is by “design” it is a design by most humans actively participating and willingly contributing to the problem.

Two thousand years ago, a wise master stated, “the meek will inherit the earth.” As you read this on your electronic device over internet there is a family living in a grass hut down by the river whose only concern is when to fetch water and how many fish they may catch to eat that day.

When the day of reckoning comes, the meek family in the grass hut wont notice a thing but the rest of us will feel we were wiped out by “design.” The thing is the original design had that inherently built in from the beginning - layer upon layer of complexity when nature prefers simplicity.

Humans roamed the earth for millions of years enduring hardship but now because of federal reserve/economy/fiat currency/bankers/[insert complex mechanism here] it is all leading to our demise.

We will go back to walking up to the apple tree, pulling an apple and eating it instead of industrial farmers using gas guzzling tractors to plant and harvest apples only to be dropped into a gas guzzling tractor trailer, shipped to energy consuming grocery store, so that we can drive there in a gas guzzling suv to take it home and eat it in our 3000 sq ft house on a ceramic plate shipped from China.

So yes, something sinister is happening and we did it to ourselves.

I dont have the solution, just observations.


Conspiracy theories are fun, and provide a direct explanation of what is happening.

But the sad fact is that much of what happens is random and is tied indirectly to a "butterfly wing flapping a continent away", which is no comfort.

In the past, religious certainty was the only way people felt they could ultimately control the outcome of their life-heaven or hell after death.

As the explanation and control of the working of the world increased, the impression that WE were in control of our lives became greater and greater and the need for the explanation of God-in-control diminished and religion faltered.

So now, when something goes wrong--we assume that that must be propagated by those people or groups with stronger control in the world and end up with countless conspiracy theories. That's because we don't buy into the idea of the random happenstance of the world and we no longer think of God having the final word.

We replaced one supernatural cause with another, because "everything happens for a reason", right?

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