Tesla's Entire Internet Network Down: Some Use it to Unlock or Start Their Cars


Tesla, we have a problem. I cannot unlock my car.

Electrek reports Tesla’s Feet Internet Network is Down.

> Tesla’s fleet network connection, which is an increasingly important feature for owners, is currently down fleet-wide.

> Tesla’s network has been down for prolonged periods of times before. Back in 2016, the system was down for almost a full day when owners could get an internet connection, which enables features like remote data, music streaming, traffic data for navigation, and also works with Autopilot.

> The internet connection and access to the Tesla app is also more important for Model 3 owners who often use it as their main way to unlock and start their car.

> During the last internet connection shutdown, Tesla said that Model 3 owners should still be able to use their phone if they stay signed into their Tesla account and don’t restart the app.

> Along with the fleet’s internet connection, Tesla’s website is also down at the moment.

In 2016 Tesla blamed ATT.

It seems to me that using any of these features is more than a bit risky, regardless of who Tesla blames.

Comments on the site indicate you can use the phone, if you're logged in. If you're not logged in on the app, then you can't do anything with the phone. The keycard will work though.

One person reported "I'm connected to Wifi and not work. Unless they solely use ATT for remote access, then something Tesla side causing the issue."

"A reminder to always also bring your Key Card," said another.

But "The keycard does not work when the car's 12V battery fails," notes a third person.

Extremely Expensive Brick

My favorite comment comes from a TechCrunch report on Tesla's Major Network Issues.

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As noted previously, I am short Tesla via PUTs staggered over the next four months.

Electrek Update

Update 6:52PM ET: the website is slowly getting back up, but the app is still down. While the system is down, Tesla apparently started pushing a new update: Tesla is rolling out extra layer of security with ‘improved cryptography’ and optional ‘PIN to Drive’ feature


Update 9:00PM ET: The problem now appears to be fixed.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Last time, Tesla blamed AT&T. You can count on them to always blame someone else. I assume you use a lot of data if you remain always connected.


Not sure what reality @Mish and the mentioned Twitter accounts are living in.

First of all, Model 3 user manual explicitly states that users should carry around the "credit card key" as a backup lock/unlock mechanism. Not just the smartphone with the Tesla app installed.

Now there could be some users who did not read user manual and are not carrying around the backup "credit card key". Are they in trouble?

As a test I just went to my Model 3. The car still locks and unlocks normally with my smartphone. I rebooted my smartphone to see if the Tesla App does special authentication over cellular when phone is booted up. It was not able to connect to tesla.com, but the car still locks and unlocks with smartphone just fine.

In short I don't see how this tesla.com outage makes Tesla an expensive brick.

The only things that dont work at the moment are salon pre-cooling from smartphone and Tesla App is not able to report remaining range (it uses Cellular, not Bluetooth for these features). If lack of these convenience features make tesla an extremly expensive brick, then jaguar I-pace and other cars are bricks by definition because they don't have these convenience features at all.

I did not try to sign out from my Tesla App on the smartphone because that probably would prevent me from signing in back. But this is something one ought to do only when he buys a new Tesla or a new smarthpone.

P.S. I tested Tesla App on Model 3. Don't know if Model S/X behaves differently.


Has it become too difficult to carry around a set of physical keys?


None of my 6 ICE vehicles start with their keys when their 12v battery fails. My last major problem was a bad starter solenoid. Something Tesla does not need with its KISS electric motor. At any rate everything has pros and cons. So what is the point of another shortie cult soap opera article of no meaningful value other than FUD for the naive. Pretty sure most of those are nearly departed.


Maybe Tesla went over on their data plan, like the firefighters on the Verizon network. Or maybe The check to AT&T bounced.


And the stock is still $305 a share. Some people call this "reality". LOL....


Hackers owe their careers/crusades to a generation of ignorant technojunkies... Controlling everything from your PC or phone over the internet is like flying a flag outside your front door that says "please rob me"... an unguarded front door protected only by a four digit PIN or no lock at all in some cases...


Most cars unlock by having the key fob in your pocket near the door or you have to press a button on the fob. Is that really too difficult? Instead you have to use your phone? I think most who own Tesla, do it for prestige purposes. People in the know think they're morons, but I guess the majority don't know any better.

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