Support Our Troops: Bring Em Home


This last weekend I saw a biker wearing a "support our troops" shirt. OK, what's the best way?

I know the answer. Do you?

The best way to "support the troops" is to not send them into stupid battles in places we ought not to be in the first place.

The War in Afghanistan is going on over 15 years. Yes, 15 years. WTF? For what?

15 years ago Rumsfeld said "Afghanistan was pacified."

Whatever the flying F that was supposed to mean, it didn't happen.

Here's another Tweet that caught my eye today. It's the best Tweet on the subject I have seen.

Simple. Precise. And she is anti-regulation as well.

Never Ending Wars

I did not support the war in Vietnam. I did not support the second war in Iraq. I did not support the war in Afghanistan. I did not support actions in Libya. I do not support our policy in Syria.

Spare me the sap about Hitler. He is dead. And the US was attacked in WWII. But going back further, Hitler was a result of the US meddling in WWI, a war we had no business in.

ISIS is a direct result of the second war in Iraq.

US drone policy makes more enemies than it kills.

History is on my side.

Freedom Isn't Free

Look at that lead image. When I was in the 7th grade at St. Patrick's grade school we were "treated" to a barrage of war propaganda. One of the nuns played a song called "Freedom Isn't Free".

It was in support of the War in Vietnam. "Freedom isn't free. You got to pay the price you got to sacrifice for your liberty."

Well F that.

Support the Troops. Stop the wars!

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Russia Russia Russia

Putin didn't move NATO to the Russian border after Secretary Baker promised Gorbechev that NATO would not take one step east.

Putin did not interfere in the 1996 Russian election, to get Yeltsin elected.

Putin did not overthrow Yanukovich.

Putin did not try to overthrow Assad, causing the death of some 500,000 Syrians, as well as turning millions into refugees, as well as helping to destabilize the EU through the migrant crisis.

Russia Russia Russia.


The USA does not have a voluntary army. Volunteers work for free. The USA has a mercenary army. People who happily go to foreign countries and kill their innocent women and children for money. I don't support our troops. I loathe them.

What should we have done after 9/11? How about put locks on airplane doors? The parents of the tens of thousands of dead and injured troops can at least take pride in one thing: their sacrifices didn't make a lick of difference to our freedom, but they have added shareholder value for Lockheed and Boeing!

Sorry to hurt folk's feelings here. But f*cking wake up.



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Afghanistan is our new Vietnam. For those interested, attached is large file of the secret Pentagon Papers released by Daniel Ellsberg to the NYT. You will be furious if you take the time to read. It is rather long but it delves into the quagmire known as Vietnam. It also mentions a suggestion by lower echelon official that there was a short window of opportunity where the USA could extricate itself from the Vietnam war and still save face. A shame that so many people died in a screwed up war. The Pentagon Papers attachment is fairly long. If interested, save to your 'favorites' and just read a chapter from time to time. This paper is a real eye-opener.


It is still safer to be in combat in Iraq or Afghanistan than a weekend in Chicago...


These post 9/11 Forever Wars are more insidious than that. They're a blueprint for indefinite sectarian conflict that has already spread to Syria, Libya, Yemen, and to some extent Ukraine. Seems there is a belief in the higher echelons that there are too many people on the planet, and these wars are a good way of killing/demoralizing superfluous population, not to mention enriching contractors. War profiteering is seriously big business these days.

Afghanistan is the key war because it achieves two goals. Not only was it the first of the Forever Wars, but it spreads opioid addiction around the world, another useful method of curbing population since it disproportionately affects the young.

Sure, all this war, drug addiction, and encouraged hatred toward each other makes for a depressing world, but that's the price we pay for our glorious freedom!

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