Sudden Rise in SO2 Levels Suggests Huge Cremation Surge


A sudden rise sulphur dioxide (SO2) levels is associated with sudden burning of organic matter including human bodies.

Massive Release of Sulphur Dioxide

We now have further evidence of hidden coronavirus cremations in China.

Tweet Chain

  • Data from shows a massive release of sulfur dioxide gas from the outskirts of Wuhan, commonly associated with the burning of organic matters. Levels are elevated, even compared with the rest of China.
  • From the same time, using the same scale - notice that the emissions are heightened across the board. Only other city that comes near to it is Chongquing, which is also afflicted by the coronavirus.
  • A couple distinct possibilities: This is a power plant releasing all this gas. Unlikely, considering how deviant the numbers are from the norm. No other city comes close to how much SO2 is being released from Wuhan.
  • A second one: Wuhan is burning municipal trash and possibly contaminated animal carcasses. Possible, but why would they not just dump it where they usually do?
  • And the third and most morbid: Dead bodies are being burned on the outskirts of the city, the death numbers are way higher than the CCP is letting on about, and things are really, really bad.
  • I don't know the relative probabilities of these events, make up your own mind as to which is most likely.
  • Also note that I changed the scale displayed to view only the peaks, look at concentrations above 500ug/m^3 to see the real story.
  • Current SO₂ levels are extremely elevated, at 1700ug/m^3, where 80ug/m^3 is considered dangerously high.

Sign of Mass Cremations in Wuhan

Also consider Rise in Sulfur Dioxide Could be Sign of Mass Cremations in Wuhan

The article refers to the above Tweets and also mentions two other possibilities.

  1. According to the Department of Public Health of the U.S. state of Georgia, crematories release a wide variety of chemicals besides SO2, such as "mercury, dioxin, hydrochloric acid, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and dioxins." Twitter user Vet Watching pointed out that the elevated SO2 levels could also be explained by the burning of tons of contaminated medical waste.
  2. Environmental scientist Dr. Jorge Emmanuel was cited by Health Care Without Harm as saying that the burning of medical supplies releases a number of pollutants, including "fly ash; heavy metals such as arsenic, chromium, copper, mercury and lead; acid gases such as hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, sulfur dioxides, and nitrogen oxides; carbon monoxide; and organic compounds. "

Chris Martenson Takes That Data Seriously

I highly recommend playing that video.

Bullet Trains

Travel China reports on the Chongqing - Wuhan Train

  • Thirty-one pairs of bullet trains run between Chongqing and Wuhan
  • Duration: around 5.5 – 7.5 hours
  • Running Distance: about 900 kilometers (559 miles)
  • Top Speed: G type: 300 km/h (186 mph), D type: 250 km/h (155 mph)
  • Major Stations along the way: Yichang East, Jingzhou, Enshi
  • Operated at: Chongqing North Railway Station, Wuhan / Hankou Railway Station

Those trains are no longer in service. Wuhan is locked down.

5 Million Leave Wuhan

Flashback January 26, Global Coronavirus Cases Jump 50% Overnight, 5 Now in US

Mr. Zhou said more than five million people have left Wuhan, leaving about nine million. Many residents hail from around the region and normally leave town for Lunar New Year, and it isn’t known how many specifically fled because of the virus.

My Jan 26 Comments

  • "5 Million Potentially Infected Fled Wuhan"
  • "Let that stat sink in along with the fact that the incubation period is up to two weeks and mutations could be higher."

For that observation, I was accused of fear mongering.

Escape From Wuhan by Plane

On January 28, I noted Many Planes Actually Made it Out of Wuhan Yesterday and Today.

Coronavirus May Infect Up to 500,000 in Wuhan Before It Peaks

Bloomberg reports Coronavirus May Infect Up to 500,000 in Wuhan Before It Peaks

"That would potentially mean at least 1 in 20 people would have been infected in the city by the time the epidemic peaks."

Jim Bianco's Latest

Wuhan Coronavirus Testing Capacity

Image placeholder title

Bianco's Key Ideas

  • On February 4 they hit the ceiling on the number of tests that can perform. This assumes no tests are no mistakes, no patients having multiple tests, and it assumes the negative test rate of 30% is constant every day.
  • In other words, the officials in Hubei province cannot keep up and are reporting what they can do, not how much the coronavirus is actually growing.

Economic Impact

The Economic Impact is Massive due to supply chain disruptions.

Apple, travel companies, and carmakers are among those hardest hit right now.

Wuhan Crematory 127 Yesterday, This is 4-5 Times Normal Rate

Yesterday, I posted Wuhan Crematory 127 Yesterday, This is 4-5 Times Normal Rate

Two days ago I commented Coronavirus Super-Spreader Infects 57 in Hospital

If I am not mistaken, this data all seems to fit together nicely.

I would rather be mistaken.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Better to use the Soylent Green tanks. The virus will get killed in the processing and the protein can be used to feed livestock.


Here we are evening of the 10th of February in my side of the world. Chris Martinsons video is already out of date and it’s far worse than he has outlined.
The Who have finally admitted that there’s an extreme risk to the rest of the world.
One thing is for sure. The WHO is running with the political drum rather than the truth.

It’s been my opinion that the UN should have been scrapped years ago - here’s just another example of a UN department incompetancy.



Including the newly mutated form of the virus, there are a total of seven coronaviruses that can infect humans, the CDC says.
Corona viruses are not new. They were first identified as RNA viruses in 1970.
While most of the early reports involving coronavirus were among animals, coronavirus antibodies were reported in humans as early as 1974. So, strains of corona virus didn’t just recently make a jump from animals to humans as widely reported.


There was another big jump in infections on the Cruise ship, as 66 more infections were detected. Cases on the Cruise ship are now up to 135, including 23 Americans. An American woman who was infected said "It doesn't even feel like a cold. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't have known that there was anything wrong with me if they hadn't tested me."

It is more evidence that the true case number is probably much higher than reported, and the true CFR is much lower. Many cases are probably very mild, and not being detected or included in the official statistics.


The virus is real. The suffering and death is real. It is the natural consequence of overpopulation, poor environmental controls, poor sanitation, poor political decisions, etc

What is unreal is the level of speculation and number of conspiracy theories. It appears that people can’t help but imagine the worst: SO2 levels, mass burnings, soylent green and so on.

And then, some people will try to gain at the expense of those that are suffering. I expect to see “charities” being set up soon to “help” those who are suffering. Of course, the money will funnel to those who set up the charities. Watch out for the unscrupulous who try to take advantage of situations like this.


Mish, I've studied power usage for residential settings. Power usage goes up when people stay home. They use more power than they ordinarily would. Industry also uses power when workers are present, but they use a lot of power even when they aren't. There is more usage overall when people stay home.

It makes sense that power usage in Wuhan and other cities would rise dramatically if everyone is quarantined. It's cold in China now. People need heat, They burn more heat at home as they don't turn their thermostats down while they are at work since they aren't at work.

I'd totally expect more SO2 emissions during a quarantine than during a non-quarantine. That's not a suprise.

I'm by no means suggesting that the situation isn't worse than China says it is but I'm absolutely saying that a rise in SO2 emissions isn't the smoking gun everyone is saying it is.

This isn't evidence of anything except higher power usage. That's literally what happens when people stay home.

Nothing to see here, move along.


There is a report out that close contact is not required for transmission. The virus "hangs" in the air This could be the explanation for the increase in cases on the ship due to air recirculation and the bump in cases of hospital personnel



How do you know it will peak when 500000 have it? In my mind that's just more people to spread it around. Would that possibly change whate if it were bio-engineered?


omg is this from the Onion?


Wow, conspiracy theory much?

St. Funogas
St. Funogas

Here are the most accurate numbers I've seen coming out of China so far. These are from an actual doctor on the front lines. He gives a lot of good numbers in the article, here's only one, and he's talking about the mortality rate of the very sick people in the intensive care unit, not the mortality rate of people who contract the CoV. Read the entire article. But here is one quote:

"Based on my clinical observations, this disease is highly contagious, but the mortality rate is low. Those that progressed into the life-threatening stage often occurred in the elderly already with chronic diseases."

"As of Jan 28, of 138 cases, 36 were in the ICU, 28 recovered, five died. That is to say, the mortality rate of patients with severe conditions was 3.6 per cent. Yesterday (Feb 3), another patient died, bringing the mortality rate to 4.3 per cent. Given patients in the ICU, it is likely to have more deaths. The mortality rate is also likely to edge up but not significantly.


More fear mongering.

Wuhan has been a "smog city" for a very long time. This is their daily air quality index since mid December:


What are they referring to when they say the virus will "peak"? Didn't the video say it's more contagious than the flu?


It would be helpful if we knew the location of the crematoriums and coal fired plants.


What are the W.H.O. and C.D.C saying about this ? This is clearly a contagion situation in China.

St. Funogas
St. Funogas

Here's an interesting infographic from the South China Morning Post, some of the info being more interesting than other. Toward the bottom they show a lot of the wild animals sold at the Wuhan Fish Market where the outbreak most likely originated.


If nothing else, the Coronavirus epidemic is an interesting study in mass communication. I have seldom seen so many who know so little comment so much on what can't be known.

Here's one thing I can say with a reasonable degree of certainty: while it is impossible to know what is truly going on in China due to official Chinese information being completely untrustworthy, we will be able to trust official reports from other countries like Japan and European nations, and probably official US reports as well.


This area matches the SO2 cloud:

Filled with concentrated heavy industry.

The cremation story is bullshit.


Are they burning bodies in Norilsk, Russia too?


On topic with the Coronavirus, now there are reports saying that the incubation period may actually last up to 24 days. I really hope that's not the case


10% of 'confirmed' cases have reached a conclusion.
The death/recovery rate is currently 25%. 1 out of 4 have died.
90% of 'confirmed' cases are still sick. In a month we will know more.
The course of the disease is 1 - 2 MONTHS. That is NOT good.

Global Economics