subprime auto coming back to haunt. maybe this is one reason why there was weakness in this months'…

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As part of my consulting work I often get to talk at length with people at the bottom of the economic ladder. I think the average person has little idea how tough their lives are. They have few resources. They often have little idea how the world works. And if they don't understand something, they make it up (which I've found to be a natural human tendency.) Unless a person has lived in a situation where they are one busted transmission or one busted refrigerator from economic disaster he has no idea how bad life in this country can be. I'm not proposing any new give away or social programs. I'm not ever sure they work. In fact I don't have any suggestions for mitigating the problem. But every time I drive by one of those folks standing directing traffic at a construction site under the blazing sun, I think to myself "Don't you wish you had paid a little more attention is math class."

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