Something Changed for the Better: Trump's Bubble Just Shattered


Lost in the wake of a gaseous debate over teargas and bibles, something good just happened.

Gaseous Debate

Various media outlets reported that security fired teargas and shot rubber bullets to clear a path for a Trump photo op at St' John's Church.

The Federalist made a big issues out the the alleged "lies" claiming it was not teargas but rather smoke canisters. 

Supposedly the Federalist represents actual journalists.

Senior National Security Correspondent Alexander Marquardt had this to say.

I believe Marquardt but the key point is that it is irrelevant whether the clearing mechanism was smoke canisters or teargas. 

That counterattack is used to hide what is really importtant.

Three Pertinent Facts

  1. Trump staged ridiculous photo op that brutally backfired
  2. The protest was peaceful until Trump wrecked it
  3. Trump crossed a dangerous line

538 Gets the Significance 

Two things distinguish Trump’s action from those mayors’. First, the people in D.C. were not in violation of the city’s 7 p.m. curfew — the tear gas was used about 20 minutes before the curfew went into effect, and it seems to have been used for no other purpose than to clear the protesters out of Trump’s walking path.

Second, the president of the U.S. allowing the use of tear gas on civilians protesting peacefully is simply a bigger deal than a mayor or governor doing it. The fact that Trump has used tear gas on protesters could lead to its use by more officials, too.

This is another instance, though, where norms and democratic values have not always aligned. While the First Amendment protects the right of people to freely assemble and petition the government for the redress of grievances, government interference with this right is not uncommon. But the escalation we saw from the White House on Monday is.

It’s not just that the president’s actions violated the right of people to protest, either. How he did this — by using law enforcement officials — matters too. By encouraging the police and military to take on the protesters across the country, Trump has crossed a crucial and dangerous line.

Today or Yesterday?

Trump cannot tell the difference between today or yesterday or a peaceful protest and a fire.

Seeking Calm

I asked for a calm speech from the president and got this response.

Somehow I missed the part where criminals invaded the White House and beat up Melania Trump.

Ridiculous Straw Man

The Day Trump Lost The Presidency

That bastion of liberal new media known as the American Conservative writes The Day Trump Lost The Presidency.

I  believe that yesterday was the day that Donald Trump lost the presidency. After days of urban rioting, the likes of which America hasn’t seen in over fifty years, the President of the United States finally deigned to show himself and address the nation. He gave a pro forma address in the White House, then, law enforcement personnel having gassed peaceful protesters to clear the way for the president to walk across the park to St. John’s Church, Trump strolled over, stood in front of the church holding a Bible, for a photo op. A conservative white Evangelical pastor friend texted me his disgust:

This is the act of a weak man who is left with nothing but to stand in front of a church flashing a Bible like a gang sign to get conservative Christians in line. It is pathetic. Today I see that he is going to visit a DC shrine to St. John Paul II — a purely political stunt. As a believing Christian, Trump’s cynicism disgusts me viscerally.

Senator Ben Sasse Blasts Trump

"There is a fundamental - a Constitutional - right to protest, and I am against clearing out a peaceful protest for that treats the Word of God as a political prop."

Sasse is a Republican senator from Nebraska. 

Something Changed


Matt Lewis pickled up on it. Lewis is a Senior Columnist for the Daily Beast.

Something changed last night. I am hearing from conservative friends and relatives in states like WV, VA, and SC who are finally done with Trump. One is writing in "Romney-Mattis." Another one is voting Biden. He just told me, "I want him [Trump] crushed."

The American Conservative picked up on it as well. So did Senator Sasse. There is more.

Senator Tim Scott Lectures Trump

Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), the nation's most prominent black GOP official, tells Politico "If your question is, Should you use tear gas to clear a path so the president can go have a photo opp, the answer is no."

Ghost of Spiro Agnew

Senators Duck Questions Part 1

Senators Mostly Duck Questions Part 1

Senators Duck Questions Part 2

Senators Duck Questions Part 2

Senators Duck Questions Part 3

Senators Duck Questions Part 3

Trump Could Find Little Support From Senate Republicans

Even they have finally had enough. 

Senator Tim Kaine

Former Top Military Officials Chime in

Please Note that Trump's Actions Shocked Generals

Former top military officials also took issue with Trump’s use of U.S. soldiers to counter demonstrators.

“It sickened me yesterday to see security personnel — including members of the National Guard — forcibly and violently clear a path through Lafayette Square to accommodate the president’s visit outside St. John’s Church,” retired Gen. Mike Mullen, a former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wrote in an extraordinary op-ed in the Atlantic. “I have to date been reticent to speak out on issues surrounding President Trump’s leadership, but we are at an inflection point, and the events of the past few weeks have made it impossible to remain silent.

Another former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, retired Gen. Martin Dempsey, was similarly bothered by Trump’s actions.

Retired Gen. Tony Thomas, former head of Special Operations Command, said Trump’s promise to flood the streets of America’s cities with U.S. soldiers is “not what America needs to hear.”

General Dempsey

"America is not a battleground. Our fellow citizens are not the enemy. #BeBetter"

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

"This evening, the President of the United States stood in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church, lifted up a bible, and had pictures of himself taken. In so doing, he used a church building and the Holy Bible for partisan political purposes."

Representative Jason Crow

James N. Miller Resigns

James N. Miller, Defense Science Board Member and former under secretary of defense for policy from 2012 to 2014 resigned today. 

Here is a portion of his Letter to Defense Secretary Esper.

Dear Secretary Esper,

I resign from the Defense Science Board, effective immediately.

When I joined the Board in early 2014, after leaving government service as Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, I again swore an oath of office, one familiar to you, that includes the commitment to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States . . . and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”

You recited that same oath on July 23, 2019, when you were sworn in as Secretary of Defense. On Monday, June 1, 2020, I believe that you violated that oath. Law-abiding protesters just outside the White House were dispersed using tear gas and rubber bullets — not for the sake of safety, but to clear a path for a presidential photo op. You then accompanied President Trump in walking from the White House to St. John’s Episcopal Church for that photo.

I must now ask: If last night’s blatant violations do not cross the line for you, what will?

As a concerned citizen, and as a former senior defense official who cares deeply about the military, I urge you to consider closely both your future actions and your future words. For example, some could interpret literally your suggestion to the nation’s governors Monday that they need to “dominate the battlespace.” I cannot believe that you see the United States as a “battlespace,” or that you believe our citizens must be “dominated.” Such language sends an extremely dangerous signal.

You have made life-and-death decisions in combat overseas; soon you may be asked to make life-and-death decisions about using the military on American streets and against Americans. Where will you draw the line, and when will you draw it?


James N. Miller 

I Cannot Remain Silent

Military Police Clear a Path for Trump Photo Op

Mike Mullen , Seventeenth chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says I Cannot Remain Silent.

It sickened me yesterday to see security personnel—including members of the National Guard—forcibly and violently clear a path through Lafayette Square to accommodate the president's visit outside St. John's Church. I have to date been reticent to speak out on issues surrounding President Trump's leadership, but we are at an inflection point, and the events of the past few weeks have made it impossible to remain silent.

I remain confident in the professionalism of our men and women in uniform. They will serve with skill and with compassion. They will obey lawful orders. But I am less confident in the soundness of the orders they will be given by this commander in chief, and I am not convinced that the conditions on our streets, as bad as they are, have risen to the level that justifies a heavy reliance on military troops. Certainly, we have not crossed the threshold that would make it appropriate to invoke the provisions of the Insurrection Act.

Furthermore, I am deeply worried that as they execute their orders, the members of our military will be co-opted for political purposes.

Even in the midst of the carnage we are witnessing, we must endeavor to see American cities and towns as our homes and our neighborhoods. They are not “battle spaces” to be dominated, and must never become so.

Too many foreign and domestic policy choices have become militarized; too many military missions have become politicized.

This is not the time for stunts. This is the time for leadership.

Not the Time for Stunts

The resignation, the Tweets from generals and a bishop, and the refusal of Republican Senators to support Trump, all say the same thing.

Something changed, and changed for the better: Even Republican Senators are sick of Trump.

Most of those Senators are cowards as evidenced by "late for lunch, no comment, did not see the news clip lies." 

But they will no longer defend him. 

Trump's Bubble Just Shattered

This is not the time for stunts, but stunts are all Trump has. His time is up.


Trump is holding the bible correctly although it appears to be upside down.  Initially I questioned if that was the case.


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When does the "Mike Shedlock was Wrong" article come out? Can't imagine warmonger Hillary would be any worse for the world at this point.


Anyone even remotely connected with this administration should be completely ashamed of themselves. Just when you think things can’t get any worse Trump proceeds to sink to a new low. To make things worse our spineless GOP party is for the most part too scared to stand up to Trump. Allowing Trump to continue in this manner will cause the GOP serious damage for years to come. They will not be judged well by history and that will be their legacy.


Sure looks like the back of an upside down Bible. Should have got to know the props a bit better. His flunky could have put an arrow tag on it.


Also interesting to see how the ZeroHedge mob and assorted nutter truckers reconcile their Trump love, their fundamental persona of champions of liberty and freedom and the use of the military to suppress democratic freedom of speech. Since they have no issues with voter suppression I imagine they will fall back on the old standard that the people affected aren't like them and well really a bit sub-human really. Certainly not Aryans.


As someone who lives in the area, I take issue with point number 2 "The protest was peaceful until Trump wrecked it" Not saying that there weren't plenty of peaceful protesters, but to say that it was peaceful is flat out false. It was not.

I have been a reader since the mortgage crisis and really enjoyed your work over that time. Unfortunately the quality of your work has deteriorated significantly lately. There are plenty of things not to like about Trump (I am far from a defender of him) but you are letting your hatred of the President get the better of you and get in the way of objective writing/posts. I would really like to see other topics, after all that is what used to be great about your blog. If not, I'm going to be moving on because you really are no different than the mainstream media and if I want to read useless garbage about Trump I can go there instead. (To be clear, I'm not saying don't ever post on Trump but when he is a focus on half your posts it is a bit much.)


km72. Trump is the main game in town. Americas future rides on the whims of this child. He is missing in action whenever leadership is required. The US economy is stuffed because his government ignored COVID for too long and missed the opportunity to control it. Now it is uncontrollable and you will be dealing with the mess for years to come. He cannot calm or unite, he only divides and creates hate. American soft power is in decline because of him. All global leaders except the tin pot dictators treat him as a fool. The influence of China and undemocratic powers has grown because of him. Another 4 years of Trump should complete the decline of the empire.


To be clear, tear gas is prohibited by the Geneva Convention as a war crime and chemical warfare.
It is not safe and often results in (permanent) injury.


The Mish TDS bubble is intact. Salt Lake City Utah was terrorized by an ANTIFA terror cell. People called police and firefighters and their calls went un answered. The people don’t care about rock throwers being dispersed from the White House while the cities are burning. Mayors and governors across the nation are applauding violent riots while they were cracking down on moms taking their kids to the park. Talk with some non-partisan moms. They’re afraid of rioters burning their house down not agitators getting tear gassed.

Louis Winthorpe III
Louis Winthorpe III

Bravo, Mish!


"Alexander Marquardt


This "no tear gas" angle is ridiculous. I was in the middle of a crowd coughing up a lung."

A crowd? No mention of the church.


"Military police clear a path for Trump photo op."

What i don't see is tear gas and rubber bullets being fired, in that photo. Last night KTLA "News" had no video of protesters at the church being tear gassed. With all the cell phones that exist now, KTLA should have had some video of that- but there was none.


Not quite convinced..... Stock market's up big.

That's one achievement that Trumps everything else. Pun intended.

Bungalow Bill
Bungalow Bill

Would Jesus cleared out protesters with tear gas to pose with a Bible--not his Bible?

I think my conclusion that Trump is nothing more than a con man was proven with one photo op. Had he ever shown any sign of true Christian witness, I might be less suspect of what just happened. He is an empty suit and an empty soul. He cares nothing about Christians and our God other than for a source of votes.


"This is the charged, the dangerous moment, when everything must be re-examined, must be made new, when nothing at all can be taken for granted." James Baldwin


I hope that you are right, Mish.


There was no tear gas used. If anyone was "coughing up a lung" it was because of the pepper-loaded paintballs - which were used and probably in large numbers.

Contrary to popular belief, cops don't like to use tear gas because it's too difficult to control and a pain in the ass even for those wearing masks. Much easier to shoot smoke grenades and pepper balls. Enough of the crowd starts to tear up and cough because of the pepper, everyone sees that, sees the smoke and thinks "tear gas". Then they run away from the skirmish line. Which is the point.

And the response was touched off at about 1833 which is right about the time Trump was getting ready to hit the podium. At that time, some members of the crowd began throwing rocks, frozen water bottles, and some sort of liquids into the skirmish line. Some went after the weapons being carried by officers. These actions appear to be timed to allow the media to watch the Park Police and NG "clear peaceful protesters" from the park while Trump was speaking.

And the media did not disappoint. Lemon over at CNN was positively apoplectic. "...we are teetering on the edge of a dictatorship!" LOLOLOL What?

This is like the Allegory of the Cave happening in real time. A large number of people are staring at the wall while the media dances in front of a fire casting the shadows they want you to see as the "real world."

You want the cops to stop pushing protesters out of areas? It's simple: The "peaceful protesters" need to begin policing their own ranks. If someone gets violent, they need to shut them down. Use words first and if that doesn't work, mob them, subdue them, and hand them over to the police. If they do this, the cops will begin to learn who they can trust on the other side of the line. Otherwise, when the violent elements act up, you will all be in the same boat because without uniforms, you all look the same to them.


"Trump staged ridiculous photo op that brutally backfired"

Sums it all.

MorningCoffee question Trump is finished! Just look at what Kent State did to Nixon's '72 reelection attempt.


The Democratic party is going to regret its early celebrating. Today's headline is how looters murdered a 77 yr old man guarding his friends store. When the smoke clears on this entire period, the protesters will be seen as the accomplices of the rioters and the looters, because in fact that is what they are. They are laying the camouflage and the cover for the people who do the killing and destruction. No one glorifies the riots in history, and no one wants to admit being responsible.
How can the protesters/rioters justify placing the life of a convicted felon who was in in the process of committing a crime above the lives of innocent law abiding citizens simply trying to protect their property and businesses.
Go ahead and continue to put a convicted criminal on a pedestal, while ignoring the innocent people being murdered as a result of your actions... Let's see what the public opinion is in 6 mos.


These riots solidified Trump's base for sure. When people see Trump debate Biden, they will move to Trump. Unfortunately, that's the best the American people will get, but I take law and order over chaos. Wouldn't be surprised to see some Democrat introduce a reparations bill that Brain Dead Biden would endorse. Create more chaos and hate in the country. I saw absolutely no creativity or common sense amongst Democrats in primaries. Just more politically correct hog wash. End this nonsense and move forward.


Trump is trying use the Putin playbook but it won't work because this isn't Russia:

Former military leaders and democracy experts condemned the use of force against citizens. Retired Adm. Mike Mullen wrote in The Atlantic that Trump had “laid bare his disdain for the rights of peaceful protest in this country.” Kori Schake, a former Pentagon official and Republican policy adviser, said, “If we were seeing this in another country, we would be deeply concerned.” Gail Helt, a former C.I.A. analyst, told The Washington Post: “This is what autocrats do. This is what happens in countries before a collapse. It really does unnerve me.”


I won't be surprised if the RNC circles the wagons and nominates Pence for President in a last ditch effort to look sane again. The silent support for Trump is going to come back to haunt the Republican party if they don't act soon. Can you imagine a super-majority of Democrats in the Senate ? They would remove Trump nominees at every court level including a recall of both judges at the Supreme Court.


All you Trumpers watch this video....sure looks like gas to me.

Your leader lies and you swear to it....

Since I was a child
I've tried to be what I am not
I've lied and I've enjoyed it all my life
I lied to my dear mother
To my sisters and my brother
And now I'm lying to my children and my wife

Big Hat, no cattle
Big head, no brain
Big snake, no rattle
I forever remain
Big hat, no cattle
I knew from the start
Big boat, no paddle
Big belly, no heart

Captain Ahab
Captain Ahab

I believe there is a shocking truth behind what is happening now. Global riots are not about George Floyd, or racism. They are about destroying America, and everything it used to stand for.

It is entirely about the globalist-socialist agenda, which hinges on getting rid of the extreme nationalist: TRUMP. To put it in plainer terms: the USA is being played for fools by globalists who want to see themselves in control in much the same way as the EU.

Today's riots are no different to most of the politically biased events that have dominated the media for the last three-plus years. Before that, remember the concerted efforts of the Obama Administration to derail his election, for example, his use of the IRS, and the role of the DOJ/FBI in Russia-gate.... With the mass media on the globalists' side, any debate is quickly squelched. Critical thinking has stopped. Even staunch supporters have doubts.

The above has been clear to me since the 'impossible' happened and Hillary was not elected. To date, the mass media has not had a single good word for Trump. They decry as one voice: TRUMP MUST GO, and the fools listen and fall in step.

He is not a globalist and he is not-controllable--ergo he becomes dangerous to the status quo. Proof: he resists man-caused global climate change--they can't tolerate that. He minimizes the UN. He renegotiates trade agreements, reins in China, and the globalists are furious.

You want a controllable President--elect Biden. And then emasculate yourself as a country.

Only time will tell if I am right. By then, it will be too late.


If after everything Trump has done in his first three years hasn’t propelled republican senators to grow a backbone and vocally criticize Trump, I seriously doubt that a little abrogation of the constitution is going to motivate them now. The desire for power amongst most outweighs any desire for the greater common good. Though the democrats would have done better most of them also let their desire for re-election outweigh ethics. An article I read many years ago Beware The Psychopath, My Son helped me make more sense out of most political decisions that benefit the few.


Is this news bullish?


who cares? the stock market is rocketing upward! Life has become better, comrades, life has become more cheerful
Stalin 1935


"The Federalist made a big issues out the the alleged "lies" claiming it was not teargas but rather smoke canisters. "
This what the right-wing nutjobs do. They find a minute aspect and then use it to negate the entire point. It is done all the time with the weapon type.
For example: It was not an AK-47, but an AK-74 copy that only operates in single-shot mode so the killer did not mow down 20 people with an assault rifle.


The former head of the RNC, Michael Steele, says you all have to stop waiting for Republican Senators and Congress members to hold Trump accountable. I hope everyone with a microphone starts and ends with these words - "VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! The most unlikely voters are young people and people of color. If they want change - then they have to change by showing up to vote. We need informed people who show up on November 3rd and who hold all elected officials accountable to fight to make our Constitution a reality.

Mr. Purple
Mr. Purple

Mish, in the 15+ years I've read you, this post will go down not only as the greatest post you have ever written, but it should be given space at the Smithsonian Institute. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


King Donald has turned this country into a kingdom, and most republicans and his supporters will vote for him again. No wonder most empires or kingdoms are not defeated from outside, but from inside.


Most people will forget in a few weeks and even more by the election. It's unfortunate but that's how it is. If the Dems won't allow a debate, they have a great chance to take the WH. If they do debate, then we are back at the Hillary/Trump campaign. We do know that when it comes down to the wire Trump will be in all the important states politicking his fanny off, just like last time. Will it be enough? Don't know and neither does anyone else! Trump's time may be up, but the choice is not that comforting. A career politician what will he really have to add to our current predicaments.


The DC police also attacked reporters, including Australian reporters in front of that DC church. It's a huge story in the UK and in Australia. It's the video watched around the world of US police attacking Australian journalists - and brutally beating them. Australia's Prime Minister is involved now. The video is horrific. The cameraman is sitting with his camera and the officer hits him hard with his shield and then punches him in the face with his fist. As the female reporter tries to escape, an officer slams her in the back with his beating stick. She explains that it was worse than what was taped and they are battered and bruised. The Australian reporter called it tear gas - not that it matters. Beating people and firing at them and is more than enough to obliterate people's basic human rights.


I had the same visceral gut reaction when I saw him with the Bible in front of the church, his presidency is over at this point, morally and practically it was over at that moment, he lost any legitimacy he had left.

He was already on shaky ground with the handling of the protests/leadership, but to engage in such a stunt at such a crucial moment in the time for the country was simple madness/narcissism.

Now you begin to see the self serving distancing by his lackeys, such as Esper who can see the game is over and it's time to salvage what he can of his reputation. There is nothing courageous in what any of his current lackeys are doing by distancing themselves at this moment, it's simple self serving, he is done and they know it.


When I saw that pic, I's Michael Dukakis in a tank wearing a helmet all over again. He should back out and let Mike Pence make a run for it.


Wow. Just when you think Trump can’t sink even lower on the ignorance scale, he just keeps digging deeper. And he is dragging America into the hole he is digging. It’s going to take a long time for the US to dig itself out of the hole that the Divider in Chief is creating.

Even more shocking is to see how he still has so many supporters, as can be seen on this blog; truly, as he himself said, he could start shooting random people on the streets, and the morons would still vote for him, because he is running as a Republican.

By the way, when I was reading the GOP list of responses, Ted Cruz was actually dismissive of the protestors. Apparently, like so many other Republicans, he keeps supporting Trump no matter how much he pisses on the constitution and the American people. During the campaign Cruz took it up the ass from Trump. Now he is opening his mouth too.


The country is now dividing into those who think looting and burning are just minor messes on the side and what is REALLY going on is a tyrannical cry-baby Trump dispersing crowds with military muscle, which is terrible


those who see the country being held hostage by well organised anarchist cells using peaceful protest as cover for establishing mob rule. If you bend the knee to them, they might relent until later that night.

It looks like they did indeed clear a path for the President to walk to the church, not with tear gas and rubber bullets as reported but smoke bombs, and in so doing also picked up quite a bit of the weaponry these 'peaceful protesters' had stashed for the riots they were going to start after curfew, but no matter: tear gas and rubber bullets is the initial story, and the initial story is all that matters these days - the image is set.

A President trying to stand firm for Law and Order after the Nation Capital's landmark Church had almost been burned to the ground the night before, is only a 'photo op.' This of course is an accurate perception for those who have decided that Trump is an imposter etc. But for those who deplore the violence - which is as manipulated as were the unnecessary covid lockdowns - they see a different picture, namely an elite willing to stop at nothing to rub out the American First agenda which was the first political sea-change in more than a generation benefiting Main Street over Wall Street.

So unless Trump can pull off a miracle again (and he does have a track record so..), the big questions are:

Is Heartland Small-Town and rural America going to surrender to mob rule, and later a globalist-run surveillance state culture? Will there be a civil war or not? Will the US remain a single country or not? Will anyone care or not? Will the inner cities turn into third world hell holes or not?

If I had to guess it's going to be EITHER Trump finds a way to quell all this (probably due to exposing high levels of coordinated treason), or the country is going to break apart. Heartland America will not accept elite-led mob rule that has taken away their livelihoods and rights. If things break down, people will vote with their feet, some moving to Red States with private property, others moving into Blue Urban zones, into gated communities or friendly low-income barrios.

But one thing is for sure: either way there are going to be far more deaths, suffering and poverty thanks to all this. People inflamed by political ideology or conviction do a huge amount of damage. They are right, you see, so anything they do is also right. Intellectuals who keep thinking this is mainly or only about whether or not Trump gets elected and whether or not people see through his phony act are going to be in for a big surprise: their comfortable world will be no more. They will never be safe again, not really, and few families will survive intact such a wrenching civil war - no matter how well or poorly it plays out.

Oh and also, baby boomers will almost certainly lose their life savings. The Big Bank elites have a way of cleaning people out that way, plus they are perfecting viruses very good at targeting the retired populations to accelerate the process! But that's okay, a worthy sacrifice: as long as we get rid of Trump who Matthis has told us is a 'danger to the Republic' (and we trust everyone who rose up to the heights in the military-industrial Amerikan Empire complex, don't we?!), it's all worth it. We will be doing the 'right thing' - anything to ensure we don't have to endure four more years of a steadily growing economy with low unemployment, truly terrible!

Global Economics