Retrospective 'Study' of 96,000 HCQ Patients Proves Dr. Zelenko Right


Covid-19 treatment near the time of symptom onset, for elderly and immune-compromised, is essential for improving outcomes. The corona virus is now speaking clearly and unambiguously:
I'll give you six or seven days after exposure to me until symptom onset, then another six or seven days to discover that I'm not just another bug. If you now arrive at ICU untreated, odds are 50/50 that I can now kill you in the coming six or seven days, HQL, Z-paks, Zinc, Vitamin D, Ouija boards, prayer, respirators or no. And don't bother with that HQL thingy in the third week, I'll have your heart so stressed by then, it'll actually hurt more than help you. Ignore the data and enjoy your politics; I am.

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@abend237-04 - very poetic, especially if you wrote that yourself. At first I thought you were talking about this 1965 movie: "Doctor Zhivago".

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