Nigel Farage Offers Boris Johnson a Chance to Work Together to "Smash Labour"


Nigel Farage wants to help Boris Johnson deliver Brexit. Boris should accept the offer gratefully.

In a Telegraph Op-Ed Nigel Farage says Boris, the country is crying out for leadership - but with my party's help, we can resolve Brexit.

The European elections were a sobering experience for the Tories. Their support fell to only 10 per cent of the vote and I already know of several large-scale Tory donors who switched to the Brexit Party overnight. Arguably, the Conservatives’ future is already in doubt. Suddenly, it is ‘do-or-die’ not just for Brexit, but for the Conservative Party as well.

Mr Johnson should realize that he is going to have to risk his longed-for position as PM to ensure Brexit is enacted properly. There is no prospect of a meaningful Brexit thanks to the views of most sitting MPs. And any attempt to prorogue Parliament will lead to the PM being brought down by his own side. The inescapable truth, therefore, is that he must hold an Autumn general election. That is his only way out. Doing so will take enormous courage. Inevitably, it will trigger a split in the Conservative Party. But the country is crying out for leadership and a resolution to the Brexit crisis.

Even on Brexit, he was very late to the cause. He will have a lot of convincing to do to persuade us that an early election will lead to a clean-break Brexit on 31 October.

If he is able to convince us, then together we would electorally smash the Labour Party, he would assume a big working majority, and he would go down as one of the great leaders in British history. All this is possible, but is Boris Johnson brave enough?

Johnson Should Accept

Johnson should accept this offer, just not quite yet. I propose mid-September.

Johnson should delay long enough there is no mathematical chance an election can stop Brexit.

By Common's math, assuming an election is on a Thursday, an election is already too late to stop Brexit. But there is no requirement for a Thursday election.

My calculation says BJ can seek an election any time after September 10 secure that it cannot be held in time to prevent Brexit on October 31.

Johnson Bounce

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The Tories have had a bounce following Johnson's election. And his message is "Deliver Brexit - Do or Die.

What's Jeremy Corbyn going to offer? Another referendum!

That's supposed to carry the day?

It won't.

Meet Jo Swinson

She is the new head of the Liberal Democrats.

The Guardian reports Jo Swinson rules out Lib Dem pact with Labour under Jeremy Corbyn

If that holds, a coalition between Farage and the Tories would indeed smash Labour and the Liberal Democrats to boot.

Of course, we only know what she says she would do not what she would really do.

But the Liberal Democrat platform is to return to the EU. Corbyn wants a "People's Choice".

67 Labour Party Members Attack Corbyn's Anti-Jewish Leadership in Newspaper Ad

Also recall 67 Labour Party Members Attack Corbyn's Anti-Jewish Leadership in Newspaper Ad.

Finally, at least 25% of Labour membership voted for Brexit. It was on those grounds that Corby said he would honor the referendum.

A significant number of Tories wanted to remain, but Labour has the far bigger problem.

Early Elections Coming

I commented on July 20: Early Elections Coming, But How Early?

The pieces are now falling together nicely. The EU is About to Face 2 Realities: Johnson Will Deliver Brexit, Eurozone in Recession

Johnson just needs a little more time to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron.

He can easily kill a week or two, come back and say they won't listen, and opt for an election right after he delivers Brexit.

People's Choice?

Will a majority of UK really vote for Corbyn or any other Labour leader if the platform is another People's Choice referendum?

I think not.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Doubt it will happen. Tory chief of Staff will have a big say. Study his attitude to understand. Farage and his cabal have done themselves no favours. Tories will attempt to win alone - massive ad campaign for no deal is on the drawing board possibly linked to an election call for post Oct 31st when it will be too late for it to be on Remain/Leave terms.

I have no idea of personalities but at least Boris J is approaching this on a WW2 footing and I have believed from day 1 that was the only way. I posted it here a long while back.

This is a multi-year enterprise to become independent, with many risks.


Read carefully, last sentence. UK supposedly more prepared than EU??

BBC and CBI receive EU funds? Trust neither. No idea what is true.


The EU is not economically viable without massive growth in German exports, which to be polite, looks unlikely. Glass half full, German growth might be low single digits and plenty of economists have made cases for much lower growth or contraction. The implosion of Deutche Bank only strengthens the case for much slower growth.

Without significant German growth, and without Merkel forcing Germany to finance Brussels, the EU is effectively over. "effectively" is the key word here. Maybe Brussels continues to issue more and more decrees, but Germany can't pay Brussels bills anymore, so Brussels doesn't matter.

Italy is in full rebellion against the EU. Yellow vests continue to rebel against Macron. Eastern European countries are picking and choosing which EU edicts they feel like obeying.

It doesn't matter whether UK stays or goes, the EU is circling the drain


If you add together the Conservatives and Brexit, and add together Labour and Liberal Democrats, there really isn't much shift happening between these groups. What it looks like to me is that Brexit voters are shifting towards the Conservatives, while Remain voters are shifting to the Liberal Democrats.

Conservatives-Brexit: 6% of voters moved from Brexit to Conservative. Brexit dropped from ~20% to ~14%, while Conservatives went from ~24% to ~30%. Combined there was no change, and together they remain at ~44%.

Labour-Liberal Democrats: 2% of voters moved from Labour to Liberal Democrats. Labour went from ~26% to ~24%, while Liberal Democrats went from ~17% to ~19%. Combined there was no change, and together they remain at ~43%.


Farage is a blowhard who needs to read a few economics textbooks. I'm sure "we are gonna fuck over labour" will go over well with british workers, I'm sure they love being fucked in the ass by big money.

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