Musk Says "Sorry": Production Hell Morphs Into Delivery Hell


Despite being far short of production goals, Elon Musk apologized for turning production hell into delivery hell.

Delivery Hell

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Don't worry, it's just "delivery hell"

The curious thing about Musk's statement is the fact that Tesla is thousands of cars per month short of production goals.

Current estimates are about 4,000 model 3s per month vs Musk's target of 6,000 per month. And to achieve that, Musk dropped the number of pain options.

Stop the Whining!

​Four Months for a Bumper

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Musk Plan to Bring Repairs In House

Mish Q&A

Disclosure: I am short Tesla via Puts.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Hi Mish, subsidies in Holland on electric cars above 50.000 will be enormously scaled back on the 1st of January. I think that Model S's and X's are probably rerouted over here to deliver as many as possible on time. Expect sales to drop to a trickle over here from the 1st of January.


I wonder if Ms Gale has considered canceling her order? If you google "Tesla Problems" you 117,000 responses discussing the multitude of problems owners are having with their Teslas. Anyone who purchases a Tesla today should have their head examined!


Any manufacturing program will have:

R/D - Prototypes - Factory initialization Initial Production Production Ramp up Sustainment Modernization - Factory upgrades

You can't ignore sustainment while ramping up. You can't ignore modernizing your product while ramping up.


I just read that the Saudi's are investing in a Chinese competitor. Their funding is secured.

Musk and Trump have a lot in common. If you want to anger a liberal, point it out to them.

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