Milan Crematory Can't Keep Up With the Deaths


Milan is under lockdown since Friday as Covid returned with a vengeance.

Milan Staggers as Hospitals Fill Up

In Italy's Second Wave, Hospitals Fill and Crematories Cannot Keep up. 

With infections, hospitalizations and deaths linked to Covid-19 rising exponentially, hospitals in Milan are running out of beds even after having converted wards and suspended nonurgent procedures. Ambulances have been forced to wait for hours to drop off patients at hospitals where Covid-19 patients are sometimes kept on gurneys in crowded corridors.

On Friday, the government sealed off Milan and the surrounding Lombardy region, along with three of Italy’s other 20 regions. In these so-called red zones, freedom of movement is severely curtailed, most stores are shut, cafes and restaurants can sell only takeout, and children from the second year of middle school onward have reverted to remote learning. The government said it would assess the situation in two weeks.

A Milan crematory said it couldn’t keep up with the number of deaths and stopped accepting for cremation the bodies of nonresidents who die in the city. A temporary hospital set up in April at Milan’s trade-fair center has reopened.

The Policlinico and Milan’s other hospitals are racing to discharge non-Covid patients as quickly as possible to free up space. 

A month ago, Lombardy had just 41 Covid patients in intensive care and 361 occupying non-ICU beds. On Sunday, those numbers had jumped to 650 and 6,225

Daily Confirmed Cases Per Million

Daily Confirmed Cases Per Million 2020-11-09

Daily Confirmed Deaths Per Million

Daily Confirmed Covid-19 Deaths 2020-11-09

The world is so ready for a vaccine that works.

Hoping for early 2021 on news Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine is 90% Effective.


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A friend of mines daughter is studying in Greece and they are on total lock down. They need to inform the government any time they want to leave their apartment, for any reason. The only valid reasons are work, exercise, medical, grocery store.


The chart shows relative stability in the US but a Europe that is doing very badly even worse than before. There is some speculation that the dominate strain in Europe is now the strain that is more infectious than the one before and therefor can expand through the population very rapidly. Back in March plane travel between Europe and the US was frequent. This time around travel between the continents is much rarer and under better control. With a little luck maybe this strain would not expand to the US. Here in France it's total lock down.


Daily Beast:
"What's particularly troubling about the return of COVID in Italy is that the country has done everything experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci have been
advising. Face masks in public places have been compulsory for months, social distancing is strongly enforced, nightclubs have never reopened,
and sporting arenas are at less than a third of capacity. Children who are back at school are regularly tested and strictly social-distanced, and yet,
the second wave seems completely unstoppable."

Biden wants face masks to be compulsory in all states, but it is not preventing the current serious outbreak of Covid in Italy.


Any reasonable person would expect that Italy/Spain/France/Belgium/UK etc. have learned how to handle the pandemic. No, they learned nothing. It's shame for them to learn anything from the East. I recall that early in the year, some European politicians and officials infamously claimed that the virus is only for eastern Asians, and the Westerners are free from it (because they are supposed to be superior).


Italians are wonderful people but they can be very stubborn and don't like being told what to do. The virus out of control is proof of that once again


Here are the daily case:death numbers for the US in November so far, from worldometer.

Nov 1 Su 71,321:399

Nov 2 M 88,905:522

Nov 3 T 94,463:1199

Nov 4 W 108,352:1200

Nov 5 Th 118,204:1125

Nov 6 F 132,540:1248

Nov 7 Sa 127,894:1035

Nov 8 Su 109,659:544

Nov 9 M 127,316:641

The trend of new cases is exploding in the US. One only has to compare numbers to a week earlier. If hospitals fill up like they did during the first wave, the US is going to see some ugly death numbers again.

It also appears as though the US is getting double or triple the cases of India, a country with 4 times the population of the US.


So trillions in losses down the drain because the actions taken previously to stifle Covid-19 didn't work. Masking, social distance, excessive hand-cleaning, self & forced isolation/quarantine, etc. None of this worked.

And yet, countries (and states here in the USA) continue to take the same actions simply because they don't know what else to do. They opened Pandora's box, fostered panic and daily media fear mongering and now all TPTB are stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Ya gotta love it. The naysayers should feel vindication.

As virus spikes, Europe runs low on ICU beds, hospital staff
10 Nov 2020

PARIS (AP) — In Italy lines of ambulances park outside hospitals awaiting beds, and in France the government coronavirus tracking app prominently displays the intensive care capacity taken up by COVID-19 patients: 92.5% and rising. In the ICU in Barcelona, there is no end in sight for the doctors and nurses who endured this once already.

Intensive care is the last line of defense for severely ill coronavirus patients and Europe is running out — of beds and the doctors and nurses to staff them.

In country after country, the intensive care burden of COVID-19 patients is nearing and sometimes surpassing levels seen at last spring’s peak. Health officials, many advocating a return to stricter lockdowns, warn that adding beds will do no good because there aren’t enough doctors and nurses trained to staff them.

Michael Francis
Michael Francis

I live in Melbourne, Australia and we have just entered re-opening the economy after the worlds harshest lockdown. Restaurants and cafes can now re-open under social distancing laws, mask wearing is still mandatory. The curfew has gone, the 25km (formally 5 kn) law on travel has been removed, work permits to travel are gone, police check stations are gone and the State borders are about to reopen.
In the last 2 weeks, 0 cases and 0 deaths.

Dodge Demon
Dodge Demon

What does Nate Silver say about COVID? What is the probability we all wake up one day dead?


This ONE article addresses all the redundant statements that keep popping up in these threads. Read it, learn and stop posing the same old statements.

For Better Health and a Stronger Economy, Don’t Lock Down Again
By Benjamin Powell
November 8, 2020

A second lockdown would smother our economic recovery and only delay the inevitable spread of COVID-19.

European countries are imposing harsh lockdowns again as a second wave of COVID-19 spreads throughout Europe. It was a mistake last spring, when most U.S. states followed Europe’s lead in imposing lockdowns during the first wave, and it would be an even bigger mistake to copy the failed lockdowns again today.

I was stunned when Italy imposed regional lockdowns in late February and a national lockdown on March 9. In short order, most other European countries did the same. Then, influenced by the sensational predictions from Neil Ferguson’s team at Imperial College London that more than 500,000 Britons and 2.2 million Americans might die from the virus, the United Kingdom and most of the United States followed suit.

Panic and herd mentality drove policy making in March, and frightened populations ceded their personal, economic, and religious liberties on a scale unprecedented even during wartimes. With eight months of hindsight, it seems obvious that the lockdowns did more harm than good on a number of accounts.


No excess deaths, only a bunch of cremated people falsely tagged "COVID DEATH"

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