Mercy! Whopping Race Gap Discovered in Professional Sports


Today I learned there is an embarrassing situation in the NFL. Let's investigate further.

Embarrassing Situation

The New York Times reports Only Three N.F.L. Head Coaches Are Black. ‘It’s Embarrassing’

"N.F.L. insiders say it will take more than the Rooney Rule to diversify the league’s leadership. Their immediate goal: Increase offensive coaching opportunities for minority candidates, who are often overlooked."

Rooney Rule

The Rooney Rule is a National Football League policy that requires league teams to interview ethnic-minority candidates for head coaching and senior football operation jobs. It is sometimes cited as an example of affirmative action, as there is no quota or preference given to minorities in the hiring of candidates. It was established in 2003, and variations of the rule are now in place in other industries. The rule is named after Dan Rooney, the former owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers and former chairman of the league's diversity committee.

Diversity Math

  • There are 32 NFL teams
  • There are 3 black coaches
  • The percentage of blacks in the country is 12.1%
  • The percentage of black coaches is 9.4%


But even more shocking is the fact there are 0% female NFL coaches despite the fact that females are over 50.5% of the US population.

Where's the outrage over this blatantly sexist policy?

And what about Hispanics? They comprise 16.7% of the population. Again, more outrage is needed.

Economic Gender Gap

Unfortunately, it's not just sports either.

Just yesterday, I commented Allegedly, There is a Gender Gap in Economics

I was right on time.

Today we learn Brainard Says Fed Faces ‘Large Challenge’ to Become More Diverse.

Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard said she’d been taken aback to hear of the difficulties black female employees face at the central bank, and that the monetary authority faces formidable difficulties in increasing their representation.

“It was eye-opening to hear how black women feel about their roles at the Federal Reserve,” Brainard told a session entitled “Women in Central Banking” at the annual meeting of American Economic Association in San Diego on Friday. “They don’t see themselves” celebrated at a bank whose history has been dominated by white men and whose halls are adorned with photographs attesting to that.

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

I hardly know where to start. But obviously we need universal race and gender quotas.

I propose we start with the military.

I assure you women, properly trained can be as mean and cruel and willing to blow heads off as any man.

The troops ought to be 50.5% (no more, no less) female.

Yet, according to the Defense Department, women only make up 20 percent of the Air Force, 19 percent of the Navy, 15 percent of the Army and a shockingly low 9 percent of the Marine Corps.

There are 38 four-star generals but only 2 of them are women.

Where's the outrage?

Must Start in College

Image placeholder title

We have to start somewhere, and college is the correct place. Fortunately, on that score I have progress to report.

Adversity Scores

Please consider Adversity Scores: The Latest Dumbing Down of US Education

If you are black an SAT score of 946 is equivalent to an Asian score of 1223.

Surely this is solution to everything.

Cannot Stop With Race

But we cannot stop with race.

I will not be happy, nor should you, until 50.5% of NFL coaches are female.

Returning to the Fed

Meanwhile, let's return to what I had to say about the Fed in Allegedly, There is a Gender Gap in Economics

Diversity at the Fed Needed

Instead of more women or blacks on the Fed, I suggest we try actual diversity of economic opinion and not gender for gender's sake.

What's most needed on the Fed is an Austrian economist who proposes dissolving it. That would be diversity. Instead, expect more group think nonsense about race and the Phillips Curve.

Good Ole Boy Network

To become a Fed president you have to think, believe, and act like a good ole boy. Janet Yellen is best not thought of as a woman, but rather a good ole boy.

Now that Brainard has chimed in, my stated view cannot possibly be right.

We need to rectify the situation promptly starting with race and gender quotas in college admissions, the military, and of course, professional sports.

But what about enforcement? I am glad you asked because I have the perfect solution.

Diversity Police Needed

We need more diversity police.

And they better be 50.5% women, 16.7% hispanic, and 12.% black.


This issue goes back a long way for me. In 1998 I was asked point blank by the president of Harris Bank (now Bank of Montreal, BMO), "From a diverse standpoint who is best qualified for a managerial promotion".

I named a name in one second flat. It was a black woman. Interestingly, my answer would not have changed had the president left of the word "diverse" from his question.

If this Q&A seems improbable to you, here is the background.

I was an AVP, but a non-manager. The president was 6 managerial levels higher than my manager.

But the question did not shock me in the least as I was very well known and outspoken. At every meeting, no matter how many people were present, I asked a pointed question. On at least 4 occasions, I fired off emails to the president. I spoke my mind.

Addendum 2

Martin Luther King called for judging a person on their character and not their skin. Discrimination should not be tolerated.

But there should be equality of opportunity, not quotas based on race or gender. Give everyone a fair shot and then let the best people succeed.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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You are inviting a major SJW backlash.


What’s next white basketball players who can’t jump or shoot hoops?


Hey Mish, don't forget Native Americans....the original oppressed minority!


Mish, wow. Tread carefully! You are white, straight and male, sharing verboten facts.


Loony times.


18 year old males must register for the draft, females do not. Other genders I'm not sure.


There are a great many ways to make a living in the United States. Being a professional basketball player is high on the visibility scale, but invisible on the % of Americans scale. By my calculation, there are 450 NBA players, and many aren't even American. There are 375,000,000 other Americans ... approximately. You do the math.

OK, so in the NBA we pretty much have a meritocracy, and lo and behold, it results in an overweight of African-Americans.

A definite hypothesis could be that there are some genetic characteristics of African-Americans that lead to this outcome. But, obviously, the first thing to do is to rule out any cultural factors. For example, New Zealand are always at or very near the top for Rugby, despite being a nation with just about everything going against them (few nearby neighbors to learn new things from, tiny population, poor by other rugby nation standards). But rugby is central to their culture, and they kick ass.

So, even if we rule out cultural factors, we are still saying that on minuscule (450 NBA players in an American population of 375,000,000) section of our society it helps to have an African-American genetic background.

What about the rest of America.

Please drop this meme Mish, when you think twice, you know it is beneath you.


The goal of progressivism, is simply to ensure all outcomes are solely determined by policy. And not in any way, shape nor form, by anything even resembling individual merit. That's it. All of the above mentioned silliness, makes all the sense in the world, once you've got your base model and requirements calibrated for reality. It only seems strange if you don't.

This is no different from maintaining a Fed, an overgrown government, activist judiciaries, runaway "democracy" and all the other progressive pathologies. All which are also there, solely to facilitate shifting control of economic resources: From those competent and productive enough to create them, to middlebrow progressive leeches who are not. This is why banks are bailed out; why incomes rather than property is taxed; why state enabled ambulance chasers on the make are arbitrarily empowered to tun roughshod over contracts (and lack thereof); why arms sales are restricted (to those not directly beholden to the progressive leeches themselves, of course); why productive people are being forced to fund universal indoctrination of children to believe in obvious drivel from “Climate Change” to “Reparations” to “womens suffrage”; why central banks are around to debase the competent and hand the spoils to barely literate banksters; lawyers and other connected backmarkers devoid of any real merit nor usefulness etc., etc. etc.

There are a million slightly different means by which to rob someone competent in order to hand his output to connected idiots. None of them differ even one iota, in their real effect nor intention. But they do serve as a shield of obfuscation, obviously able to divert the attentions of the uncritical and well indoctrinated: From the rather obvious fact that the one and only meaningful effect of the entire pyramid of blatant nonsense, is just about wealth and power transfer: From competent individuals, to a progressive leeching class of undifferentiated middlebrows, clinging desperately, and by any and all meas necessary, to all the unearned privilege their self righteous middlebrow selves manage to cling to.


im all for equality of death in wars and the workplace (currently 97% males die in wars and 92% of deaths in the workplace)

so today now

can we pass laws in all countries that in the next war that women and men with have to go to the front line in equal numbers



The term "Hispanic" is extremely imprecise, apparently encompassing black, brown, Asian, white, purple, etc. people with a Spanish surname or descending from someone with a Spanish surname. Therefore, GIGO results when attempting to measure anything with such a floppy definition. If the attempt is to measure a non-white population, "Hispanic" fails. A more accurate definition would be Spanish Indian or Spanish native American. However, unlike American Indians, Spanish Indians and their descendants do not need to provide proof of tribal membership. Anyone, like white man Bob Menendez, can claim to be a Hispanic minority, no proof required. If Elizabeth Warren had enacted this strategy, she might be president. "Latino" is also inadequate, and several Latino countries are almost purely white. And Quebec is accurately described to be a Latino country, but is not considered as such. It is also unprecedented to utlize European colonization to create a definition of a minority group. Are the Irish and folks from India the same group because of colonization by England? We should not be forced into following such nonsense, due to the shame of Mayans and other Indians who would wish to be identified as anything but.


The diversity initiative has created discord in my office, which has reduced productivity. My manager barely got into an engineering program and barely graduated with an engineering degree, he should not be the first to assess the competence of candidates. Despite those known facts, he never invited members of staff to interview candidates whom they would be mentoring. As a result, we have people who should never have been hired, sucking valuable productive time from those who can produce.

Adding to that, there are many members of staff who will retire in the next 24 months. Since they were excluded from the interview process and are disgusted with the skill level / work ethic of their understudies, they certainly are not putting forth enough effort to train the next generation. You might think that's enough time to bring new people up to speed; but not in a highly regulated, bureaucratic company where it takes at least 3 to 4 years.


What percentage of NFL payers are black?

Is it 60%, or even higher?

Because they are over-represented by a factor of at least 5-to-1, does that mean that the coaching ranks must be equally skewed?

Facts only
Facts only

Mish, I'm African American...been following you for about 10 years now. Escaped Chicago in 2013. I think all everyone ask for is a fair shot.


Diversity requires one group of humans to say they are different from another group of humans which is a false statement.


The “Whopping Race Gap” is in the players...68% are black, 28% white, 4% other. The same NFL players who kneel at the flag claiming minorities in America are downtrodden and oppressed. No wonder viewership is down?


Is there not black dna in many Americans?



We need 50.5% of all plumbers to be women as well...

Currently, the percentage is about zero... what’s up with that?


NFL = "Not For Long" -- Jerry Glanville, 1988

Follow the $$$. Goodell is doing anything and everything to expand the NFL and that includes a serious injection of politics, entertainment (Hollywood) and international exposure. Fortunately, NFL games from the 70s, 80s and 90s are still available on Youtube so I can get my fill of violence.


Women in the US live about 7 years longer than men. Shall we fix that too?


Men are definitely winning the race to the grave. I'd like a quota to be established to normalize this and give women a fair shot.


Competition overwhelms racism in sports...eventually. I can remember Bob Gibson mowing down legendary hitters all over this country, but staying in segregated motels while on the road.

I also remember the greatest NBA player-coach, Bill Russell's answer to a smart aleck reporter's question, "Do you consider if a player's color is white when deciding your starting lineup?"

Bill's answer, "Yes: I play two at home, one on the road, and none if we're behind in the fourth quarter." I don't recall him ever being asked if he was racist again.


When is the last time you saw a non-African at the starting line of the 100 meters final at the Olympics? Africans have narrower hips which makes for a much more efficient running style. Plus they have higher testosterone levels (which is why they have twice the prostate cancer risk) which helps them excel at many sports.

The narrow hips also means that African women cannot successfully give natural birth to babies with big heads - and there is a significant correlation (.4 to be precise) between brain size and intelligence. East Asians have a brain about one cubic inch larger than Caucasians, and they have a six IQ point advantage, and Caucasians have a five cubic inch larger brain than Africans, which corresponds to a 30 IQ point difference.

The testosterone level difference could also explain the difference in violent crime rates. In New York in 2016 the average African was 98 times more likely to be arrested for shooting someone than the average Caucasian. The average black person in the US is 27 times more likely to attack a white person than vice versa....

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