Media Follows Mood: Think Dow and Bitcoin!


The media follows mood. Not the other way around. That's what makes magazine covers an excellent contrary indicator.

Social media follows the mood.

That's what makes magazine covers, ads, and bestselling books a great contrary indicator.

Bitcoin on Credit Cards

Hey, why not. It makes perfect sense. So does Bitcoin mining.

Cryptocurrency Mining Stresses Grid

Cryptocurrency Mining Stresses Electrical Grid in Washington State

Bitcoin Grandma Ads

Another Cover Curse?

Harry Dent Contrarian Book Covers

Economist Harry Dent made a fortune with a series of 100% ass-backward books.

Bitcoin Pop Group

Image placeholder title

Meet the "Virtual Currency Girls" a POP CryptoGroup from Japan

The Virtual Currency Girls. That bell ringer may have marked the top.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Harry Dent has to be one of the most contrary indicators of all time. And yet, apparently he stills sells books and people read his opinions. Recently I saw his paid ads on ZeroHedge. Anyone that takes ad money from Dent has Zero principles.


If harry dent had stopped after writing "The Great Boom Ahead" in1991, he's be considered an amazing prognosticator. In it he forecast the greatest real estate boom of our lifetime, the Dow to recover quickly from the 1991 slump, and then head to 15,000, and a crash in 2008. Everything he's said since then has been wrong.


Me thinketh that the retail investor is finally stepping in. Seems to be an enormous buy side imbalance at the moment. For now, all else be damned. I wish madashellowell was still here. I intended for him to be my exit guide.


Contrarian indicators - Real estate flipping schools and Stock investing schools advertisements. Increases in roadside banners advertising apartment complex rent deals. Not so much with the banners yet but the investing school advertisements going strong.


Where have we seen this before? Nikkei and Nasdaq. As "they" say, those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat. Memory seems to be so short now.


"...she can use a platform like localbitcoins, which asks for very little personal information." The verbiage reminds me of No Doc Home Loans.

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