May Offers to Sit Down With Corbyn, Seeks Short Extension


Theresa May has her ministers locked up. Rumors abound as to the discussion. This Just in: May offers to meet Corbyn.

Yesterday, Nick Boles resigned May's cabinet and potentially the party although he appears to be backtracking on a party switch today.

The situation is critical and fluid. Rumors of elections, May softening her stance, votes of no confidence, etc are circulating. I am about to board a plane and my not be able to update this for hours.

You can watch the entertainment as it happens on the Guardian Live Blog.

May Reveals her Head

She says any plan both she and Corbyn agreed upon would then be put to MPs for approval with a view to it being taken to next week’s European Council meeting.

If she and Corbyn cannot agree a unified approach, May says, then a series of options for the future relationship would be put to the Commons in a series of votes. The prime minister adds that the government would abide by the decision of the House – but only if Labour did so too.

May also says she wants the process to be finished by 22 May so that the UK does not have to take part in the European Parliament elections.

What follows is what I typed out minutes ago. The critical piece is above. May offers to meet with Corbyn.


  1. MPs seek to stop no-deal Brexit by tabling article 50 bill
  2. No-deal Brexit more likely by the day, says Michel Barnier
  3. Up to 20 Tories could vote against May in confidence vote - Davis

Point 1 will not work. Rate that one at about a 0% chance.

No-Phone Brexit

Development Secretary

More Rumors

Extension Madness

Yvette Cooper is now planning to get MPs to pass her bill tomorrow requiring the PM to request an article 50 extension, the Mirror’s Dan Bloom reports. Originally the plan was for MPs to debate it on Thursday.

Even if May honors that indicative vote, the EU might not accept it.

Speaking in Paris alongside Emmanuel Macron, Leo Varadkar, the Irish prime minister, said Theresa May would have to come up with a “clear pathway to success” to justify another article 50 extension.

Cooper's bill is a waste of time. Hard Brexiteers appreciate a waste of time.

Macron's Statement

'We cannot avoid failure for them' - Macron says it will be UK's fault, not EU's, if there's no-deal

Headed to the plane.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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I thought this part from the BBC story was nicely put:

Leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg said it was "not usually successful for governments to get their business passed on opposition votes when their own party is against it".

The chairman of the pro-Brexit European Research Group added he "doubts the wisdom" of the decision, saying: "To allow the Labour party to run Brexit, to decide you'd rather be supported by a Marxist than by your own party, is unwise."


Buying more time once again. We remain trapped in the EU.


May has now made clear that going to Corbyn is for one purpose only: to get HER deal passed: "Mrs May said on Tuesday that any plan she agreed with Mr Corbyn "would have to agree the current withdrawal agreement"...after her deal was defeated at the hands of Eurosceptics, in the words of one cabinet minister in the room during Tuesday's marathon session, she tried delivering Brexit with Tory votes - Tory Brexiteers said "No". Now she's going to try to deliver Brexit with Labour votes. In a way, it is as simple as that."

It is and always has been about HER AGREEMENT and nothing else. She will do anything (including resign) to get her agreement approved, she sees it as her legacy accomplishment.

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