Looking Like a Tory Blowout and Complete Collapse of Labour


I crunched the latest poll numbers region by region. It points to a blowout.

Electoral Calculus has a nice MP projection calculator in which you can plug in estimates.

I used their advanced calculator, using regional numbers from table 38 on page 42 of the most recent ComRes Poll.

Starting Point Values

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Electoral Calculus made the projections based off the numbers that I entered which in turn were from ComRes.

UKIP was my rounding bucket. I suggest Electoral Calculus should change the UKIP bucket to "Other".

Any lines across that did not add up horizontally to 100, I tossed into UKIP except for the first line. If I rounded the first line up, putting 5% in UKIP, I got a majority of 92.

Admittedly this is just one poll. But it pretty much looks like all the rest.

I used ComRes because it provided the necessary regional breakouts.

Electoral Calculus Own Current Projection

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Martin Baxter at Electoral Calculus comes up with a majority of 72 based on polls polls from November 12 through November 19.

I came up with 88 using ComRes alone.

Polls November 12 Through November 19

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A weighted sample is likely more accurate than the single latest poll. But please note that BMG is the last single-digit holdout.

Leads by Pollster - Most Recent Poll

  1. ComRes: 11
  2. YouGov 12
  3. Ipsos/Mori: 16
  4. ICM: 10
  5. Kantar: 18
  6. Survation 14
  7. DataPoll: 15
  8. Opinium: 16
  9. Panelbase: 13
  10. BMG: 8

Average Since November 11 (14 Polls)

  1. Tory: 42.43
  2. Labour: 29.43
  3. Liberal Democrat: 14.57

The spread of the averages is 13 percentage points (42.43 - 29.43).

Note that the current ComRes spread is only 11 percentage points.

17% of 2017 Labour Voters Considering Backing the Tories

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The Telegraph has some interesting stats regarding the ComRes Poll.

The Savanta ComRes’ research found that the Conservative Party is current polling at 42 per cent of the vote, the highest lead the polling company has registered since before the last election.

Of those who cast their ballot for Jeremy Corbyn in 2017, 17 per cent would now think about supporting the Tories.

That is three times the amount of Tory voters who would think about switching allegiances to Labour, with just five per cent saying they'd vote for Mr Corbyn.

The Tories have the most consistent support among their base, with 94 per cent of their voters from 2017 thinking about backing them again this year.

Referendum on Corbyn

Poll after poll suggests the same thing: Fear of Corbyn Outweighs Fear of Brexit.

Brexit is fading as an issue, especially among women.

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Who Would Make the Best Prime Minister

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A whopping 51.9% of men and 42.0% of women believe johnson would make the best Prime Minister!

Also note that Jo Swinson tops Jeremy Corbyn among women and age groups 55-64 and 65-74.

Not even 18-24 year-olds prefer Corbyn. The only demographic in which Corbyn leads is 25-34 year-olds.

Johnson Unite the Tories

Without a Doubt, Boris Johnson United the Tory Party

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Election in Three Weeks

No matter how one slices or dices the polls, unless they change dramatically and suddenly, Corbyn is going to lead Labour into the abyss.

Addendum - Seat Change Projections

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Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Corbyn leads Labour into the abyss....and Johnson will lead the way to Brexit.

Anyone want to give odds of Brexit now?


Infinity to one.


This one person blog covers British politics more than the entire 600+ person staff of the Washington Post. Why is it so important?


"Looking Like a Tory Blowout and Complete Collapse of Labour"

Had it not been for BoJo's warmongering idol, Winston Churchill, the Labour party would probably have disappeared into oblivion before it ever came to power in the '20s.

Churchill: WWI (Liberal) First Lord of the Admiralty & cabinet member most enthusiastic about Britain's disastrous entry into WWI.

Churchill: 1925 Chancellor of Exchequer returned Britain to gold standard at pre-WWI price, leading to Britain's gold loss (mostly to US).

Churchill: WWII (Conservative) backbencher hounded Chamberlin for 'appeasement' leading to Chamberlin's disastrous war guarantee to Poland's Col. Beck, who broke off talks with Germans instead of granting them easier transit to E Prussia.

Johnson: 2020 PM of UK after 'Brexit', turns up heat on Russia to delight of US neocons.


Something worth pondering in this context is what comes after Corbyn. Chances are that his shadow chancellor of the exchequer John McDonnell will be his replacement. At that point it will be time to really be concerned, because for some reason voters find this radical Marxist "trustworthy".


It's funny that even "don't know" is considered to be a better prime minister than Corbyn... :)


A big push by Labour with the launch of their manifesto. The polls taken from today will be telling. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000bx5j

Rupert DeBare
Rupert DeBare

There's a revealing graph of how the Tories' lead evaporated in 2017, straight after they published their disastrous manifesto.




Hmmm. Where was it we heard those things?

Four days ago. Fear of Corbyn Outweighs Fear of Brexit.

Brexit is fading as an issue, especially among women. Only 25% of women have Brexit as their number one issue.

Check out the undecideds! Only 10% of men are undecided vs a whopping 23.5% of women.

My key idea to answer my friend's question is that the election has morphed into a referendum on Corbyn and away from a referendum on Brexit.


Jeremy Corbyn now says he’s going to stay neutral In his referendum, neither a leaver or a remainer. Does that make him a releaver.

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