How Many Wars Did Trump Start and End?


Think carefully.

Where are the Troops?

The US still has troops in Syria, Iraq, Cuba, and Afghanistan. 

He has not ended any wars or completely removed US troops from any country in the Mideast. 

Stars and Stripes had these statements by US central command, Centcom chief, Marine General Kenneth McKenzie.

  • “I don’t know how long we’re going to be in Syria. That’s going to be a political decision. Not a military decision to be made by a uniformed officer. 
  • I don’t think we’re going to be in Syria forever”.

I don't believe we will be there forever either, but it sure seems like. 

The US invaded Iraq on March 19, 2003 to destroy weapons of mass destruction that were not there. We have been in Iraq ever since. 

The Iraq War Timeline

In March 2003, U.S. forces invaded Iraq vowing to destroy Iraqi weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and end the dictatorial rule of Saddam Hussein. When WMD intelligence proved illusory and a violent insurgency arose, the war lost public support. Saddam was captured, tried, and hanged and democratic elections were held. In the years since, there have been over 4,700 U.S. and allied troop deaths, and more than one hundred thousand Iraqi civilians have been killed. Meanwhile, questions linger over Iraq's fractious political situation.

The US killed over 100,000 Iraqi civilians on a witch hunt. The process led to the formation of ISIS and further US military interventions in Syria. 

Trump did not start any of that, but nor did he end it.

In January 2020, Iraq Voted to Expel US Troops, but we are still there. 

The vote came after Trump assassinated Qasem Soleimani, Iran's military leader.

Ironically, Soleimani was on a peace mission in Iraq invited by the Iraq prime minister.

Warmonger fools like senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) piled on, pressuring Trump to 'Crush Iranian Economy' By Targeting Oil Refineries After Assassination

Hey, let's carry out an illegal assassination and then for good measure, in an undeclared war, follow up by blasting Iranian oil refineries.

Iran would be stupid to not want nuclear weapons. We knocked their government over before and put in place a puppet who abided by US oil interests. This started a chain of events including the hostage crisis in 1979.

They have every reason to not trust the US. And no country with any sense can trust Trump. 

US War in Afghanistan Timeline

The US War in Afghanistan started in 1999.

The sad saga has lasted over two decades. We are still there, but we won't be there "forever" whatever the hell that means.

I actually suspect Trump may pull a stunt and bring troops home in October as an election ploy, but at this juncture he will get almost no credit.

Trump has long vowed to withdraw all U.S. forces from both Iraq and Syria. “We’re bringing them home from Syria. We’re bringing them home from Iraq. These endless wars, they never stop,"  Trump said on Fox news.

"Endless Wars Never Stop"

Indeed they don't. And Trump gets his share of the blame especially in regards to promised made and not kept.

If you answered "Zero" to the question "How many wars did Trump end" give yourself 2 points out of 100, but negative 20 if you got it wrong. 

The question was too easy.

How Many Wars Has Trump Started?

If you answered "zero" you flunk.

Trump's illegal and unfounded economic blockade on Iran have the same effect if not greater than a military blockade. And a military blockade is an act of war. 

Trump may not have sent any troops into Iran but his economic war has been crippling.  

By unilaterally breaking the nuclear treaty with Iran, Trump undid the single best accomplishment in 8 years of an Obama presidency. 

The US military, all US allies, and the UN all agreed that Iran was honoring the terms of the nuclear accord with Iran. 

Trump acted alone. He is a military menace to the free world.  

Venezuela is another example. One might even consider threats against the EU over the Russia pipeline.  

Give yourself a bonus 10 bonus points if you understand the concept.

Shocking End to US Dominance in the Mideast

On August 17, I commented on the Shocking End to US Dominance in the Mideast

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo pressed US allied in the UN to extend an arms embargo against Iran. The US failed 13-2 or more accurately 2-2-11 (Russia and China voting against) with 11 abstentions.

Germany, France, the United Kingdom and eight others abstained. Only the Dominican Republic, supported the US resolution in a in a Humiliating UN Vote.

The most powerful countries in the world and the current representatives of the main global blocs just sided with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei against Donald J. Trump.

Trumpian Logic

Trump threatens to unilaterally impose an embargo arguing that the US has the legal authority to re-impose sanctions on Iran under UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

Trump unilaterally withdrew from that treaty. Now it wants to enforce part of it. 

The Winner

China in particular appears determined to risk US sanctions in order to make a huge investment in the Iranian economy. The US Treasury Department can only sanction firms that trade in dollars with Iran or that also trade with the US. China intends its projects in Iran to be funded with soft-money currencies it has accumulated through its vast global trade. In accepting those African and other currencies, Iran will suffer a 30% loss, but it will escape the American net.

Trump's Six-Point Legacy

  1. Bully Allies
  2. Belittle Friends
  3. Break Good Deals
  4. Invoke Disastrous Trade and Sanction Policies
  5. Amplify Racial Hatred
  6. Drive Countries Into Deals With China

In regard to points 4 and 6, Trump's trade and sanction policies have been a disaster on every front.

All of our allies thought the nuclear accord deal with Iran was working, every one of them. 

 7th Key Legacy Point

Trump started a war with Iran. 

His alleged main accomplishment, not starting any wars, is a drastic perversion of reality.

So spare me the sap about Trump bringing peace to the Mideast.


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'Trump's illegal and unfounded economic blockade on Iran have the same effect if not greater than a military blockade. And a military blockade is an act of war. '

Add to that his shortsighted strengthening of the 60 year old sanctions against Cuba,
to please some geriatric but wealthy 'Cuban'-American hardliners in Miami. These are the most severe and longest lasting sanctions the US has levied against any country, ever. They also failed spectacularly, because it's easily the most stupid and counter-productive policy imaginable, a key reason the Cuban regime is still in power. Plus it drives the island into the arms of China and Russia. The place is only 90 miles from the US mainland - but hey, that's an irrevelant detail for our very stable genius and his expert crew.


“Trump threatens to retaliate with ‘1,000 times greater’ force against any Iran attack”
“will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen”

Ever since the Code of Ur-Nammu (>4000 years ago) and the Codex Hammurabi, all legal codes have sought to limit such retribution. It is literally the most basic thing in civilization: curbing positive feed-back cycles of internecine vengeance and vendetta violence as the ‘great ones’ pay back any slight one hundred fold, prevailing by reputation (terror).

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”

Retribution should be measured and proportional, modern people would say.

The ‘eye for an eye’ is perpetually misunderstood as encouraging vengeance.
It was intended to limit the maximum amount of retribution that could be exacted.

Trump breaks with 4000 years of civilizing directives.


Trump has given in to Russia, China and anyone else and gotten little in return. Selling more weapons and calling them peace deals only results in future wars.


The Great Divider has started a war within the United States, civil unrest not seen since the 60's. This is a war of the worst kind. He had a chance to bring this country together, instead his choice is self promotion, hate and lies. This is what authoritarian presidents do.


"His alleged main accomplishment, not starting any wars, is a drastic perversion of reality."

Trump himself embodies the very definition of a drastic perversion of reality. No sane person can disagree with this.


I think the only solution now is to give the democrats complete control and get him out. They will clean this mess up and return us to complete prosperity.

I think Harris will make the world a better place.


These are the most severe and longest lasting sanctions the US has levied against any country, ever. They also failed spectacularly, because it's easily the most stupid and counter-productive policy imaginable, a key reason the Cuban regime is still in power. Plus it drives the island into the arms of China and Russia.


I think about how many trade wars trump has started , none of them ended. i think about the apparent riskiness of many of trump's gambits and how close we may have gotten to conflict with Iran and North Korea to name two.

Ronald Reagan escalated with Russia, vastly increased military funding and a buildup which helped break the USSR and brought about peace with Russia, Unfortunately mistakes were made by future Presidents which ended that but that's another matter. Nothing Trump is doing feels remotely similar.

Of course Trump got two Arab nations who were not at war to sign a peace deal with Israel. That hardly counts or obvious reasons.

Trump may be the most dangerous President we've had in generations.


Mish has gone Jane Fonda on us! :) Solecism: "Iran would be stupid not want nuclear weapons" - should read - "Iran would be stupid to not want nuclear weapons".

Actually I agree that Trump is stupid, but killing that Iranian general was genius. It's something a medieval country like modern Persia can understand quite clearly, putative "peace mission" (yeah right, a Iranian general on a peace mission? oxymoron) or not. And they should not be allowed to have nuclear weapons anymore than Upper Volta should, as Gorby once said. It's bad enough that Israel has nuclear weapons, much worse if her Middle East neighbors do.


Spot on. Questions raised:

  • Is the issue Trump, or is it much deeper?
  • Perverse effects of middle east oil money and weapons contracts?
  • Unchecked capitalism?
  • American's self-centeredness and religious conviction?
  • Consumption focused society?
  • Media that increasingly amplifies extremes?
  • Disparity of global living standards putting increasing competitive pressure on US living standards?
  • Failure of American capitalism to address broader social issues that are perceived as in conflict with American's view of capitalism?
  • Where are we going from here??
Duncan Burns
Duncan Burns

NDAA2020 passed easily, which means unending wars are fully funded. Here in MA, we're loaded with DoD contractor/lab beneficiaries, and Members voted accordingly (sans Warren who sat didn't vote during her run). Ending wars puts people out of jobs.


Isn't this war stuff so deep down in the elite/banker/globablist milieu (as hinted by NZYANK & Duncan above) that mere Presidents have little control of it?


I wish it was better understood how much these wars of occupation....and the endless saber-rattling here there and everywhere.....costs each and every citizen, in terms of taxes, in terms of lower subsidies for our social and medical safety nets......and how much it costs to treat and support the maimed and the psychologically disabled...over the long run. It is a trade-off we make...and I don't think many people think about that.

Rocky Raccoon
Rocky Raccoon

This is one of those issues that I see Rand Paul lying about. Senator Paull continues to promote this false narrative that Trump is ending these wars, but he hasn't. He continues them and doesn't bring much light to them. Obviously we know the situation in Syria isn't what Trump or Senator Paul is telling us as the Pentagon sends more force to Syria. Why Paul has to lie about this is beyond me except that I have to realize Paul obviously thinks by embracing Trumpism, he has a shot for 2024. I don't see that happening.

What's even more fascinating is Paul has supported bills to stop arming the Saudis and to pull troops out of Yemen. Trump has vetoed these efforts.


Don't forget Clinton's Arab Spring --that unleashed the flooding of Europe with illegal dependent Muslims that will change the culture and institutions of these countries


I don't sap means what you think it does.


Trump has stated publicly he wants to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan but left the date in the air.

There are peace negotiations going between Afghanistan government and Taliban and if these are successful he might withdraw all troops or most troops in late October as October surprise.

Troop levels will be cut almost 50% in Iraq and Afghanistan and that decision has already been made:

From AP:

"During a visit to Iraq, Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie, the commander of U.S. Central Command, said the reduction in Iraq — from about 5,200 troops to about 3,000 — reflects the Trump administration’s confidence in the ability of U.S.-trained Iraqi security forces to handle the militant threat from the Islamic State group.

Later, McKenzie said troop levels in Afghanistan would drop to 4,500 by November. He made the statement in a telephone call with a small group of reporters, according to officials at his Central Command office.

“We’re on a glide slope to be at 4,500 by the November time frame — October, late October, November time frame,” he said, according to a transcript made available by his office. He said the path to 4,500 would be determined in part by the military’s ability to get equipment out of the country."


"The U.S. had reduced its presence in Afghanistan to 8,600 in June and was known to plan further reductions, although McKenzie had not previously cited a projected number. He gave no exact date for reaching the 4,500 level; he said a specific date has been targeted but he would not reveal it."


Mish redefines the word "war" . . . .


It would have been good if the house of Saud was encouraged to cease their activities in Yemen. Or any of the forever engagements Mish cited were ended. Or the decision was made to close a couple post-WWII bases. Or 'defense' spending decreased. Or...

In the end, #45 could have done many beneficial things but did next to nothing positive. Sadly, that was an improvement over #44 and #43 in this arena. Is there a reason to expect #46 will be noticeably different (let alone better) when there hasn't even been lip service paid to doing any of these things?

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