Gov't Shutdown Coming: Trump Won't Sign Spending Bill Extension, Insists On Wall


Trump backed off a threat to shut down the government, then changed his mind yet again today.

After backing off threats to shut down the government, the Senate passed a funding measure but Trump changed his mind again: Trump Won’t Sign Short-Term Spending Bill Passed by Senate as Shutdown Looms

On Tuesday, Mr. Trump had indicated that he wanted to avoid a shutdown, even if Congress didn’t meet his demand for wall funding.

Later on Thursday, Mr. Trump appeared to offer Congress what he described as “a little bit of an out,” suggesting he would settle for “steel slats.” He added, “Any measure that funds the government must include border security.”

If a bill with border-wall funds passes the House, it will likely be blocked in the Senate. There, spending bills need 60 votes to clear procedural hurdles, but Republicans hold only 51 seats. Many senators have also left town after the chamber passed the short-term spending bill Wednesday night, and President Trump is set to depart for Florida on Friday.

Safety First

"Can't Make This Stuff Up"

Please note that the GOP is in Disbelief.

GOP senators emerged from the closed-door meeting in visible disbelief that President Trump is refusing to sign a seven-week stopgap measure to fund the government that cleared the chamber by a voice vote less than 24 hours ago.

“Are you ruining my life?” GOP Sen. Susan Collins (Maine) joked to The Hill when told about the decision.

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) warned earlier Thursday that Democrats wouldn't budge on the border over a “temper tantrum.”

Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), who is retiring in early January, started laughing when he was told of Trump's decision. Asked if he thought the continuing resolution (CR) could still be signed, Corker added that it's impossible to predict what Trump will do.

"I don't know. ... Who knows? Does the person sitting behind him at the White House know? Who would know? Who would know?," Corker said. "I love it, you can't make this stuff up."

Beautiful Wall

Obvious lies aside, rest assured it would be a "beautiful wall", much prettier than barbed wire.

I Am Confused

OK, the wall be beautiful, I get that. However, I might think otherwise if the government seized my land to build it.

It appears we have under-reported news of perfect security.

But if we have perfect security already, do we need a wall? Sorry, just asking.

My big concern is government property seizures to build the wall. More on this point in a bit.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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You aren’t afraid enough! Be afraaaaaaaaiiiiid! Brown people! Boog Booga! You aren’t safe!


Does America have the right and obligation to a secure border? Yes/No.

And if any American wanders into Mexico as an "undocumented worker" - they are immediately arrested, jailed, fined and deported.

How come the left doesn't accuse them of racism?

Mike Mish Shedlock
Mike Mish Shedlock


"Mexico is gonna pay for the wall. is a red herring. Only retards keep repeating it."

Like Trump?


I was reading where after Israel built a wall on its southern border with Egypt illegal immigration went from 55k before the wall to almost zero after.


In the scheme of things, what is $5b? Obama gave Iranians well over that amount. Let's just spend the $5b and move on to TRILLION dollar infrastructure bill that the country desperately needs!


ok so a "wall" is not optimal. but in the absence of any legislative immigration reform it is the best plan "B".


All this is beside the point, Donald trump wins not matter what happens to the wall. If the wall gets built, he gets credit for it since he was the only one sticking to his guns. If the wall never happens, he has an endless political whip.


Yes, we need money for border security. Well, you know, other than the $41B for DHS, the $28B for DOJ, and the $12B for Coast Guard. It's like we don't even care to secure the border!


President Theodore Roosevelt signed the "Roosevelt reservation" in 1907 that designated 60 feet along the US-Mexico border to Federal government in California, New Mexico and Arizona so there are NO land issues in California, New Mexico and Arizona since 60 feet is plenty enough to build a wall on the southern border so Trump could order the army to build a wall immediately on the US-Mexico border in those states.

Since Trump could order the army to lay barbed wire on the border he can obviously order the army to also build a wall along the border from the army budget without any say so from Senate or House and the land needed is already controlled by Federal government in California, New Mexico and Arizona due to the Roosevelt reservation from 1907.

In asking and begging House and Senate for funds to build a wall Trump is like an adult male complaining his mommy told him to not eat candy even though the man is 30 years old.

This fight over 5 billion is incredibly stupid since the whole border wall cost estimate is 25 billion ONCE and USA pays over 700 billion EVERY YEAR just on interest on the federal debt and out of the whole Federal YEARLY budget of over 5000 billion the wall cost of 25 billion is just under 0.5% ONCE

Trump is surrounded by incompetent Koch Brothers (Amnesty Brothers) stooges like VP Pence and Mick Mulvaney who are in the pocket of Koch's and who incompetently advised Trump to sign the mega-omnibus without any wall funding last year despite the mega-Omnibus having major giveaways for democrats.

Trump also incompetently gave Paul Ryan his dream of the huge tax cuts for the rich and just a few dollars for the middle class. If Trump had a clue he would have told Ryan and Democrats earlier that they are getting NOTHING unless Trump gets the wall funding.

The Republican losses in mid-terms were caused by Trump-independents and some Coulter-Republicans staying at home because Trump has been betraying voters by not building the wall and Trump has shamed himself by claiming some fence repairs on existing fencing are his wall.

The only problem land wise is Texas and those Texas farmers and ranchers who own land at the border and like to earn fortunes paying peanuts to illegal immigrants working on their farms and ranches.

This can be solved by Trump using eminent domain to take control of the area needed to build the wall after first offering the going rate for the farm/ranch land along the border.

For those ranchers and farmers fighting against building a wall because they want continued flooding of USA with illegal immigrants for their own selfish economic reasons Trump should order ICE to inspect all their employees and deport their illegal immigrant employees and slap huge fines for the farms and ranches employing illegal immigrants.

Some people also own land both on the Mexico side and USA side in Texas but this has already been solved by building the wall on parts of the border already during Bush and Obama and giving the people living at the border a gate on the wall that they can use to go through and that gate is controlled with biometrics.

The wall needs to be built on the whole border because illegal migrants are already dying in the hundreds in the desert when trying to cross through uninhabited places to avoid border patrol so it would be INHUMANE to leave parts of the border without a wall.

Trump needs to build the wall and stop crying "they won't let me do it".

Also since Mexico is a safe enough country and offered the caravan migrants asylums and residence permits USA should NOT accept even a single asylum claim from migrants coming through Mexico to US ports of entry.

Attorney General can by LAW order that asylum applications are no longer accepted and the statute even clearly says that this right is "without judicial review" so AG needs to just say that "hey, Mexico is a signatory to multinational treaty called the Geneva Convention on refugees and Mexico offered you asylums and residence permits so no asylum applications are from now on accepted either at the border or at US ports of entry on the border".

Trump needs to lay blame for every rape and every murder and every drunk driving death caused by illegal immigrants at the feet of Democrats.

Also Kirstjen Nielsen is completely incompetent and needs to go.


As Trump says, since he was elected, you now have perfect border security. So why do you need the wall? Also, since he was elected, you have the strongest economy ever! And he has created more jobs than any president in US history. As he predicted, his tax cuts are growing the economy at 5%, and reducing the federal deficit. He has also negotiated the best ever trade deal with Mexico and Canada which is reducing the trade deficit dramatically! Plus his beautiful tariffs are paying down the national debt, which was already almost paid off due to the rise in the stock market. Not to mention he just won the war with ISIS. And he is “winning” all the trade wars that he started because it’s so easy to win. Not to mention that he cancelled Obamacare and replaced it with Trumpcare, so that every American citizen now has access to low priced health coverage. Trump has made the US a veritable utopia. I’m not sure any American has anything left to complain about. Shame on any American who complains. And MerryChristmas to all!


The wall is idiotic since there are many less costly ways to stop illegal immigration (like they did with the caravan). However, I am for anything that shiluts down the government feom wasting our money so shut it down already.


Mr. Shedlock Border security is not a joke. The illegals bring in disease crime and swell the welfare rolls. Also drugs guns and laundered money flow across the border. It is time someone took note of the situation.

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