Florida is Ground Zero for Political Corruption


Florida is ground zero for political corruption. Democrats lead the way. In contrast, Kudos to Arizona Governor Ducey.

If you are looking for perfectly documented political corruption, start with this Tweet.

I read through the entire thread. The claim looks accurate but I do not like the way it looks chopped off.

Broward County

Also consider the July 2017, article Broward Elections Supervisor Makes Changes After Being Sued

Brenda Snipes acknowledged the processes her office have been using aren’t perfect and that some non-citizens and felons have voted despite not being eligible — especially right before major elections when groups are actively registering new voters. But Snipes said the precautions her office takes are important to make sure eligible voters aren’t removed from the lists by mistake.

Given new charges, this election, I am confident that Snipes is about as corrupt as they get.

Failed Logic and Accuracy

A recount in Broward County has been halted because of Failed Logic and Accuracy Tests with 10 elections machines.

Failed logic and accuracy. Can it get worse?

Brenda Snipes’ Office Mixed In Bad Ballots

The Miami Herald reports Whoops! Brenda Snipes’ Office Mixed Bad Provisional Ballots with Good Ones

On Election Day, Broward County collected more than 600 provisional ballots. The vast majority were declared invalid by the county’s canvassing board judges for reasons ranging from registering to vote too late to previously voting to voting at the wrong precinct.

On Friday, the three-person canvassing board — on which Snipes usually sits — found about 20 of those 205 votes had mismatched signatures and declared them illegal. That means there are at least 20 illegal votes mixed into an anonymous pile of 205, all sitting in a machine that counted them but did not add them to the final count.

Republican Party lawyers immediately pressed Snipes about the future of those 205 votes and if they’d be counted. Snipes declined to answer and continued judging signatures on remaining ballots. There is no statute guiding what happens next.

Snipes in Violation of Florida Public-Records Laws

The Miami Herald also reports Snipes in Violation of Florida Public-Records Laws.

Circuit Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips also held that Brenda Snipes, Broward’s supervisor of elections, was in violation of Florida public-records laws for not fulfilling a request for that information by Scott’s campaign.

Phillips ordered Snipes to turn over the number of all ballots cast in Tuesday’s midterm elections, broken down by absentee, early, and Election Day votes. She also ordered her to provide the number of ballots still to be counted.

“It’s a simple case about access to information,” argued attorney Jason Zimmerman, with the law firm Gray Robinson. “We’re not talking about recounts. ... This is not a partisan issue.”

Crooked as Crooked Gets

If Scott wins Florida, I am 100% confident that he really won.

I cannot say the same if a recount gives the win to Nelson.

Meanwhile, Back in Arizona

Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema's lead over Republican Rep. Martha McSally in Arizona's Senate race grew Sunday.

Sinema led by 30,310 votes as of 1 p.m. ET on Sunday, according to the Arizona secretary of state's office. That puts her ahead by 1.4 percentage points with more than 2.1 million ballots counted.

Trump had this to say.

Kudos to Republican Arizona Governor

In striking contrast to events in Florida, Some GOP Officials Distance Themselves from Trump's Claims of Misconduct.

"Just out — in Arizona, SIGNATURES DON'T MATCH," Trump tweeted Friday. "Electoral corruption - Call for a new Election? We must protect our Democracy!"

Trump was swiftly rebuked by Republicans in the state, including Gov. Doug Ducey, who had just won re-election Tuesday.

Kudos to Ducey

I would like to see an honest count in Arizona and Florida.

Unfortunately, we are not going to get one in Florida.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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The irony is that Americans know how to run an honest and clean election.

When the American set up the first nationwide elections - ever - in Afghanistan, they instituted a few rules.

  1. You had to have an official government ID
  2. Your name had to appear on the official government registered voting list
  3. You could vote only once - because everyone who voted got their finger dipped in only visible in UV light ink that took a few days to wash off.

Why do democrats hate free and fair elections in America? Why do they do everything they can to corrupt the voting process? Why do they NOT want elections as clean and fair as possible?

Because THEY BENEFIT from the corruption.



Trump's tweet on the AZ vote counting has more story behind it. Governor Ducey's tweet does not necessarily contradict Trump. (Note he mentioned 'lawful' votes.) Apparently four democratic leaning counties continued to 'verify' (lawful?) signature mismatched ballots and added them to the tallies, likely shifting the balance. Read the full story.


Democrats playing with vote counting (and let's face it -- it is mostly Democrats) are really playing with fire. We have already seen the problems raised by Democrats when they considered the elections of President Bush and President Trump to be invalid. What happens when everyone considers every election to be non-valid due to possible vote-tampering? What happens when the population withdraws the Mandate of Heaven from the whole system?


Don't forget to add clientelism to the potential sources of corruption in American politics. Something that isn't limited to Florida and which has plagued the country's Tudor derived political system on and off since the constitution was ratified. The country has never been Democratic and slowly becomes a media driven oligarchy, voted over by an unqualified and easily controlled electorate.


Broward officials and probably Palm Beach officials, too, are trying to figure out how exactly to get all the new ballots they created but were unable to dump into the tallies before the deadline Saturday. The initial machine recount should produce the numbers displayed right now give or take a few hundred votes one way or the other. If Broward and Palm Beach do their machine recount and show tens of thousands of additional votes, the gig is up- we will know right then it was fraud from the beginning. So, they either have to just concede defeat, or just bite the bullet, put the additional ballots through the machines and then go to court.


It is the most basic requirement that immediately after the polls close the election officials give the number of total votes cast in their county.

Brenda Sykes in Broward has still NOT done this.

This means there is no limit to how many votes she can "find" aka manufacture.

One other county in Florida also failed to give the total numbers of votes cast immediately after ballots closed: Miami-Dade.

Also in Broward it is clear Wanda Sykes has broken chain of custody requirements and requirements that there are always two sets of eyes Republican and Democrat when ballots are being moved.


Rebublican Rick Scott could have FIRED Brenda Snipes for CAUSE as Florida Governor after Brenda Snipes ILLEGALLY deleted all the ballots from the Democrat primary for 23rd Congressional District of Florida in 2016 between Clintonite Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Bernie Sanders endorsed Tim Canova during the time while she was legally obligated to keep them and during Tim Canova fighting in Court to be allowed to inspect them and negotiating prices to be able to inspect them because Tim Canova suspected there was funny business in the Democratic primary in Florida for 23rd Congressional District of Florida in 2016 that Debbie Wasserman Schultz won despite being hated by most Democrats.

So Rick Scott did NOT do his job as a Governor. The job of Governor includes FIRING all incompetent officials especially after those officials have BROKEN THE LAW and there is clear CAUSE to fire them.

Now thanks to Rick Scott doing his job as Governor very poorly Democrat Brenda Sykes is running the count in Broward County and finding new Democrat votes to count all the time and NOT even giving out the total number of votes cast for days and days so there was NO LIMIT how many new Democrat votes they could find.

It seems Democrats will steal Florida Senator election away from Republican Rick Scott and may even steal the Florida Governors election away from Republican DeSantis.


USA has almost 4 million more registered voters than eligible voters in 462 counties that have voter registration rates over 100% of actual eligible voters living in them:

Since even 100% registration is highly unlikely USA most likely has millions and millions more people in addition to the almost 4 million that are registered to vote but that are actually not eligible to vote.


Florida is corrupt? How about Georgia, where the person in charge of the ballots, was on the ballot? Give me a break. What you are looking at in FL is incompetence. Turn off the Fox News, Mish, it rots your brain.


Payback time for Bush vs. Gore. In their minds, not mine. Pretty sure we need to get some people behind bars to end this. Of course, that also takes an act of god in this country if youre anyone other than a homeless guy stealing a candy bar.

Ron Cataldi
Ron Cataldi

"He said that if the judge had ordered the machines impounded, the step would fuel conspiracy theories about vote-rigging and would still not satisfy the many demonstrators who are protesting the conduct of the vote count.

“I do not think this will quiet those people who are screaming outside,” he said. “You want to know what undermines our electoral process? That type of behavior.”"

Yup. Irresponsible, unpatriotic behavior being amplified by useful fools like Mish.

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