EU's Brexit Hypocrisy Has No Bounds


One of many Brexit negotiation difficulties is that the EU demands freedom of movement. The EU should look in a mirror.

The EU has deals with Asia, Canada, and the US. None of them requires freedom of movement of labor.

When dealing with the UK, the EU will not let the UK "cherry pick" options. It insists the UK abide by the four freedoms.

Four Freedoms

  1. The free movement of goods.
  2. The free movement of services and freedom of establishment.
  3. The free movement of persons (and citizenship), including free movement of workers.
  4. The free movement of capital.

One of the key reasons the UK voted for Brexit was in regards to freedom of movement of labor.

Here's the current setup within the EU.

Germany, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Italy, and the Czech Republic all have or want border controls.

Merkel's CDU/CSU coalition has splintered over freedom of movement. Yes, we are talking migrants, but once in the EU, how does one stop anyone from moving freely without border controls?

Freedom of movement in the EU is by name only.

One can, and should blame Angela Merkel for this preposterous result, but there either is or isn't freedom of movement. And there isn't.

Moreover, Germany is among the worst when it comes to points 2 and 3.

Please consider Germany’s Apprenticeship System Comes Under Attack.

After 18 months of study, $2,200 in tuition and three exams, Ewa Feix is now permitted by German law to bake two variations of cupcakes. “Not pretzels, not Black Forest gâteau, not bread,” said Ms. Feix, a Canadian who moved to Germany in 2009. Becoming a professional bread baker entails a three-year apprenticeship and more exams.

Germany’s thicket of rules and standards shields roughly 150 professions from competition, from ski instructors to well-diggers. Stiff fines await uncertified practitioners. German authorities conduct thousands of enforcement raids each year.

Strong middle-class support, particularly among Chancellor Angela Merkel’s supporters, means the German system has defied repeated attempts at reform.

Merkel’s Blatant Hypocrisy

I discussed the above in Fascinating Look at Why Brexit Happened Through Eyes of Cameron’s Deputy Director of Policy.

Consider a refugee from Syria who knows how to bake goods. Also, consider a baker from France who wants to start a bakery in Germany. They need a separate apprenticeship for bread, pretzels, and cupcakes.

There is no freedom of movement in the EU.

But to reach a Brexit deal. the EU demands the UK abide by it.

The UK should run away from these hypocrites now.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Ms. May dug her own grave by entertaining the notion of a "soft" Brexit in the first place. Europe was never going to allow a "soft" exit - the EU was always going to heap evermore ridiculous conditions into the negotiations, not matter how pliant May/UK might be. The EU has a 'superiority' complex, and it is their achilles heel. Notice how Trump's bombast cowed the europeans @ NATO meetings - Trump knows how to deal with unearned arrogance... a good, stiff punch in the nose. May took the opposite tack and now she's burnt toast. Folks may not like Trump's incivilities, but his unconventional FP tactics are infinitely more effective than anything Obama did in his 8 years...


If EU can think that it is great when its house can blow up anytime, imagine how they would strut around if they were a strong bloc. If May had any sense she would ask to go take a walk. But then you need spine for that! After all EU will one day soon be a "once upon time" bed time story that present day Europeans can tell their grandchildren. Rule Britannia! has simply become Ruled Britannia!. Sad!

Is this the country that led from the front during the World war II. Unrecognisable. If they cannot take on EU now, when can they?


It is tough to keep up with this twisted plot. The EU is a free trade zone. The UK wants to quit the free trade zone (admittedly only by a wafer-thin majority) … and that is good? But does not Mish keep bashing his President for not being sufficiently pro-free trade? Would the real Mish please stand up!

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