EU Pokes Trump Again, This Time Over Huawei' s 5G Technology


Germany and the UK gave Trump another polite go to hell message by refusing his demand on Huawei.

President Trump demanded the UK not use 5G technology from Huawei,over security concerns. But in Yet Another Rebuke to the U.S. both Germany and the UK have other ideas.

The German government is leaning toward letting Huawei Technologies Co. participate in building the nation’s high-speed internet infrastructure, several German officials said, the latest sign of ambivalence among U.S. allies over Washington’s push to ostracize the Chinese tech giant as a national security risk.

A small group of ministries reached a preliminary agreement two weeks ago that still needs formal approval by the full cabinet and parliament. That isn’t expected for several weeks.

The Trump administration has been pushing its allies for months to restrict Huawei’s participation in building their next-generation mobile infrastructure—or even pull its equipment from existing networks.

But unwillingness in those countries to delay the rollout of so-called 5G services, the potential additional costs of picking new vendors, and lack of evidence showing that Huawei can use its equipment to eavesdrop on or disrupt communications have stymied U.S. efforts.

In the U.K., Washington’s closest ally in Europe, a review currently under way is expected to conclude that the company’s products should still be allowed in less vulnerable parts of its network, according to British officials.

And across Eastern Europe, where the U.S. has traditionally held considerable sway, governments have been hesitant to drastically restrict Huawei’s access, partly out of concern this could antagonize China, a big investor in the region.

A recent probe by Germany’s cybersecurity agency with help from the U.S. and other allies failed to show that the Chinese company could use its equipment to clandestinely siphon off data, according to senior agency and other government officials.

Lead image from the Engaget Germany may use Huawei hardware for its 5G networks.

World Seriously Needs to Tell Trump "Go to Hell"

This is the third recent case which the EU stood up to Trump,

  1. Trump demanded the EU cancel Nord Stream 2, a natural gas pipeline from Russia to the EU. They said no. I wrote about that on January 13 in World Seriously Needs to Tell Trump "Go to Hell" A week ago, the UU decided to go ahead.
  2. Trump demanded the EU stop all deals with Iran. Instead, the EU created a special exchange to trade with Iran in Euros, bypassing US dollar clearing and thus US Sanctions. For discussion, please see US Arrogance on Iran: Trump's "Coalition of the Unwilling and Openly Coerced".
  3. Huawei is strike three.

To those actions, one can safely add the Wall. Regardless of what you wanted, Pelosi ran rings around Trump.

Sanction Policy

It is beyond idiotic for one person to set sanction policy for the whole world. I am pleased the world is standing up to Trump.

How did Trump respond? With more bullying of course.

German Cars a National Security Threat

To strike back at the EU a Commerce Study Deems "European Cars a Threat to US National Security".

The report came in with only a couple hours to spare.

The idea that German cars, most of which are manufactured right here in the US, is security threat is of course ludicrous.

But the US cannot legally raise tariffs on German cars unless that was the finding, so, that was the finding.

I suspect the finding was made at the last moment based on wthet the EU did with Nord Stream 2 and Iran.​

National Security Threat Hoot of the Day

Even with US help, Germany could not find any evidence of Trump's claim regarding Huawei.

Nonetheless, U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard A. Grenell said that German policy makers should consider that China gathered and exploited data on an unrivaled scale.

Without a doubt, the US is the unrivaled global leader in data gathering, back door traps, and hardware manipulations.

And the US will not even allow Google, Apple, or any other technology company to even mention when the US asks them for data gathering traps.

To top it off, Wikileaks proved the US even spied on Angel Merkel.

Economically Illiterate Trump

Trump views trade as a win-lose setup. He thinks one side is the winner and the other the loser.

And he insists the US win every deal.

In reality, both sides have to think they are getting something they want, or they would not make a deal. Trump has not made one good deal yet.

USMCA is is nearly identical to NAFTA with a small concession for Wisconsin dairy farmers, and a bigger loss to Mexico over a mechanism for trade challenges.

At best USMA was break even, but more realistically, Trump's deal was a small net loss vs NAFTA. And Trump stirred up a big pot of animosity in doing so.


With Trump, no company, individual, or nation has any reason to believe he will not later change the nature of the deal. Mistrust is high, and rightfully so.

Peak Trump

Please read "Peak Trump" by David Stockman.

Peak Trump has indeed arrived. Proof is found in the increasing willingness of countries willing to tell Trump to go to hell.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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So many deals, I can’t keep up with the winning!

William Janes
William Janes

Your words:"US asks them for data gathering traps." These companies can take those request to a designated court. Also US has a free press. Remember Xi Jiinping words : "north, south, east, west" Chinese Com. Party controls the whole society and that includes all Chinese corporation. Huawei is completely controlled by Chinese security services. I would forecast that European will not let Huawei into anything critical. Do not be fooled there is no equivalence between a constitutional democracy and a one party state with a permanent emperor . China is an adversary and so are its corporations. Your libertarian philosophy is of no value in this landscape.



"These companies can take those request to a designated court. Also US has a free press."

No, in fact, they cannot. And there is no free press either. They are prohibited as a "national security" measure from even mentioning US security requests.

Here is a discussion

The article mentions the US cut back on the number, but if companies are placed under a gag order, they simply cannot talk about it.

Rest assured, if the NSA demands apple put in a back door, Apple will not be allowed to discuss it.

Mike Deadmonton
Mike Deadmonton

Donald, when laughter broke out during your UN presentation and people said they were laughing with you - well, they lied.



Look at all this bullshit on gag orders

And look at the US spying on Merkel

Pathetic and criminal


Whatever else can be said about Trump, let me say that he has been a considerably better President than I expected. I'll leave people to ponder whether that means I think he's been a good President, or it means that my expectations were extremely low.


The fake outrage from the EU nations continues.

Have they raised their own meager defense spending (except for what Trump forced them to do)? Have they threatened to kick out one American soldier or close one American base? Do they still expect (really demand) that America still protect them and pay for most of the cost?

The EU wants their obama back. Amazing trade deals for themselves, high tariffs for American products, a president who apologizes at the drop of hat, a president who puts his own country way down the list just to be liked by the EU elite but also a president that forces the American taxpayer to shoulder the vast majority of the EU defense.

Those days are over. And China will laugh at the EU if Russian tanks ever roll west.

The day the EU pays for 100% of their own defense (and cuts their own entitlement spending to cover it) and have their own citizens put their own lives on the line in their own defense of their own country is the day you will know they are serious.


"Peak Trump has indeed arrived. Proof is found in the increasing willingness of countries willing to tell Trump to go to hell."


So anti-Trump. So anti-American. The Eu is wrong on all accounts and time will prove this out.


The German fake outrage.

Their military is a joke. Just how much outrage can the playground wuss have against the boy that protects him against the school bully?

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