EU Blinks Already: In the Face of No Deal Brexit, the EU Finds a Unicorn


In the face of increasing odds of a hard Brexit, solutions that Barnier told Theresa May cannot work, now magically do.

Mercy Me, Unicorn Found!

Please note Brussels Draws Plan for Irish Border Technology Despite Rubbishing Brexiteer’s Same Idea.

The EU is drawing up plans to use technology on the Irish border — despite rubbishing the idea when put forward by Brexiteers.

Eurocrats will deploy “IT systems” to keep trade flowing between Ireland and the EU via Britain if there’s a No Deal Brexit.

In a dossier to be presented to EU leaders next week, officials say a fix “can be implemented swiftly” and that they are in “regular contact” with authorities in Ireland, France and the Netherlands over the contingency plans.

Played for a Fool

Supposedly, technology was an impossible idea when Theresa May asked for such a solution.

The EU played Theresa May like a fool, which of course she was. There was just one little problem: The UK parliament refused to go along.

Now, in the face of No Deal, the "EU is ready to Support the Irish" with technology that supposedly could not work.

Brazen Liars

The EU is nothing but a brazen pack of liars. And Theresa May was in bed with the lot of them.

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I cannot emphasize that point enough: Let's Discuss Brexit (and How the EU Bragged, on Film, About Screwing the UK)

Please click for a shocking (if you have not seen it yet) video.

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The devil is in the detail. It would be interesting to know just exactly what this technology is and how it will work.

If it does work, and work well, perhaps it could be used to replace something far more costly, namely the EU.


Some EU; Some colony...


Of course the technology works. Most traffic crossing the Northern Irish border already drives straight through, just as it does on US toll roads. You only stop if it's a one-time journey and you have to pay cash. This always was a red-herring. Drug-trafficking and other smuggling is a far more serious issue for the Irish border. The only good reason for a hard border (wall?) between the Republic of Ireland and the UK has nothing to do with legitimate traffic.


A stupid anti Brexit woman , negotiating Brexit with the EU, a male chauvinist bastion on top of that .....The chronicle of a announced failed negotiation.... It s not that I am very fond of him but I d say : GO FOR IT BORIS !


EU nut crackers:

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This article makes no sense. One of the main goals of Brexit is to have a border with the EU and stop imigration. The EU always wanted an open border. The reason why the backstop became so unpopular is precisely because it didn't define an end to it. So let's be clear. If there is a deal the border rules will leverage the goal of brexiters of stopping immigration with the trade goals of the UK and the EU. If there is no deal there is a hard border.

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