Drinking Banned at Florida Bars and What About the NBA?


With covid-19 cases spiking to record highs, Florida rolled back reopenings.

Florida Shatters Covid-19 Case Record

Florida had a Record Shattering 8,942 New COVID-19 on Friday.

Florida’s bars were shutdown for two months to try and contain the spread of the coronavirus. Gov. Ron DeSantis allowed them to reopen in early June, but since then the state has experienced a big wave of new coronavirus cases.

The decision to ban drinking at bars is a reversal from what DeSantis said last week about rolling back reopening efforts. We’re not rolling back,” DeSantis said at a news conference.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital announced Thursday that it will ban visitors again starting today at 6 p.m.

Governor DeSantis Defends Anti-Mask Stance

DeSantis has opposed a statewide mask rule and defended that position again Friday, saying many people would ignore a mandate anyway and a better approach is education.

“The idea that you’re just going to mandate and selectively prosecute people, I don’t think that that’s necessarily going to work,” DeSantis said. “I do think what will work is consistent messaging, letting people know what they can do to help protect themselves and protect others.”

How about issuing an order requiring stores to require masks? 

One could easily let stores or people off with a warning the first time. 

Compliance would be amazingly high and arrests minimal. 

If that is deemed too much against personal rights, then surely a bar ban is too. 

Alcohol Consumption Banned

In other Covid-19 news, let's check in on the NBA.

What About the NBA?

NBA Reopening Question

On March 11, the NBA suspended the season until July 31. 

Sporting News has a list of the NBA Players Opting Out. 

Will the NBA reopen on July 31? 

Color me doubtful.  


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Mr. Purple
Mr. Purple

There won't be a single pitch made by an MLB pitcher this year. The logistics of playing are laughable.


Warm weather will cause people to go out. Shut the bars? So? People will still go out to beaches. Same in Southern California. SF is now refraining from going to Phase 4 of the reopening.

Retail is almost finished, leaving Amazon and Walmart as your remaining purveyor of Christmas gifts. There will be calls to break them up for sure. Overdue IMHO.


We'll try that again--a series of tweets on the hospital situation in Arizona...

-hospitals are already voluntarily canceling elective procedures again to keep the few beds they still have open
-hospitals already using their “surge” capacity that Ducey keeps using to placate us
-beds in hallways
-hospitals understaffed; travel nurses not willing to come to AZ

(Sis personally knows of two travel nurses who left the state intentionally last week to take less dangerous assignments in other states. They aren’t the only ones who have already or will soon do the same.)

Here is the actual compilation:

Banner Desert:
3 COVID telemetry units full (Red heart patients)
1 medsurg (regular floor) COVID unit full
2/3 ICU dedicated to COVID only, 3 patients to 1 RN ratio (normally 2:1)
Expanded regular ER into pediatric ER
Using some peds floors for adults

Banner Desert continued:

“Code purple (hospital full or approaching full and not enough staff to cover upcoming shifts)
Interventional radiology (vascular procedures) filling separate, additional ICU”

Banner Boswell:
Converting several regular units to COVID. Stopped elective surgeries

Banner Baywood:
ICU 3:1 ratio. Code purple

Banner Estrella:
Doubling up patients in rooms
6 COVID units

Banner Cardons Children’s Hospital: 3 of 5 floors dedicated to adults
ER has lots of hallway beds (patients don’t get a real room)

Banner University Phoenix:
2 of 3 ICUs dedicated to COVID.
Progressive Care Unit (PCU) dedicated to COVID patients w 2nd one coming soon.
2 COVID medsurg floors

Valleywise Hospital:
2 COVID ICUs, 4 COVID medsurg units
Code lavender (same as code purple)
Asked for 26 travel RNs, only received 6

St. Joe’s:
4 COVID ICUs. Now placing double beds in rooms. 64 beds currently occupied
Stopped elective surgeries today.
Difficulty accommodating traumas, strokes, brain aneurysms due to shortage of ICU beds.
Pulmonologist Intensivist (critical care lung doctor) working 7 days/wk

Dignity Chandler:
27 vented COVID - will double patients in rooms once they get to 32, max 64
3 medsurg floors COVID

Mercy Gilbert:
2 ICUs COVID full
2 medsurg floors COVID full

Honor Health Shea:
30 medsurg COVID beds full
One ICU unit full, took 5 beds from the “clean” (non-COVID) ICU.

Honor Health Osborn:
40 COVID medsurg beds full
3/4 ICUs dedicated to COVID and overflowing into ER & PACU (post anesthesia care unit)
10 rooms available for COVID patients but no one to staff them

Honorhealth Deer Valley:
PCCU (30 beds) all COVID
Now floor 4S (24 beds) COVID
They are clearing out floor 4N (27 beds)to make it COVID also.

Mountain Vista in Mesa.
Almost max capacity
24 COVID on the floor and 16 Covid in ICU.
Only 4 beds open across all units today.
ER is holding COVID r/out’s (until they can find a bed) if need be.

Literally every minute @dougducey refuses to shutdown again—and refuses to mandate masks statewide for any essential public travel—is setting motion the death of more #Arizonans. INCLUDING OUR HEALTHCARE WORKERS, who are now getting sick themselves.

Don’t get on any ladders. Drive really slow. Don’t break any bones. Pray your appendix or gall bladder don’t give out. And for everyone’s sake please #WearAMask.

Because there’s no room at the #ArizonaCovid inn.


Shut her down Clancy, she’s pumping mud.


New York Times BRUSSELS — The European Union is ready to bar most travelers from the United States, Russia, and dozens of other countries considered too risky because they have not controlled the coronavirus outbreak, E.U. officials said Friday.

By contrast, travelers from more than a dozen countries that are not overwhelmed by the coronavirus are set to be welcomed when the bloc reopens after months of lockdown on July 1. The acceptable countries also include China — but only if China allows European Union travelers to visit as well, the officials said.

The list of safe countries was completed by E.U. senior diplomats in Brussels after tortuous negotiations on how to reopen the 27-member bloc to commerce and tourism under a common set of standards after months of lockdown.

The list was backed in principle by most E.U. ambassadors and does not require unanimous support, but still needs to be formalized in member states’ capitals as well as in the central European Union bureaucracy before taking effect July 1. Diplomats did not expect the list to change.


June 26, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. CDT

In the annals of stupid political moves, what the Trump administration and Republicans are doing right now — urging the Supreme Court to strike down the Affordable Care Act, which would take health coverage away from 23 million people and scrap protections for preexisting conditions, in the midst of a pandemic — must rank extraordinarily high.

But this is more than a story about one case or even just this presidential campaign. It will set the stage for the next phase in our long national health care debate, a phase that will begin if Joe Biden becomes president and Democrats control Congress come January.

But this time, Republicans will not only have profoundly wounded their credibility, they will also have inadvertently helped Biden make the case for the reform he’ll propose.

The new brief that the Trump administration filed with the court on Thursday night left zero doubt that Trump wants the entire ACA to be torn out, root and branch — including its protections for preexisting conditions....

But great for insurers...


Um I live in Florida and went to the Old Homosassa Monkey Bar this afternoon, there is Monkey Island in the river with all these monkeys and you get to watch as all the boats go by, trust me on a Friday afternoon they are continuous. So I sat at the bar and had two beers (like half pints but they are only $2.90) if there is a ban someone forgot to tell us.

In part Trump like a stopped clock is right twice a day, more testing does mean more positive results. What you have to look at is how many people get admitted to ICU or die. And yes there really is a second wave of that, but it is not as bad as was expected.

The reaction to this is what the initial reaction should have been before we got into deep shit. But now it is mostly an overreaction.

And this is something I really hate to say, but all the precautions are costing billions. Removing the precautions are going to cost more billions. Some people say the precautions like plexiglass barriers should not be removed but left for the next pandemic. Right, they look okay for a month but get dirty, cleaned and that costs money, and eventually have to be replaced because they are too cloudy to see through. But also because when you walk into a building and have to speak to someone through a plastic wall it is annoying and frustrating.

Today I went to the Tampa VA hospital so a dermatoligist could do a biopsy on my arm. They have rerouted everything, even the parking garage. I was checked by 6 people for temperature and asked about foreign travel and such. You could tell they were reciting from rote and had no interest in answers. It just took half an hour to find out I had to be in a different building.

Oh and avoid that neighborhood if you can. The street leading to the VA parking garage has a right turn lane off of Fletcher and when I turned into the right turn lane a black man on the sidewalk yelled at me tyo get THE FUCK OVER. I had the top down on my BMW and a white man driving a BMW convertible is now a crime there. He was in a sidewalk I was in a right turn lane, yelling at me was a racial insult having nothing to do with safety.


There are a couple of issues here, one about masks. It is a fiction they have any value at all with the public. If this was true, the virus spread would have gone away with the heat. Also there are decades of study proving masks aren't effective in stopping the spread of virus with the public and in this case, make the spread more likely.

The spread is mainly through the bowels and contact with the hands. In handling a contaminated mask, just about everyone is going to get whatever is no the outside or inside on their hands and spread it around. It will be concentrated to boot.
They are trying to keep this going to vaccinate us with a useless vaccine that will be obsolete before they get it to its destination. Billions and billions for a few people and slavery for us. Herd immunity is around 67% and about 50% are said to have cross immunity to the disease. What this leaves is around 10% of the population in danger and it also moves the herd immunity from 70% of the population having had the virus to 15% to 20%. This is why NYC had no spike. They have herd immunity there. Dirty hands made the riots the perfect spreader of the disease and in areas with few cases, the result was natural.

In short, they have been lying about the science from the start. The science was proven from the start on the Diamond Princess, where cabin mates were not both infected. Korea stopped the virus with vigorous hand washing before and after patients in clinics. In fact, they have been lying about everything, threatening the existence of humanity with this insanity.


In the meantime, simple math confirms we are consuming 330,000 entire live each month, doing permanent damage to the country. Do the math. 80 years is 960 months. What have we given up? A fiction is what. This is a group of bureaucrats ripping us off.


NHL will be up and running with games inside of five weeks. Book it.

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