Cubs Manager Joe Maddon and Look-Alike UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Compared


UK Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn looks remarkably like the Chicago Cubs Manager. Let's compare their profiles.

Another Image Comparison

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Joe Maddon's Political Affiliation

Jeremy Corbyn's Political Affiliation

  • UK Labour Party Leader - Corbyn sings the praises of Venezuela and former radical Left leader Hugo Chavez.
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Joe Maddon's Aspirations

  1. Win another Division
  2. Win another Pennant
  3. Win another World Series

Jeremy Corbyn's Aspirations

  1. Displace Theresa May as the UK's next Prime Minister
  2. Nationalize the UK energy grid
  3. Turn the UK into another socialist Mecca like Venezuela

Political Statements

Jeremy Corbyn says Hugo Chavez is an 'Absolute Legend in Every Way'

Two years before becoming leader of Britain’s Labour Party in 2015, Jeremy Corbyn addressed a meeting of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, and called Hugo Chavez – who died weeks earlier after handpicking Nicolás Maduro as his successor – as “an absolute legend in every way.”

Click on the above link for a video of Corbyn saying "We Salute Chavez ... there is an alternative to austerity."

What a hoot. Venezuela has collapsed in hyperinflation.

Joe Maddon, when asked about his meeting with Axelrod stated "That’s all the political crap you’re going to get out of me." The quote is according to Cubs' Joe Maddon a Fascinated Follower of Political Season.

Legend Comparison - Joe Maddon

  • Maddon guided the Cubs to a world series for the first time since 1908. It was the longest drought in history.
  • Maddon also won an American League Pennant in 2008.

Legend Comparison - Chavez, Corbyn

  • Yes, Chavez is a legend. He wrecked Venezuela. In 2007, Chavez nationalized Venezuela's energy sector, among other things.
  • Chavez's hand-picked replacement, Nicolás Maduro, finished the job. Oil output plunged to near zero. Venezuela has some of the highest oil reserves in the world but needs to import oil.
  • Venezuela is in a state of hyperinflation.
  • Corbyn praises Chavez as a legend, in a positive sense.
  • Corbyn splintered the UK Labour party with a confusing and changing position stance on Brexit. Prime Minister Theresa May is a disaster and Corbyn has yet to capitalize.

It's the Hat

Corbyn is suffering from too much sun on the brain.

Hey Joe, can you spare a cap?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Joe Maddon has much better teeth. Corbyn is snaggle-toothed.


Venezuelan emigres tend to state that Chavez was not the real strongman of Caracas, but Maduro, who played the silent puppeteer who pulled the strings of the charismatic and animated El Commandante. Maduro may even have been the one to strike his President down with cancer, so go the rumors.


I like this. We'd be much better served if all politicos and doctors were held to common decency standards set thousands of years ago: Abide by the Golden rule and do no harm, whether you're running a country or a ball club.


Maddon is more likely to bring in a lefthander to face a left handed pinch hitter. Corbyn is more likely to use a double switch.

Maddon can work wonders with his lineup card. Corbyn finds it all somewhat confusing.

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