CSU Leader Horst Seehofer Resigns Leaving Merkel's Coalition in Doubt


Germany's interior minister and CSU party head Horst Seehofer will resign both offices in a dispute with Merkel.

The Local reports German Interior Minister Resigns in Migration Showdown with Merkel.

Seehofer and his party spent hours finding a response to a hard-fought agreement to reduce migration into the European Union and so-called "secondary migration" between member states hammered out by Merkel at a leaders' summit last week.

Sources said Seehofer complained in Sunday's closed meeting with party bosses that he had endured a "conversation with no effect" with the chancellor on Saturday about whether the EU-wide deal and string of bilateral agreements she struck met his demands.

It was not immediately clear whether the CSU would seek to remain in coalition with the CDU and offer a replacement for Seehofer. Alternatively, it could break up the two parties' decades-long alliance, effectively depriving Merkel of her majority in parliament and pitching Germany into uncharted political waters.

Previously, Seehofer threatened to block migrants coming into Germany. That was his right as interior minister, but it was also Merkel's right to fire him if he did.

Seehofer gave Merkel until July 1 to fix the problem.

On June 28, I reported EU Agrees on Refugee Camps in Africa: One Problem, Africa Doesn't.

I commented "Perhaps this buys Merkel time. I am not convinced."

Today we learn that agreement did not satisfy Seehofer, but we have yet to hear from either Seehofer or the CSU.

Some reports say the party has not accepted his resignation.

This Tweet seems to fit best.

The migration dispute was not political "theater" as one German reader suggested.

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The CSU should compete in the election as usual. If AfD wins more seats from them, that will be the time to form a new coalition - between CSU and AfD. Announcing one now would bring the CDC into Bavaria and mess things up.


Let's bear in mind that before the CDU/CSU formed another "grand coalition" with the Social Democrats (the equivalent of Republicans & Democrats or Labour & Conservative), Merkel had spent months trying to form a coalition with various combinations of smaller parties. It couldn't be done (at least with any of the conditions that the CDU/CSU was willing to offer). Even though the CSU has relatively few seats, their withdrawal from the grand coalition will automatically render it unviable.

This should be fun. For the first time in many, many years, Merkel will be unable to boss everybody else around. Since she established her base by destroying the careers of anybody who stood in her way, an entire generation of German politicians has been decimated.


If that means the end of the evil Merkel, great !!!!!


Merkel and the EU will just bake another batch of Immigration Fudge.

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