Crypto Lottery Spectacular Winners and Losers for January 19, 2018


The main crypto plays did not move much today but there were some huge percentage winners and losers elsewhere.

I am not going to bother looking up any of today's winners up even though I have never heard of any of them.

Today's winning numbers are 1288, 587, 1553, 1275, 1305, 1056, and 732.

The percentage volume on all the winners was approximately 0%.

PiCoin was up 118%. Unfortunately, the total volume was $21.01. If you got in yesterday and cashed out today, congrats. Buy a pizza.

In contrast, HOdlcoin traded $6.28 million in volume today, the clear volume winner. Nonetheless its percentage volume across the entire crypto circuit was approximately 0%.

Something Went Amiss

On the down side, something went seriously amiss with AMIS.

AMIS fell a mere 90% today and its coin price is nothing to sneeze at: $2982.04.

Such plunges are highly likely across most of the crypto space one day.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Timely Corbett Report compliment.


So this is like trading pink sheets? You (the individual) end up bidding up the price just by buying? Then if you (the individual) try to sell it immediately kills any gains?

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