Chinese Tariff List Translated, 545 Items: US Farmers and Automakers Clobbered


I ran China's 14-page, 545 item tariff list through a translator. You can download the translated doc.

The New York Times reports U.S. and China Expand Trade War as Beijing Vows to Match Trump’s Tariffs.

The Trump administration said on Friday that it would move ahead with tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese products, drawing retaliation from Beijing and escalating a trade war between the world’s two largest economies.

China plans to hit back with additional tariffs of 25 percent on about $50 billion worth of United States products, the country’s Commerce Ministry said in a release Friday. These will also come in two rounds, with penalties on about $34 billion worth, including agricultural products, automobiles, and seafood, scheduled to take effect on July 6.

The schedule for tariffs on another $16 billion worth of goods, including medical equipment, chemical products and energy products, will be announced later, the ministry said.

China's Tariff List

A big tip of the hat to Mark B. Spiegel, "Investor, Managing Member of Stanphyl Capital, and Wiseguy" for this Tweet:

I downloaded the doc, translated it, and uploaded the translated doc to Google Docs. You can pick up the translated doc at Chinese Tariff List.

Significant Agricultural Items

  • Beef: whole or half cows, as well as fresh, boneless, frozen, many more categories.
  • Chicken: Whole, with or without bones, wings, even nuggets, many more categories.
  • Turkey: Whole, frozen, pieces, chopped pieces, etc.
  • Duck and Goose: Whole, frozen, liver, etc.
  • Pig: Pork, pork liver, fat, pieces, etc.
  • Fish: Over 200 categories
  • Dairy: Milk, cream, cheese, yogurt, whey, etc.
  • Other Farm: Soybeans, wheat, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, beans, lentil, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, pears, cherries, strawberries, blackberries, cranberries, and many more fruits and vegetables,

Autos, Trucks, and Auto Parts

  • 518 87032342 Off-road vehicles with only ignition engines, 1.5L
  • 519 87032343 Passenger cars with ignition engines only, 1.5L
  • 520 87032352 Off-road vehicles with only ignition engine, 2L
  • 521 87032353 Small Passenger Cars with Ignition Engine Only, 2L
  • 522 87032362 Off-road vehicles with only ignition engine, 2.5L
  • 523 87032363 Small Passenger Cars with Ignition Engine Only, 2.5L
  • 524 87032412 Off-road vehicles with only ignition engines, 3L
  • 525 87032413 Passenger cars with ignition engine only, 3L
  • 526 87032422 Off-road vehicles with ignition engine only, displacement >4L
  • 527 87033312 Off-road vehicles with only diesel or semi-diesel engines, 2.5L
  • 528 87034032 Hybrid electric off-road vehicle fitted with a spark-ignition engine (unplugged), 1.5L
  • 529 87034033 Hybrid Electric Passenger Car with Lit Engine (Unplugged), 1.5L
  • 530 87034042 Hybrid electric off-road vehicle fitted with a spark-ignition engine (unplugged), 2L< Discharge ≤2.5L
  • 531 87034043 Hybrid electric passenger car fitted with a spark-ignition engine (unplugged), 2L
  • 532 87034052 Hybrid Electric SUV (without plug-in) fitted with a spark-ignition engine, 2.5L
  • 533 87034053 Hybrid electric passenger car fitted with a spark-ignition engine (unplugged), 2.5L
  • 534 87034062 Hybrid electric off-road vehicle fitted with a spark-ignition engine (unplugged), 3L
  • 535 87034063 Hybrid electric passenger car fitted with a spark-ignition engine (unplugged), 3L
  • 536 87034072 Hybrid electric off-road vehicle fitted with a spark-ignition engine (unplugged), exhaust Amount>4L
  • 537 87034090 Other hybrid electric vehicles with ignition engine (unplugged)
  • 538 87035052 Hybrid Electric SUV (Unplugged) with Compression Ignition Engine, 2.5L
  • 539 87035090 Other hybrid electric vehicles fitted with compression ignition engines (unplugged)
  • 540 87036000 Hybrid Electric Vehicles with Lit Engines (pluggable)
  • 541 87037000 Hybrid Electric Vehicle with Compression Ignition Engine (pluggable)
  • 542 87038000 Electric vehicles
  • 543 87039000 Other manned vehicles
  • 544 87043100 Trucks with a spark-ignition engine, vehicle weight ≤ 5 tons
  • 545 87084099 Gearboxes and their parts, not elsewhere specified for motor vehicles

China Targets Rustbelt and Agriculture

I am not sure if all of those items are newly listed, but the targets are clear.

China targeted manufacturers in the rust belt states, US agriculture in general, trucks, autos, hybrids, all electric vehicles, offroad vehicles, and for good measure "other manned vehicles".

OK Mr. president. Are you sure you are winning? What's next?

For further discussion, please see Trade War Stupidity: US Chip Makers to Pay Tariffs On Their Own Chips.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock​

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This should be fun for all involved. Including the stock market.


lol all those vehicles are made with parts from china,mexico,taiwan,they're boycotting themselves lol,memo to beijeng US produces nothing (less than nothing) hello.

Mike Mish Shedlock
Mike Mish Shedlock


And so is the US with Chips. Perfect stupidity all around!


So if food becomes too expensive to export, then our prices will decline due to a probable surplus! Can we start saying , 'Thanks, Trump' now? [lol]


I’m waiting for the US to put a big tariff on all the iPhones they import.


More likely they are already at low margins and many will simply fold-up shop and disappear giving us yet another category to Protect in the name of National Security.

Maybe it's a good thing, temporarily, because it will force all the lowest performers out of business, making way for better competition. Will this actually get rid of some zombie corporations?


A Chinese company owns Smithfield, so they are even boycotting their own pork.


The world economy is a complex spiderweb of interconnected supply chains. Trump is trying to tweak this delicate balance of interconnected spiderwebs with a sledgehammer of tariffs.


"China targeted manufacturers in the rust belt states"

That started long ago. Some 60,000 American factories have shut down.


He literally pisses on the social conservatives that elected him, its hard to see how they will get mad when the farmers lose their overseas market and their jobs


No, the sky is not falling. And no, this is not starting a trade war -- because the fact of the US trade deficit/China trade surplus shows that the war has been going on for a long time; the only difference is that the US now has a leader who acknowledges it.

This is all simply the process of negotiations. This is for the big boys, not the pearl clutchers. So for a short time, US consumers will benefit from lower food prices (Yeah!), and Chinese consumers will be hurt by higher prices. (Still waiting for the free trade crowd to condemn the Chinese government). And Ford is probably reconsidering its plan to import vehicles from China.

When the dust settles several years from now, the world will probably be closer to the tariff-free zone that President Trump has proposed to the G7 -- and that Mish presumably supports.


other than agriculture,virtually all the products that beijeng hit with tariffs are 'made in china'lol,they're puttin tariffs on their own products lol


China already lost this round,other than massive Gov't and War ,america doesn't produce much else,that's why you end up with multi trillion dolla yearly (soon to be monthly) deficits!


China has a $300 billion trade surplus with America. They are about to get schlonged


Who here is old enough to remember appliance repair shops?

If the trade deficit with China is eliminated, who will purchase USG debt? Will this lead to a balanced budget from necessity?


Just my two cents but this may likely benefit China to become less trade dependent on U.S. going forward. When U.S. economy contracts it will be less of an economic shock to China which is more focused on growing it's domestic economy and middle classes so they have more of an internal consumer based economy. They know they export to much, they are trying to learn to slow down their economic growth addiction. Also, China, they are building or buying production plants inside the U.S.

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