Chinese Banks Quarantine Cash, Japan and France have Coronavirus Deaths


This is a coronavirus update for February 15, 2020.

Who Knew What When?

In an attempt to show he was on top of things, Chinese president Xi claims to have been Fighting Virus Earlier Than Previously Reported.

China’s Communist Party leader, Xi Jinping, issued internal orders about the coronavirus epidemic in early January, about two weeks before his first public remarks on the outbreak, according to a speech by Mr. Xi that was published Saturday.

Is that believable?

If so, that means the government hid concerns for two weeks.

Either way it looks bad to me.

Other News Headlines

  • The U.S. says it will evacuate Americans from the cruise ship quarantined off Japan.
  • France announces the first coronavirus death in Europe and its 12th case.
  • China reports more than 2,000 new cases and 139 deaths, most in Hubei.
  • Africa rushes to train health workers.
  • Protests against coronavirus clinics spring up in Hong Kong. Many of the demonstrators, numbering in the hundreds, were dressed in black, the signature color of the city’s anti-government protests.
  • At least two workers who helped build a new coronavirus hospital in 10 days are infected.

China’s Banks Quarantine or Destroy Cash

The central banking authorities of China are disinfecting, stashing and reportedly even destroying cash in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Fan Yifei, deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China, said at a news conference on Saturday that the cash collected by commercial bank

Cash collected from hospitals and food markets must be handled separately and disinfected before depositing the notes to the People’s Bank of China, Mr. Fan said. In severely hit regions, the collected cash must undergo ultraviolet or high-temperature disinfection and be stored for 14 days before going back to the market, he added. In less affected areas, the bank notes must be disinfected and stored for a week before use.

A People’s Bank of China branch in the southern city of Guangzhou is even destroying bank notes that came from hospitals, food markets and public transportation, according to a report by Nanfang, a state-owned outlet in Guangdong Province.

Family Death Cascade

Seven-Day Doubling

Fear and Boredom on Cruise Ship

Supply Chains

Medical Supplies

Global Pandemic Likely

About Those Tests

WHO says China Bought the World Time

This is a hoot: WHO says China Bought the World Time

These hypocrites praise China for quarantines while condemning other countries for flight bans.

It's those flight bans that may have stopped the spread internationally.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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The term 'filthy lucre' has sprung back into relevance.


The chinks did the best they can.
Hope this bug loses speed.
Mutate or die.


So solly. Vilus spill vely bad.
All die.
Amelicans must make for self if still alive.
So solly.


Not to rush with announcing a public scare makes sense; there is always an element of uncertainty. But it won't matter as common sense is in short supply at this point.
Look what's happening officially in your neighborhood. Nothing, and that's after the confirmed pandemic outbreak.
At this point quarantining cash is a commendable action, but hopefully won't lead to banning cash.


Another common sense idea would be to do more frequent airliner air-conditioning maintenance. Due to long incubation period, there is scant chance to trace infection to a particular flight, hence there is no money in it. The order has to come from above.


... and this, I suppose, explains the recent rise in Bitcoin.


Red Army sending 25000 med workers to Wuhan, how ominous is that? It hints that many local med workers have gotten Cvirus, now time for human wave attack on virus by medics with questionable training. Good night Irene!


How much work loss is already baked into the cake? China's new year was supposed to start around the 3rd week of January and last about 2 1/2 weeks. The quarantine is going into it's fourth week on Monday. So far, they have lost an extra 3 days of work over quarantine vs new year.


In today's news, there are seventy more cases on the cruise ship today, bringing it up to 355 infected, nearly 10% of the passengers. Also, there was a death in Tiawan, bringing the total deaths outside of China to 5.

Captain Ahab
Captain Ahab

It is immutable law that actions have consequences. Learning from consequences, being responsible for them, and changing how we act is the ONLY way humanity moves forward.

My question to Xi Jinping: what exactly are you going to do about it? Besides sell us more cheap widgets?


When a frail 80 year old American tourist gets a heart attack on the flight to Cancun and then dies 2 weeks later in a Mexican hospital, does it count as a Mexican death?

The case in France was an 80 year old Chinese man who got sick in China before arriving in France.

Runner Dan
Runner Dan

"The central banking authorities of China are disinfecting, stashing and reportedly even destroying cash..."

There too!!!???

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