Canucks Hockey Totally Shut Down as 14 Members Have Covid


The Vancouver Canucks hockey team won't play any games for an undetermined length of time. It's the worst Covid outbreak that hit professional sports.

Covid Spreads to 20 Canucks Counting Coaches and Taxi Squad Players

Professional Athletes Unable to Get Out of Bed

Inversion Zone 

Brazil Variant

Canucks Situation

There are 14 players on the list. They are Travis Boyd, Thatcher Demko, Alex Edler, Adam Gaudette, Travis Hamonic, Jayce Hawyrluk, Braden Holtby, Bo Horvat, Quinn Hughes, Zack MacEwen, Tyler Motte, Tyler Myers, Antoine Roussel and Brandon Sutter.

The Athletic reports that the number is more than 14 as the team submitted other players on the taxi squad and one that is considered a "high-risk close contact." It also said that members of the coaching staff have been confirmed positives.

British Columbia has seen increasing COVID-19 cases: posting back-to-back days of daily records (1,018 cases between Thursday and Friday and 1,072 between Friday and Saturday, according to the Vancouver Sun. According to multiple reports, several cases within the team have been connected with the P.1 variant, which is thought to be more contagious. This variant first emerged in Brazil and was detected in the United States at the end of January 2021, according to the CDC.

“At St. Paul’s Hospital we’ve actually identified more P.1 variants than the entire United States,” Dr. Marc Romney, co-author and medical leader of the microbiology and virology department at the facility, said on March 26. “This is concerning because P.1 is associated with immune evasion.”

The above from USA Today.

Ridiculous Comment of the Day

sniffles is pretty terrifying

Cheapest Covid-19 Therapy in the World

It's frustrating watching people overstate and understate what's going on.

Let's get everyone vaccinated and return to normal. 

Meanwhile a bit of Vitamin D therapy for shut-ins and the D-deficient is inexpensive, can't hurt except for overdoses, and is likely to help.

The Cheapest Covid-19 Therapy in the World (That Big Pharma Doesn't Want)

Please consider my follow-up post The Cheapest Covid-19 Therapy in the World (That Big Pharma Doesn't Want)

I share some personal experiences.


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vit D not so great if your black


So what? The flu usually has a lot of cases too. The main question - how many deaths? No one gives those numbers.


Vaccine advances not withstanding there's at least one act left for Covid


Were any of them vaccinated?


A few somebodies didn't follow safety protocols. Who made contact with people outside of the team?


Reality bites those who continue to fearmonger Covid. Stockman reviews all the numbers in an extensive post and overall, the numbers are unimpressive.

Impending Doom, Indeed!
David Stockman
Thursday April 1, 2021

We will not mince words. America is indeed suffering from a dangerous plague—a plague of misanthropic fear-mongering from the likes of Dr. Fauci, the Scarf Lady and the Biden’s new CDC director, among countless others of the self-designated Virus Patrol.

All three took to the mainstream media in recent days, with new CDC director Rochelle Walensky getting positively teary-eyed as she allegedly veered off-script to sound yet another Covid Alarm:

'I’m going to reflect on the recurring feeling I have of impending doom,' Walensky said, appearing to hold back tears.

'We do not have the luxury of inaction. For the health of our country, we must work together now to prevent a fourth surge.'

What? Where? Wait!

Here’s the source of Doom. Well, if you have your magnifying glass handy you might possibly spot it—the squiggle down there in the yellow box below!

Actually, she was not nearly done. When it comes to paint by the numbers exaggeration and hysteria the following is hard to top.



I got my second vaccine shot this weekend. The first 8 hours I felt nothing, not even pain at the injection site. Then exactly 24 hrs after I got the shot, I felt like I had the flu...brain fog, mild fever, chills, and fatigue (no runny nose). I slept from 7 pm to 7 am that night. I woke up feeling reborn. No issues or problems since. All symptoms went away.

As long as this vaccine keeps me out of the hospital and/or dying, it was no big deal. Sadly 500k have died from covid no matter what the fools say....



What if the exemptions carved out of vaccine development protocols for "emergency" status would be void if an effective treatment existed? Would that explain the full court press to suppress the propagation of inexpensive effective treatments?


Larry Brilliant Has a Plan to Speed Up the Pandemic’s End
We'll never get herd immunity, but with speedy, deft combat against new infections, the epidemiologist says we could get back to normalish life.

Alex London
Alex London

We pray for your speed recovery


This year is statistically just a really bad year for the flu. Just like 1957 and 1968 were. In both those years, deaths and infections were likely way under reported since there was no way to test like we have now.


We should follow all the health concerns regarding covid since it has already changed our thoughts of how it is and it would be! Not only hockey tournaments, but all other sports have been paused since last March 2020. I like to have fence installation near me and help people with fencing services. Thanks for sharing this post.


I note that Covid cases world wide are approaching the all time high. I was wondering where the real hot spots are, so I computed the number of cases per million for a single day, yesterday, by country. Here's the list:

Uruguay 1049
Croatia 785
Sweden 768
Poland 738
Slovenia 736
Turkey 658
Bahrain 655
Luxembourg 611
Estonia 570
N. Macedonia 558
Palestine 555
Argentina 521
Lebanon 516
Cyprus 512
Hungary 501
Bosnia/Herz 485
Jordan 464
Netherlands 453
Ukraine 446
Chile 430
Bulgaria 429
Brazil 418
Serbia 417
Armenia 415
Paraguay 344
Moldova 342
Qatar 338
Austria 323
Kuwait 319
Greece 309
Belgium 305
Peru 299
Germany 289
Slovakia 289
Italy 285
Switzerland 281
Azerbaijan 266
Iran 266
Romania 261

Global Economics