Brexit Party Soars in European Parliament Polls, 9 Points Ahead of Labour


Nigel Farage's newly formed Brexit Party is in first place in European Parliament polls, pulling well ahead of Labour.

The Brexit Party Continues to Surge in the polls for the European elections as Change UK fall behind Lib Dems.

  • Nigel Farage is continuing to smile after the latest polls for the EU elections continue to show the Brexit Party leading the way.
  • Despite only being launched last month, the Brexit Party quickly stormed to the top of the polls - and the latest set of figures show their support has only increased.
  • According to YouGov, Mr Farage’s party are now polling on 30% - an increase of 2% from the previous poll.

Rising Brexit Support

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Party Positions

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The above table represents the official party position. Most Tories (Conservative) do not favor Theresa May's pathetically negotiated withdrawal agreement.

Many in the Labour party favor remaining, a referendum, or even leaving.

Both the Tories and Labour splintered mightily over Brexit but Labour fared better, at least for now.

Change UK is a group of pro-Remain misfits of former Tories and former Labour who left their parties in disputes over Brexit.

They have little in common other than a foolish desire to remain in the EU.

In the next UK general election, most of the Change UK supporters will be voted out of office.

Pro-Brexit Support

Support for pro-Brexit parties is seemingly overwhelming 68%.

Appearances deceive. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn favors a customs unions, an arrangement even worse than remaining.

Unless the EU makes a special deal, a customs union would limit the UK's ability to make trade treaties on it own, tie the UK to many inane EU policies, make the UK pay fees for single market access and give give the UK no say in EU policies.

It's crazy to back such a state of affairs, but that is the official Labour position.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Would be great if the Brexit party could keep growing until next elections, and win outright. Aside from the specific issue of Brexit, it may pave the way for the "anti bailout" party, the "End The Fed" party, the "Constitutional Carry" party, the "Throw the Bums Out" party, and other single issue, crosscutting parties, whom the leeches have thus far managed to split down the middle over irrelevant idiocies like same sex bathrooms.

Voting for one of the mainline multi issue parties, obviously doesn't work in any way whatsoever, considering neither one of them has turned out to be a better choice than Kim's communist party since at least 1900.

So, perhaps the way to Make Democracy Great Again, is to stop attempting to bite over too much at one time, and focus on one issue per election. Knocking down the totalitarian prison the progressives have spent a century and a half building, one stone at a time.


The surge toward Bexit would be greater/faster if Great Britain had freedom of speech, right to bear arms, and freedom of the press. Brits are 300 years behind the civilized world.

C. P. Roberts
C. P. Roberts

Isn't it enough we try to keep up with one corrupt government? I enjoy this site but I'm in wonder over the fascination over UK and Europe. You can't drain the swamp, you can't kick Brussels out of the UK, so sit back relax and enjoy the show.


It is amazing that the pro-Brexit parties are doing so well, it illustrates the reality of the UK that being "little Englanders" and somewhat xenophobic is the true nature of the Brits (and I'm one of them! British that is!).

It would seem that the UK is heading towards a hard exit after all -- granted these are polls, still with these kinds of margins...Abstentions will also be an important factor because those who don't participate are essentially saying that they don't care about Europe.

Votes are unhappy and want a radication change of direction, damn the consequences, the Americans have more or less done that, so have the Mexicans -- for the past 50 years the middle class has been squeezed out of the system getting less and less of the pie, the poor have always been more but they are more numerous now. Nearly 50% of all the benefits of economic growth in nearly all OECD economies goes to the top 1%, and nearly 80% of all benefits go to the top 10%.

Inequality has consequences -- it may not end where they think it will end, but they are nevertheless ready to punt

Mike Deadmonton
Mike Deadmonton

Well, in the local elections, it appears the stay in Europe "Liberal Democrats" were the big winners.

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