Brexit Party Amazing Surge


Nigel Farage's Brexit Party is on a stunning roll. That's what happens when you take a firm position the public favors.

The final YouGov poll on the European Parliament elections for the UK is in.

Some will be shocked. I am not.

Beyond Embarrassment

Theresa May truly embarrassed herself today.

Her Meaningful Vote 4 Speech Flopped Splendidly.

She tried to reach out to everyone at the same, offending everyone. May has changed her tune so many times, who the hell even knows what she wants?

The best summation I can come up with is "Any deal is better than no deal".


Please be serious.

Jeremy Corbyn is just like Theresa May. He wants to "honor" Brexit, by not doing it.

Two Peas in a Pod

Corbyn is simultaneously for and against another referendum, just like Theresa May!

Despite how they pretend, they are in bed with each other.

Another Poll Needed

YouGov needs another poll: Who is more pathetic? Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn?

From where I sit, it's a close call.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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snow dog that is great!


Pleased to see that everyone can now see the game that they were playing in Parliament. Pretend chaos to buy time and mask the fact that they had no intention of getting us out of the EU. Few can no doubt too the other big lie, that it would be economically disastrous to leave. Without that untruth, there was no fig leaf of justification for not having a hard Brexit.

What will happen next? It is amazing and sad to find that there are so many politicos and voters who love the EU more than democracy. They need to be careful what they wish for.


That's what happens when you take a firm position the public favors.

Really Mish?... so 37% want to leave and the rest? And you call that: position the public favors

So me thinks a new referendum will be won by staying. But sure I know your answer: They voted they should not be allowed to vote again because in your book democracy counts when the vote goes your way. BTW the Brits will be worst of after they leave and I mean the regular people and not the politicians.


If I read the chart above correctly, it would appear that both Labor and Conservatives are losing popularity through inaction. Those that favor Brexit are moving to the Brexit party. Those that favor remain are moving to LDEM and the Greens. When I look at the chart above, I see 37% for Brexit, 31% for Remain, and 20% for Delay and continue business as usual. None have a majority.

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