Boris Johnson Accused of Being "Donald Trump's Poodle"


Kim Darroch, the UK's Ambassador to the US, resigned today. Boris Johnson is accused of wrongfully sacking Darroch.

Kim Darroch, Britain’s ambassador to the US, called Trump "clumsy and inept".

Darroch's leaked assessment started a feud which culminated today when Darroch resigned.

Boris Johnson, nearly certain to become the UK's next prime minister at the end of the month, is accused of sacking Darroch.

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Donald Trump's Poodle

Craven Subjugation

Nigal Farage - Right Decision

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Five Points

  1. The YouGov Poll is fairly evenly split, well within the margin of error to conclude much of anything.
  2. Nigel Farage is correct, perhaps for the wrong reasons.
  3. The problem is not the statement by Darroch but the purposeful leak of the statement.
  4. Darroch needed to resign. He was compromised by the leak.
  5. Resignation is the graceful way out, not a firing by Johnson.

Swearing Good For the Health

In other news, I am sure relieved that more people than not believe swearing is good for the health.

Swear early and often. It's good for you.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Are all Western governments simultaneously degenerating into pathetic "Clown Shows" - or is it just my imagination?



"Are all Western governments simultaneously degenerating into pathetic Clown Shows or is it just my imagination?"

I suggest the former


It was fine for Darroch to believe what he believed, however putting it in writing was foolish and inappropriate. You might say it was undiplomatic to do so.


Diplomats are paid to give their honest opinions. In this case it was leaked. The leaker should be punished not the person who wrote the cable. If people on the ground aren't allowed to do their job without fear of reprisal then it is time to get rid of all diplomats. Another sad example of politicians caving to, oddly in this case a foreign power.


For fucks sake Mish!


Profane yet entertaining....

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