Australia is Burning: Blame the Greens and the Arsonists


At least 15 million acres of Australia have been devastated by wildfires. Climate change activists are up in arms.

Please consider Why Down Under Is Burning Up

The current round of blazes started late last year. It has charred at least 15 million acres and killed more than two dozen Australians, including brave volunteer firefighters who rush into the inferno to save homes and lives.

The climate-change narrative grossly oversimplifies bush fires, whose causes are as complex as their recurrence is predictable: Australia is in the midst of one of its regular droughts.

Byzantine environmental restrictions prevent landholders from clearing scrub, brush and trees. State governments don’t do their part to reduce the fuel load in parks. Last November a former fire chief in Victoria slammed that state’s “minimalist approach” to hazard-reduction burning in the off-season. That complaint is heard across the country.

On Monday a parliamentarian from the Australian Greens tweeted about one day holding “climate trials” to deal with conservative politicians.

Main Causes

  1. Arson: More than 180 people have been arrested for allegedly starting blazes since the start of the current bush-fire season.
  2. Secondary Cause: Environmental Restrictions and misguided Green ideology.

Perhaps I have those backwards.

Not Climate Change

Please consider Australian Wildfires Were Caused by Humans, Not Climate Change

The similarities between Australian and Californian politics, vegetation, and climate have always been striking. Both places are drop-dead beautiful, far-left, and politically green. In both places, people like living around vegetation that every year dries out enough to burn sky high — with or without climate change.

This is thanks to relatively short rainy seasons surrounded by perfect beach weather. It is spectacularly green when it rains and tinder-dry brown when it stops. When rainfall is high, as it was for recent years in Australia, vegetation grows even thicker, only to provide even more fuel for wildfires.

At the same time, our culture of vegetation worship militates against purposefully burning things down. In California, these “prescribed” fires are now largely prohibited (because burning releases dreaded carbon dioxide), ensuring that disaster is always just around the corner. Ditto for Australia, where some burning is allowed but nowhere near enough.

Australia has been ready to explode for years. David Packham, former head of Australia’s National Rural Fire Research Centre, warned in a 2015 article in the Age that fire fuel levels had climbed to their most dangerous levels in thousands of years. He noted this was the result of “misguided green ideology.”

It’s very convenient for alarmist greens to blame the fires of Australia and California on global warming. In reality, the policies they themselves advocate are the culprits.

67 Years of Brushfire Data

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Arson Crisis

Please consider We don’t just have a bushfire crisis. We have an arson crisis, too.

The number of individuals around Australia whose arson has contributed to the current bushfire crisis has now passed 200.

Here is my favorite: "A volunteer firefighter in Australia has been charged with deliberately lighting blazes during the nation’s bushfire crisis. Police arrested the man, 19, for seven counts of alleged arson in an area south of Sydney, New South Wales."

There are no conspiracies here. Though arson has been tried and called for before as a tool of terror, the Australian fires seem to result from the actions of unconnected individuals who are either disturbed or reckless. This is nothing new; as ecological criminologist Paul Read wrote back in November:

A 2015 satellite analysis of 113,000 fires from 1997-2009 confirmed what we had known for some time – 40 per cent of fires are deliberately lit, another 47 per cent accidental. This generally matches previous data published a decade earlier that about half of all fires were suspected or deliberate arson, and 37 per cent accidental. Combined, they reach the same conclusion: 87 per cent are man-made.

Scourge of Eucalyptus

Here's an interesting article from 2013: Australia's Wildfires: Are Eucalyptus Trees to Blame?

"Looking at the eucalyptus forest outside my window in Tasmania, I see a gigantic fire hazard," David Bowman, a forest ecologist at the University of Tasmania in Australia, told KQED. "On a really hot day, those things are going to burn like torches and shower our suburbs with sparks."

Like many plants native to fire-prone regions, eucalyptus trees (aka gum trees in Australia) are adapted to survive — or even thrive — in a wildfire. Fallen eucalyptus leaves create dense carpets of flammable material, and the trees' bark peels off in long streamers that drop to the ground, providing additional fuel that draws ground fires up into the leaves, creating massive, fast-spreading "crown fires" in the upper story of eucalyptus forests.

Additionally, the eucalyptus oil that gives the trees their characteristic spicy fragrance is a flammable oil: This oil, combined with leaf litter and peeling bark during periods of dry, windy weather, can turn a small ground fire into a terrifying, explosive firestorm in a matter of minutes. That's why eucalyptus trees — especially the blue gums (Eucalyptus globulus) that are common throughout New South Wales — are sometimes referred to wryly as "gasoline trees."

The threat posed by eucalyptus groves spreading beyond Australia was highlighted in 1991, when a wildfire torched the hills surrounding Oakland, Calif. That conflagration killed 25 people and obliterated more than 3,000 homes, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and was blamed primarily on the thousands of eucalyptus trees found throughout the Oakland Hills.

Despite their well-earned reputation as a firefighter's worst nightmare, eucalyptus trees remain a favorite landscape specimen, renowned for fast-growing stands of tall shade trees that, according to some research, help repel insects through the same fragrant eucalyptus oil that's blamed for fueling wildfires.

"Eucalyptus groves on steep hillsides — like those in the East Bay hills — are extremely flammable when hot … winds of late summer and fall start blowing and make control of a moving flame front impossible until the winds stop," Tom Klatt, UC Berkeley campus environmental manager, said in a report from the university's Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources NewsCenter.

Three Eucalyptus Ideas

  1. Hey, let's plant eucalyptus. It grows fast.
  2. When it dries out, let's not do prescribed burns because that would release CO2.
  3. Blame global warming if anything goes wrong with points 1 and 2.

"What the hell have humans done?" Bowman said. "We've spread a dangerous plant all over the world."

But that story doesn't sell. Hype that sells. Like this:

Climate Deniers Cooking Themselves

Climate deniers are cooking themselves — and everyone else.

Australia, like many countries (very much including the United States) is pathologically addicted to fossil fuels, and is roasting itself and the world in the process. Without strong international climate policy, there will be future droughts, fires, and other disasters that make the current crisis seem like a friendly daydream.

On the whole, that only rates a B- or a C+ because it does not end with a projection like AOC's that the World Will End in 12 Years if We Do Nothing

Everyone in Miami Will Drown in 6 Years

"Cooking yourself" is OK but the article itself fell flat.

To gain real traction one needs a headline like this: "Everyone in Miami Will Drown in 6 Years"

Now, that's an A++ story headline guaranteed to garner attention.

Lies and manipulations

Amazing stuff.

The Green police discarded temperatures all over the board and manipulated early temperatures lower.

In my favorite example, the climate police discarded a record high temperature because the person who measured temperatures did so on a Sunday. They claim the recorder was not supposed to be working on Sunday, thus the record high should not have been recorded.

Of course they moved thermometers to airports with increasing numbers of planes and hot asphalt, etc. And finally, they switched to electronic measurement recently which tends to be hotter than mercury-based thermometers.

All About Climate Change Except

Other than lies, temperature manipulations, piss poor burn management, arson, environmental restrictions, and other misguided Green ideology, this story is all about climate change.

Unfortunately, a politically incorrect story like this is going nowhere. But "Everyone in Miami Will Drown in 6 Years" just might.

By the way, I propose the most likely reason for arson is global warming activists wanting to blame climate change.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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"Everyone in Miami Will Drown in 6 Years" sounds a bit aggressive. I'd guess at 26 years myself. Melting icebergs will accelerate exponentially causing accelerating sea level rise, which is what will totally swamp Miami. Remember that currently, even high tides swamp parts of Miami. It won't take much sea level rise to make that permanent.

As for Australia, it is incredible that there are so many arsonists! Sounds like a lot of low IQ people there. WHY would they set these fires?


Mish, acting-man links are getting lost in the spam filter again.

There was an article on acting-man called "Finally … Meet the World’s First Ever ‘Climate Refugee’"


“In October 2005, UNU said: "Amid predictions that by 2010 the world will need to cope with as many as 50 million people escaping the effects of creeping environmental deterioration, United Nations University experts say the international community urgently needs to define, recognize and extend support to this new category of 'refugee.'"

It added that "such problems as sea level rise, expanding deserts and catastrophic weather-induced flooding have already contributed to large permanent migrations and could eventually displace hundreds of millions."

In 2008, Srgjan Kerim, president of the UN General Assembly, said it had been estimated that there would be between 50 million and 200 million environmental migrants by 2010. A UNEP web page showed a map of regions where people were likely to be displaced by the ravages of global warming.”


California outlawed brush cutting a number of years ago, after a particularly wet few years caused those large houses built up on the hillsides to come sliding down due to soil erosion. According to their own environmental reports brush cutting prevented a root system from growing thus adding to the erosion problem, so now they have more fires instead.


Hi Mish,

Long time reader first time poster. There is a lot of misinformation being spread about the fires in Australia. Please don't propagate it. Arson is not a major cause this time around (it has been a bigger problem other times).

Nor are 'green' policies the issue. Hazard reduction burning is simply more difficult as the safe season to burn gets shorter and shorter every year.,-expert-says/11853280

Indigenous fire management practises may offer some solution but climate change is undoubtedly exacerbating fire conditions. It did not cause the fires, but their length, severity and extent as well as the availability of water to fight them are influenced by the warming climate.

Your other Australian readers will undoubtedly have opinions to so please hear them rather than listening to the posters above who seem to come armed with preconceptions rather than any real experience over here.


[1] The Eucalyptus is native to Australia. Large stands in the Blue Mountains emit terpentenes which are largely the cause of the blue haze. It's not just human beings planting eucalptus.

[2] Though there are many aspects to such brush fires, it seems undeniable that drought is a major vector. Whether climate change is a component of a drought somewhere requires complex (attribution) studies better left to experts.

Dogmatic insistence that all such expertise is part of a conspiracy requires exceptional evidence.


Bushfire scientist David Packham warns of huge blaze threat, urges increase in fuel reduction burns By Darren Gray Updated March 12, 2015

Forest fuel levels have worsened over the past 30 years because of "misguided green ideology", vested interests, political failure and mismanagement, creating a massive bushfire threat, a former CSIRO bushfire scientist has warned.

Victoria's "failed fire management policy" is an increasing threat to human life, water supplies, property and the forest environment, David Packham said in a submission to the state's Inspector-General for Emergency Management.

And he argued that unless the annual fuel reduction burning target, currently at a minimum of 5 per cent of public land, "is doubled or preferably tripled, a massive bushfire disaster will occur. The forest and alpine environment will decay and be damaged possibly beyond repair and homes and people [will be] incinerated."

He said forest fuel levels had climbed to their most dangerous level in thousands of years.


The Volunteer Firefighters Association (VFFA), the body representing the Voice of Volunteer Rural Firefighters in NSW refutes the claim by green alarmists that climate change is the cause of the recent bushfires in New South Wales.

It’s ridiculous to blame climate change when we know there has been far worse bushfires stretching back to the earliest days of European settlement in Australia including the Black Saturday Victoria 2009, NSW Bushfires 1994, Ash Wednesday Victoria 1983, Blue Mountains NSW 1968, Black Tuesday Hobart 1967 and Black Friday Victoria 1939, said Peter Cannon, President of the VFFA.

The VFFA is angered by comments from the green lobby groups that tackling climate change was more important than prescribed burning of forest fuels to reduce bushfire risk. The real blame rests with the greens and their ideology as they continue to oppose and undermine our efforts to conduct hazard reduction in the cooler months and to prevent private landowners from clearing their lands to reduce bushfire risk.

Hazard reduction is the only proven management tool rural firefighters have to reduce the intensity and spread of bushfires and this has been recognised in numerous bushfire enquires since the Stretton enquiry into the 1939 Victorian Bushfires.

The amount of ‘green tape’ we have to go through to get a burn approved is beyond frustrating; says Peter Cannon. The VFFA is calling on the NSW State Government to reduce the amount of green tape involved in planning and conducting hazard reductions, so that our Volunteer Firefighters can get on with the job of conducting fire prevention works in the cooler months to prevent the inevitable summer bushfire disasters that are now becoming a more regular feature.

The NSW State Government must also provide sufficient funding for bushfire hazard reduction works on a planned and sustained basis, including the creation of asset protection zones and upgrades of all fire trails in high bushfire risk areas.

Remember that it’s far more cost effective, say around 66 to 100 times more cost efficient, to prevent wild fires through hazard reduction than it is to have reactionary fire response, which is what we have at the moment. With the great number of lost homes and decreasing property values through these wild fires, what then will the total fiscal amount be…….when it could have all been prevented by effective Hazard reduction!

To increase the area treated by prescribed burning on bushfire prone lands from the current level of less than 1% per annum to a minimum of 5% per annum, as recommended by the Victorian Royal Commission and many leading bushfire experts.


I would like to recommend Tony Heller: Also excellent on youtube.


There are always people who do not understand science, making ridiculous claims. That includes people on both sides of the global warming debate. ”The world will end in 12 years”. ”Miami will drown in 6 years” Making such stupid statements does not help contribute to a rationale discussion of the issue.

Equally ridiculous are those who refuse to accept the reality of global warming and climate change, saying it doesn’t exist. (a stage 1 denier)

Mish is a stage 2 denier. He understands that global warming is real.

A stage 2 denier thinks that global warming is not the result of anything man is doing (like adding extra greenhouse gasses such as CO2 and CH4 to the atmosphere). Rather a stage 2 denier like Mish thinks any change in global temperature is primarily linked to changes in solar irradiance. He also expects solar irradiance to drop dramatically in the next decade or two (a Maunder Minimum) which will cause the planet to cool significantly. Let’s discuss this.

What contributes to the temperature of our planet? In order of significance:

  1. The sun: The amount of energy that the earth receives from the sun is the most important factor in the temperature of the planet. If someone could flip a switch and turn off the sun, the temperature of earth would soon plummet to around -240C, similar to the temperature of Pluto, which is very far from the sun. Based on the earth’s distance from the sun, if the sun was the only factor in the earth’s temperature, then the earth’s temperature would average -18C. Since the average temperature on earth is +14C to +15C, there are other factors in addition to the sun that contribute to the warming of the earth.

  2. The thickness of the atmosphere and the level of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere: Planets without an atmosphere cannot distribute the sun’s energy around the planet. They also quickly reflect the heat received back into space. If a planet has an atmosphere that contains some greenhouse gasses, it can hold on to the heat longer. For example, Mercury, the closest planet to the sun, does not have an atmosphere to either distribute or retain any of the sun’s energy it receives. The side of the planet which faces the sun has a surface temperature of +450C. The opposite side which faces away from the sun has a surface temperature of -170C. The average is +165C. Unlike Mercury, Venus has a thick atmosphere, containing at lot of CO2, which is a greenhouse gas that traps a lot of the sun’s energy. Without an atmosphere, Venus would have a surface temperature averaging below 0C. Because of its thick atmosphere and greenhouse gasses, Venus has an evenly distributed temperature all over the planet of +465C (+870F). What Mercury and Venus show is that even though the sun provides the energy, an atmosphere with greenhouse gasses can dramatically increase the temperature of the planet. The atmosphere of Venus adds over 500C to its surface temperature. Earth has a much thinner atmosphere than Venus, with far fewer greenhouse gasses, so it contributes much less to the temperature compared to Venus. Based on the amount of energy received from the sun, the earth should have an average temperature of -18C, but because of the atmosphere and greenhouse gasses, it has an average temperature of +15C. As a result, the Earth is merely 33C warmer than what it would be without an atmosphere.

  3. Orbital changes of a planet: The third most important determinant of Earth’s temperature is from variations in the planet’s orbit (eccentricity), the tilt of it’s axis (obliquity), and tilt direction (precession). Milankovitch described these orbital changes, which cycle over very long periods of time (100,000; 41,000; and 26,000 years). These cycles affect how much of the sun’s energy is available to be captured by the planet. Note, that this has nothing to do with the amount of energy emitted from the sun. But it does affect how much of that energy the planet can absorb. These cycles can change the amount of energy received by as much as 6.8% over many tens of thousands of years and coincide perfectly with ice ages and inter-glacial periods which go through hundred thousand year cycles. Currently, all three Milankovitch cycles are either in a cooling phase, or entering a cooling phase. Based on past history, the planet should be cooling, CO2 levels should be dropping, the glaciers should be growing, and sea levels should be dropping. One more thing to understand about Milankovitch cycles is that their effects on temperature are very small and take very long periods of time; however there are natural feedback loops on the planet which amplify their effect. The two significant feedback loops are ice albedo and Carbon Dioxide. At the end of a cold cycle there is a lot of ice on the planet and CO2 levels are lower. When a warming cycle begins, it begins to melt the ice and to cause more release of CO2. Less ice means less reflected sunlight and more absorption, which causes more warming, less ice, more absorption, more warming, less ice, more absorption, etc. (a feedback loop). The same feedback loop adds more CO2 to the atmosphere, which causes more warming, more CO2, more warming, more CO2, etc. Without the feedback loops, even a 6.8% change in the sun’s energy reaching earth would have a very small effect on temperature, but with feedback loops the temperature can vary up to 10C over a hundred thousand years.

  4. Fluctuations in energy from the sun: The amount of energy the sun gives off is remarkably constant with very small fluctuations over time. During the typical 11 year solar cycle, the energy varies by 0.1%, though it can vary by as much as 0.24% during Maunder Minimums (compare this tiny change to the 6.8% change of Milankovitch cycles). Most of these changes affect the upper atmosphere (the stratosphere). Subsequently, these changes filter down to the lower atmosphere (the troposphere) and often have an impact on weather patterns and a slight influence on temperature. The current cycle (cycle 24) is just ending after 6 years of falling irradiance. This should also be cooling the planet very modestly.

  5. Other factors include volcanic eruptions, Pacific oscillations such as El Nino and La Niña: These other factors are mostly short-term and effect temperature for only a year or two. For example a very strong El Nino in 2016 added a little temporary warmth for one year which helped 2016 be the warmest year since we started recording temperatures in 1880. The La Nina that followed in 2017-18 subsequently cooled the planet slightly for two years. When looking at a temperature chart you can see these short term fluctuations in the see-saw patterns. However, since these effects are short term or temporary, they are mostly noise in the overall trend of warming. Volcanic eruptions add dust particles to the atmosphere which shade the planet slightly for a few months, causing very minor cooling, until they settle back down to the planets surface. However, volcanic eruptions also add extra CO2 to the atmosphere, which takes more than a hundred years to dissipate, and contributes a small amount of heating. The amount of CO2 released from volcanic activity is very tiny, compared to the amount of CO2 being released by man each year.

  6. Internal Core: the temperature of Earth’s core is around 4400C. However, this only contributes a very tiny 0.03% of energy to the planet’s overall energy budget. The rest is from the sun.

Summary: The sun provides enough energy to raise the temperature of the earth’s surface from -240C to -18C. The atmosphere and greenhouse gasses subsequently increase the temperature from -18C to +15C. Orbital changes cause long term fluctuations of the planet’s temperature of as much as 10C (over a hundred thousand years). Fluctuations in the suns output can cause 11 year temperature changes of 0.1 to 0.3C. Pacific oscillations like El Nino can cause a one or two year change in earth’s temperatures of 0.1 to 0.3C.

At present, Milankovitch cycles have been cooling the planet for 6000 years and will continue to for tens of thousands of years more. The 11 year solar cycle has also been cooling the planet for 6 years, though a new warming trend will begin shortly. A very weak El Nino in 2019 may have contributed a tiny bit of warmth to the Earth’s temperature, reversing two years of cooling from the La Nina year’s of 2017/18. Putting these factors together indicate that the planet should be cooling, especially in the last 6 years.

But the temperatures are rising. In fact the last 6 years are the warmest 6 years globally since we started recording temperatures in 1880. This warming has been going on for quite some time now, and it is accelerating. The ice is melting, and oceans are rising. And the pace of these changes are also accelerating. There is one primary factor that is causing this. Greenhouse gasses such as CO2 have increased from 280 ppm to 412 ppm in the last 250 years because of man. And this is the primary cause of global warming.

Please note that all I am trying to do here is present the facts, or as I call it, reality.

I am not talking politics. I am not telling anyone what to do. I am not advocating for taxes. I am not advocating for any kind of action.

In fact, I do not expect any significant actions. I expect the warming to continue to accelerate because of a lack of action. That is also reality.



OF COURSE NOT !....Burning 100 million ! barrels of crude oil/day can NOT possibly have an impact on the climate....even in combination with mind boggling deforestation.....NOPE that s BS .....innit ?


The climate change nuts are dangerous because they are like "here's how it is, here's what's going to be done" and the rest of us get their crap jammed down our throats regardless what we believe(or know). Greta will have her face superimposed on Australia on all future maps. And I wouldn't be one bit surprised greens are fire starters. Seems to be a worldwide theme for whatever reason, more tax and control or whatever. I've about had it with planet nutjob here lately.


Smokey Bear says only you can prevent forest fires.

Climate change does not cause forest fires. Some fires are started by lightning, but most others are started by humans.


Is GeoEngineering the latest scam that causes climate catastrophe while claiming to prevent it? Oops. Can’t ask that question. The answers are Top Secret while the propaganda machine is fully deployed.

In the California link from last year, should I light my campfires with melted aluminum flowing in the street while leaving the small tinder and kindling branches on the trees for others?

Do I sense a Soviet level of distrust of official pronouncements here? Even if our ‘Pravda’ on the Potomac and ‘Izvestia’ on the Hudson claim to be private?


Native people in Australia and California have had a long history of clearing land via controlled burns for millenia. If this isn't done in a very regular basis, the amount of fuel that builds up is astounding. It is this high level of fuel that makes these fires burn even hotter.

This reminds me of interviews of forest service officials in California.

'Very dry year, everything is dead, very bad fire year'

'Lots of rain, all that will dry in the summer, very bad fire year'

My son thought I was kidding till he read similar stories recently.


Not often I disagree with you Mish but this is crap. The reason for the bushfires are the extremely high temperatures which we;ve had for extended periods coupled with a change in rainfall patterns. Hottest year on record as far back as records have been kept. How on earth do you think we could clear the underbrush from tens of millions of acres? A little more though please Mish.


Thanks for sharing these insights


A lot of Murdoch sponsored conspiracy dysinformation.

[1] Of the 200 arrested, only 24 charged with setting a fire, and few of these managed to set more than a small fire. Arson is not a major factor, let alone hundreds of climate change activists -- please produce actual court cases.

[2] This fire has burnt more acres than the past 15 years in aggregate -- so far.

[3] The Green party has stated online they favour preventive hazard cutting and burning; contrary to reports, the level at which various public services have engaged in hazard burning has not decreased significantly but is done regularly.

Heat and drought are creating favorable conditions -- though not unprecedented, the question remains how normal this kind of weather is becoming.


One thing I'll say about California (at least where I live) is landowners are required to clear brush on properties up to a certain distance from any structure. If you don't do it, the fire department has it done and you're sent a bill. Preventive burns are sorely lacking though.


2019 is officially the second hottest year since we started recording temperatures in 1880. Only 0.04 degrees behind 2016 (a strong El Nino year). So the 6 warmest years ever recorded are the last 6 years.

And this happened while solar irradiance (Mish is a big believer in solar irradiance) was declining. Care to comment on that Mish?


Many thanks for posting this article Mish. Wouldn’t necessarily go along with the conspiracy bit at the end but the rest is spot on.


The below video clearly shows that we are dealing with a coordinated crime for some, if not all, of the bush fires.

Living in the zone of the first bush fires I quickly noted what I later coined as Operation Smoke Curtain. I noticed each day that the fires would flare up, even after a little rain the day before and cover everyone in smoke, again, cause terror via the smoke and the hysteria/alarm via the media. Bush fires tend not to flare up (after the initial burn off) for no good reason, with little wind etc... but these ones did, on and on, day in, day out, *uckin headaches from the smoke the minute it starts. A bush fire will burn like crazy, then it is largely over, simple, not this on again off again TV drama mini-series. I commented to my wife that with all this fire and TV hysteria we have little loss of property and life (human) to show for it compared to any other of its calibre.

However this traveling fire circus made its way down the coast to Sydney, did this same on again off again smoke curtain and terror with little loss of life and property. At this stage I got really suspicious and pissed off, so I started to look around for answers, none to be found on the TV or radio, thats for sure. Dry lightning it kept saying, bloody dry lightning starting the fires......far as the eye can see dry %^ckin lightning.

The fires made their way south and on the 30.12.2019 this is when they seem to lose control a little of 'Operation Smoke Curtain' and we did see loss of life and property. It started very suddenly and we had friends that were coming up our way from the fires (yet to be started) for a good ole new years piss up and a chin wag, but the day they were to leave it started and the fires were horrific.

See the you tube video below that clearly shows coordinated fire starting (these are the horrific fire described above) and it is also not caused by this dry lightning mumbo jumbo that is not a past feature of Australia weather. The Australian Police also have a copy of this video that I passed on so a full investigation will only be interfered with via political interference. Come what may.......

Two last interesting points....(1)during Christmas guess who happened to be in Australia and the media had also knew this so they could hook up and have a interview.........Mr. Michael Man of the IPCC......*uck me Michael your timing is impeccable!

(2) Dry Lightning……had to read up about it, it is so rear in Australia. Well in the mid-west USA it is not so rear and they provide a daily forecast and it is easy to predict.

So…in Australia now after this horrific fire season started by dry lightening if we don’t see daily reports and forecasts going forward you can safely assume BS


How do they catch the people accused of making these fires?

The area is vast. It takes only a moment to start a fire. Unless you catch someone in the act of starting a fire, then how do you have any evidence at all that they did so? What are the chances that the police or someone similar would be nearby to the instigation of a deliberate fire?

The way the fires spread as well, if you were a bit dim and went round starting fires, it seems as likely as not the fire will get you unless you get away from the scene really quickly. I find it hard to comprehend how so many people have been caught allegedly starting these fires. More likely the police have just arrested people and are looking to obtain confessions if you ask me.


who cares I will be dead and most of you all will be too by the time this climate change or not changing gets sorted out


Of the 183 people arrested, only 24 peple have been charged with deliberately or recklessly starting fires in New South Wales, and another ten in South Australia. The other offenses include failing to take proper care around machinery, and for improperly discarding cigarettes, some of which only attract cautions....


I was writing a post earlier about climate drivers affecting the fires which I ended up cancelling because I found that I had made a major mistake. Essentially the nature of the post was

local climate drivers >> global warming

Today the BBC has an article where they cover the influence of one of those climate drivers, the Indian ocean dipole which I've found out today is far more influenced by global warming than I had imagined.

I'll finish this post here but I'd encourage everyone to look at the article even if its only for the pictures, They are explanatory enough to provide the gist of the article by themselves.


Photo collection from a few days back:

Australia’s Bushfire Catastrophe in Photos Alan Taylor | 6 Jan 2020 24 Photos In Focus

Months of catastrophic bushfires in Australia have now burned 19.8 million acres, destroyed hundreds of homes, injured or killed millions of animals, and left two dozen people dead. Although cooler conditions prevailed today in some areas, the relief may be temporary—a forecast of strong winds and higher temperatures threatens to bring fires to the more-populated Sydney suburbs. Australia’s government has called up army reservists to help battle the blazes, and pledged $1.4 billion in aid, as more than 150 fires continue to burn across New South Wales.

Hints: View this page full screen.(press F11)