Another Merkel Crisis: AfD Leads CDU in E. Germany, Major Coalition Infighting


This story is as bizarre as anything we have seen with Trump. To get rid of a troublesome official, Merkel promoted him.

Grand Coalition Not

Angela Merkel's government faces another test. Not only is AfD the leading party in an Eastern Germany poll, Merkel is infighting with SPD and CSU, her coalition partners, at the national level.

Welt reports CDU/CSU and SPD Increase Nationwide - AfD is the Strongest Force in East Germany.

Another Welt poll shows Majority Sees Right-Wing Radicalism as Mainly an Eastern Problem.

Poll Details

  1. 66% say Germany has changed for the worse since the beginning of the refugee crisis in 2015 to the negative.
  2. Only 17% said Germany has change for the better.
  3. 82% perceive the social climate as significantly rougher compared to previous years, 11 percent deny this.
  4. 61% of citizens feel just as safe in 2018 as in 2015, only 36 percent feel more insecure. (Note the comparison "just as safe" to "more insecure". A valid comparison would be more safe vs less safe)
  5. 27% think it's okay to protest against foreigners, while 66% do not understand it. For protests against violent acts of foreigners showed 71% of the interviewees understand, only 21% considered such protests as wrong.
  6. 50% believe that too many migrants come to Germany. 35% perceive the number as relative. 4% say immigration is too low.

Those in the "More Europe" crowd cannot be pleased with the survey results or events in East Germany.

Merkel Under Pressure

Eurointelligence has a bizarre story about a rift between CDU, CSU, and SPD.

As background to this story, Merkel decided to sack Hans-Georg Maaßen, the president of Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

Her reason was that Maaßen made some inflammatory, anti-immigration statements in support of protests. Moreover, Maaßen is allegedly affiliated with AfD.

Here's the bizarre part: Under the German constitution only the interior minister, not the chancellor, is entitled to fire Maaßen.

Merkel could fire the interior minister, but that is Horst Seehofer, her CSU coalition partner.

Firing Seehofer might have triggered the dissolution of the "Grand Coalition". Yet SPD, Merkel's other coalition partner insisted that Maaßen had to go.

Now for the truly bizarre: Merkel's solution was to get Maaßen out of his current position by promoting him.

From Eurointelligence

> What makes this story important is its capacity to bring out the old conflict inside the coalition over how to deal with immigrants, especially violent immigrants.

> We think that a break in the coalition might help the CSU in its home state, but the views within the party leadership are divided. Nevertheless it is possible that Seehofer might resign and effectively force his party’s hand. The party can hardly afford to have its chairman resign on a point of principle over immigration, and then dispatch a more compliant interior minister to Berlin. The AfD would have a field day at the election. Its co-leader in the Bundestag argues that Maaßen has been one of the few effective officials in the fight against crimes committed by immigrants.

> It is also interesting to see how Bild is covering the story. The paper has been one of the most loyal supporters of Merkel, but not in this case. It writes that Maaßen has been a very successful.

> It is hard to see everyone coming out of this with dignity. If Merkel were to back down Andrea Nahles, SPD chief, would have a massive credibility problem as she has been pushing the hardest for Maaßen‘s dismissal.

> The paper says one way out would be for Seehofer to bring Maaßen back into the interior ministry as a state secretary, which would technically even constitute a promotion but would clearly not be seen as such politically.

That synopsis was from two days ago. By my previous comments, you know the result, posted this morning.

Maaßen Promoted

> Angela Merkel is certainly well versed in the art of political compromise.

> The political solution to the crisis is for Maaßen to leave his current job and to become deputy interior minister. So everybody wins, right? Maaßen gets the promotion of his life; Seehofer’s stubbornness has once again paid off; the SPD can claim that Maaßen is no longer in his old job; and Merkel has kept her fragile coalition together until the next crisis.

> It is hard to see how this very German farce could fail to benefit the AfD, which has steadfastly supported Maaßen.

> We noted a comment in FAZ this morning by Berthold Kohler, who notes that the Merkel administration goes from one crisis to the next, and expends ever more energy to tame the innate centrifugal tendencies of the coalition. What keeps the coalition together is a joint fear of the AfD.

Is this totally bizarre or what?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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What isn't bizarre these days??


Everywhere you look you'll find crazy town. Symptoms of some deep angst bubbling to the surface. Many different anxieties.

Meanwhile those in charge exhibit their own fears through the control they try to impose, only making situations even more complex and anxiety provoking.

It's everywhere.


I've been following the case quite some time already and Merkel is lying or innovating a false narrative.

"Her reason was that Maaßen made some inflammatory, anti-immigration statements in support of protests." False. Maasen only said that there was no evidence of immigrants "being hunted down". That went against what Merkel believed to be true based on one Antifa (sic!) video clip that was not conclusive of anything.

"Moreover, Maaßen is allegedly affiliated with AfD." False. This so called affiliation comes from a rumor that Maasen had negotiations and meetings with AfD and was somehow suspected of something. He indeed had 5 meetings with the party representatives. He had more than hundred with other political party reps. The reason: He was discussing violence against politicians and political terror. It's part of his job to protect them. He met AfD people far less than people from other parties.

Merkel is toast. She has shown her own true colors of an ex-communist. I personally have no respect for her. For some reason, people see her as a democratic leader and nothing could be further from the truth.

As a sidenote: I can't log in from my iMac to this discussion and doing from my PC it took two tries. Perhaps you should at Maven should check your settings? Or is it me?


Mish et al, this is the lengths the establishment are going to to discredit any "non-conformist". My understanding is LePenn tweeted to show how ridiculous it was to compare her end of the French political establishment to ISIL when such a comparison had been made to discredit her side.

Now, to tar her with a brush, this has been ordered. Macrons boys must be behind this somewhere. They never learn, let's hope it backfires. They fight very dirty when the project is threatened.


Merkel & Macron had a big pow-wow recently. What probability they discussed how best to damage alternative ideas as to what the future of Europe should look like?

I can't find the words to describe what it is becoming. They will have people sectioned next for "alternative thoughts".

Let's see how far they go.


None of this should surprise anyone who has been following Merkel's political career. So far from being "well versed in the art of political compromise", Merkel is a Machiavellian manipulator par excellence. Anybody who challenges her or threatens her in any way is slandered, expelled, or sidelined. And the complicated German form of government, full of 'safeguards' against another third Reich, actually makes it easier for her to maintain power however dissatisfied the population is with her policies.


Not really sure what is so bizarre.

You have to remember, always, that in any country, the opposition is not between national level political parties.

It's not CDU/CSU vs SPD. Or vs AfD, or what have you. Just as in America, it's not Democrats vs Republicans.

Instead, in every country, it is The Government vs The People. The former doing whatever it takes, to be able to continue living high, and ever higher, off of the work of the latter.

While doing whatever it takes to obfuscate this, in order to keep the latter sufficiently pliant and indoctrinated to not recognize this basic, invariable fact of all government of all time; past, present and future.

Pretension of "opposition" between two or more "parties," is nothing more than one of the more popular and successful ways for governments to achieve that goal. But it's just theater; aimed at diverting the attention of well indoctrinated, uncritical and pliant underlings from the fact that they are paying for the whole, pointless farce. With ever more freedom restrictions, harassment and servitude, as time goes by.

Once any real threat to the hegemony of the German government or ruling class emerges, you can bet your rear that AfD will join the rest in chanting "We have to save the syyyystem!!!" Not for a moment bothering explaining "the syystem" is nothing but a mile high pile of nonsense that serve no other purpose than justifying government and the privileged in their never ending quest to subdue and indenture the rest. Just as happened over here; with Bank bailouts, Gitmo, Obamacare and every other atrocity that "the other party" was supposed;y opposed to.

And which will happen with Trump's tariffs once the Dems have the choice to abandon them: Then, they'll want to save the "good parts" of the tarriffs...... Never for a milisecod mentioning, probably not even recognizing, that "the good parts" of what any government has any business being involved in, were exhaustively enumerated by Jefferson and pals.

Germany is no different politically. It functions better, because Germans can still count and assemble Lego structures. So their privileged have to at least pay some heed to letting their indentured build things of som value. Instead of, as over here, insisting that the answer to 2+2 has to be resolve in a court of law. As it would otherwise discriminate against all those who couldn't figure it out otherwise.

But at the bottom, it's all the same. The Government vs The People. And until the latter grow and wake up and realize that, they'll remain forever pliant, useful idiots: Glued to their TeeVee screens watching a neverending series of rigged games, supposedly pitting CDU vs AfD, GOP vs DNC and what have you.


Interior minister Seehofer refused to fire Maassen so the only solution was to promote him since Merkel had already talked how Germans were HUNTING foreigners and Maassen humiliated Merkel by saying that the video seemed orchestrated or manufactured situation so Maassen could NOT be allowed to stay in his previous position as head of German domestic intelligence because he had humialiated Princess Merkel.

There is NO question that Merkel made a FOOL of herself since there is just ONE video and in it one afghan/arab is walking backwards while insulting German men walking forward and one German man runs toward the afghan/arab man and the afghan/arab man gets scared and runs away quickly and the German man walks back smiling towards the other German men.

This is the only video of claimed "hunting" and that video does NOT show any kind of hunting and the Afghan/arab man is NOT even hit, he is just scared by one german man to run away and then the German man returns smiling.

Based on this one video Merkel started talking how lots of Germans are HUNTING foreigners in Germany and painted all 6000 German people demonstrating (against a Syrian and two Iraqis who killed a German man (who had a cuban father) with tens of knife hits after they tried robbing him of the money he had withdrawn at ATM) as nazis, racists, fascists.

Merkel is INCOMPETENT and she is responsible for each and every rape, murder, assault and child molestation committed by the over 1 MILLION migrants Merkel welcomed to Germany while saying "there is NO limit how many asylum seekers Germany takes" and demanding that EU countries must keep their borders open because "too many people are coming to stop them" and Merkel let these 1 million migrants who were 80%-90% young males walk freely in Germany and even stalk and abuse and rape German women in the middle of the night in the center of German cities if they wanted despite EU-directives allowing ALL asylum seekers to be placed in CLOSED refugee camps or CLOSED residences and controlled until their asylum application has been processed.

Then Merkel FAILED to make Dublin returns to the first EU country for those who were registered in some other country (many were registered in Italy but could still get asylum in germany) because German authorities did NOT check fingerprints from the EuroDAC database quickly but only when it was time for the asylum interview that was months and months after they came to Germany (even Sweden checks EuroDAC fingerprint database quickly and returns asylum seekers to the first EU country where they registered) which meant that the Dublin returns could NOT be made anymore since there are time limits on when Dublin agrement returns must be made from the date asylum seekers first ask for asylum.

Merkel also allowed Greece to leave 99% of migrants unregistered and just push them north. Greece registered 11.000 asylum seekers in 2015 while there were 800.000 migrants who came through Greece according to stats (most likely well over 1 million) and this was a deliberate policy by Greece's leftist Syriza government and they stated their policy of stopping all detention Greece had used before and freeing all migrants in detention and not registering asylum seekers if they did not want to register in the election program for Syriza and they kept their election promises in spring of 2015 and once word spread that all migrants could get through Greece (NO welfare) without registration to Germany and Sweden etc. (lots of generous welfare) millions wanted to come.

When the rush started leftist Syriza and Greek PM Tsipras cried for help from EU despite themselves CAUSING the rush with their political choices. Merkel pushed through asylum seeker burden sharing from Greece and Italy to around EU in two parts and the first part was 40.000 in 27th of May 2015 and this also was a signal that everyone could get through. 80% of migrants coming to Europe in 2015 came after 27th of May 2015 so EU burden sharing pushed through by Merkel and Druncker-Juncker worsened the rush of migrants. Then once the rush of migrants worsened Greece started pushing them north quicker and quicker and gave them ferry rides from Greek Islands near Turkey to Greek mainland and bus rides to the Macedonian border. Then Merkel and Jucker pushed through another EU asylum seeker burden sharing for 120.000 for a total of 160.000.

The flood of migrants continued and continued and would be still continuing unless countries started CLOSING borders. First to close borders was France in summer of 2015 to stop migrants moving from Italy to France and further north. Italy had left about 50% of migrants unregistered and for example in 2014 Italy had given rides from Libyan coast to Italy for 170.000 migrants but only registered 70.000 of them as asylym seekers meaning Italy "lost" 100.000 migrants who went to ask for asylum from other EU countries since Italy itself does NOT have welfare. France does NOT accept asylum claims at the border, stops migrants at the border crossings and borders along the coast, inspects trains in the first station inside France and removes migrants and drives them in French border police vans back to Italy. France also has border police patrols with dogs in the mountain areas and countryside between France and Italy.

Then Hungary CLOSED borders by building two high fences topped with barbed wire on their borders with Serbia and later with Slovenia in autumn 2015 after Merkel had called Orban bad names while Orban was trying to follow EU rules by stopping forward movement of migrants and registering everyone as asylum seekers and Orban also used CLOSED refugee camps and CLOSED residences as allowed by EU directives. Of course migrants fought and were miserable and complained and did NOT want to stay in Hungary since hungary has NO welfare and these migrants wanted to go to Germany or Sweden to get the generous welfare. Then Merkel declared that Dublin agreement did not apply anymore so every migrant inside Hungary knew that if they could escape and get to Germany they would get to stay in germany and get German welfare so the situation became unmanageable and Hungary and Orban decided to let Germany have what Merkel wanted and released al migrants and they went through Austria to Germany.

Next one to CLOSE border was Norway who decided to STOP accepting asylum applications at Norway's borders in late 2015 to stop flow of migrants from Russia and then ordered police to start border checks in Southern Norway to stop migrants moving from Sweden to Norway. Norway also ordered all ferries from Germany and Denmark to start ID checks before boarding to stop migrants.

This led to Sweden CLOSING their border by starting to check ID and right to travel on the trains from Denmark to Sweden and the check was made inside Denmark in the last train stop before crossing the bridge to Sweden so the migrants could not get to ask for asylum from Sweden's border guards. Walking and bicycling is FORBIDDEN on the bridge between Denmark and Sweden so migrants could not walk or bicycle to Sweden and Sweden prosecuted people who gave rides to migrants to Sweden over the bridge in their cars for people smuggling so Swede was essentialy closed.

This led to Denmark closing their border by telling migrants at the Germany-Denmark border that one could NO longer get through Denmark to any other country and people were not allowed into Denmark either but if they wanted they could for ask asylum in Denmark at the border but that all money and valuables would be confiscated to pay for their stay, all welfare benefits had been massively cut and Denmark had a rejection rate of about 90% for asylum claims by Iraqis, Afganistanis and Somalis. Also Denmark stopped giving long term residence permits and made getting Danish citizenship much harder so no one living on welfare could get Danish citizenship anymore. Also asylum seekers would be in controlled residences and not getting drunk in the cities nightlife. All this led to most migrants staying in Germany.

Then in early 2016 while Merkel was still demanding from Austria that borders must stay open Austria's Kurz called a meeting of Austria, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania and Bulgaria. Greece was NOT invited and Germany were NOT invited.

Shortly afterwards Austria stated that there would be a limit of 80 asylum seekers per day on Austria's border from now on. The same day Austrias southern neighbor Slovenia said that due to Austrias tightening policy Slovenia would have to stop forwad movement of migrants so Slovenia dos not end up with large groups of migrants that have no way north and Slovenia also stated they would accept 50 asylum applications per month at their border from the most vulnerable. In the next 24 hours Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia all CLOSED their borders and Poland and Czech sent troops on the Macedonian border to keep the border closed and Austria gave funds to Macedonia to keep the border closed and build fences on the border. Hungary had already CLOSED their borders before and Albania also controlled their borders and stopped forward movement and Bulgaria stopped all forward movement and there was NO welfare there.

So Austria and Slovenia had CLOSED the Greek route to welfare paying Europe. What happened? Migrants that were left in Greece cried in the mud in front of Macedonia border for access to Germany and yelled Merkel and Merkel. These pictures spread to Turkey and arrivals to Greece crashed 90% so closing borders had stopped the problems.

This made Merkel freak out that German voters might realize that Merkel herself had caused all the problems with her insane political choices and her demands that borders must NOT be closed so while other EU leaders and Donald Tusk had negotiated with Turkey to support the 4 millions Syrians living in SAFETY in Turkey and stop smugglers and there was already near agreement Merkel ran to negotiate behind everyone's backs and promised Turkey's 70 million people visa freedom to EU and promised lots more money if Turkey promised to take some migrants back from Greece and work against smugglers. Turkey said yes and Merkel could claim to German voters that the Turkey agreement had stopped the arrivals hiding the fact that border closures had stopped the arivals.

Turkey has so far taken back about 200-300 migrants from Greece and is doing some patrols in the coast to stop migrants but EU has taken 20.000 Syrians from Turkey and given Turkey billions and billions. There are some migrants still coming to Greece but 97% less than in 2015. Eu did not give Turkey visa freedom because many EU countries thought it would lead to millions of turks immediately coming to EU.

The fact is that ALL Syrians were already SAFE in Turkey so all movement to Europe was motivated by generous German welfare and Swedish welfare and both Sweden and Germany giving 100% acceptance to Syrians even if they had lived in Turkey in complete safety for years. Also there were lots of Iraqis, Afganistanis and Somalis and Pakistanis coming through Turkey and Greece to EU countris and they were attracted by some EU countries having really high acceptance rates for Iraqis, Afganistanis and Somalis despite all countries having large SAFE areas. Iraqis and Somalis flew to Turkey since they had visa freedom to Turkey in 2015 because Turkey wanted more business for their huge Turkish Airlines company and then crossed over. Pakistanis also flew to Turkey to get to Europe. Afganistanis crossed over from Iran since Iran's economy was bad and there are millions of Afganistanis living in Iran.

Italy had mostly migrants from SAFE African countries like Nigeria, Gambia, Senegal, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Tunisia and also Pakistanis and Bangladeshis flying to Libya and crossing to Italy. Italy was also used by some Somalis (Somalia has been considered MOSTLY SAFE since 2013 by European Court of Human Rights but Somalis still keep coming because some EU countries accept their asylum claims at large percentage, UN also returns Somalis back to Somalia from UN refugee camp in Kenya) and many Eritreans (EU incentivizes Eritreans to desert Eritrean army since deserters are punished in Eritrea so EU gives Eritreans asylum for deserting army and all the welfare that comes with it).

The sheer and utter INCOMPETENCE from Merkel and Jucnker and many other EU leaders like Sweden's Lofven and Netherlands Rutte is just astounding.

All the problems in 2015 and 2016-2018 were CAUSED by STUPID political choices by Merkel, Juncker, EU, Greece/Tsipras, Italy/Renzi etc. etc.


Merkel's Germany:

Merkel's Germany 2:

Merkel's Germany 3:

Merkel's Germany 4:

Austria's nightmare 1:

Merkel's Germany 5:

Austria's nightmare 2:

Merkel's Germany 6:

Merkel's Germany 7:

Merkel's Germany 8:

Merkel's Germany 9:

Merkel's Germany 10:

Stats: “Crimes committed by [asylum-seeking] immigrants saw a disproportionate increase last year — there’s nothing there we can gloss over,” said German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière. He said when it came to violent crimes there were “about 90 per cent more immigrant suspects in 2016” than in the prior year."

So there was lots of crimes in 2015 but in 2016 the situation got much worse...

Merkel's Germany 11:

Merkel's Germany 12:

Merkel's Germany 13:

Merkel's Germany 14:

Merkel's Germany 15:

Merkel's Germany 16:

Merkel's Germany 17:

Merkel's Germany 18:

Merkel's Germany 19:

Merkel's Germany 20:

German police and German media are HIDING the true extent of the rapes and other crimes:

Germans try to arm themselves:

Example of German Media whitewashing the crimes that are happening: Take one crime that did not happen and use it to make people suspect that all other crimes are not happening and then talk how crimes are not really as bad as they might sound written by anonymous Der Spiegel Staff:

German media is complicit in that German media HID the Cologne New Years eve rapes in 2015 for 6 days but were forced to report the truth after so many victims posted about what had happened on Facebook.

After that Germany has made a law that can be used to remove such posts from Facebook claiming that they are hate speech

ALL of what has happened was Merkel's POLITICAL CHOICE since these migrants were ALL already SAFE in Turkey and would have NEVER gone to Greece if the borders had been CLOSED and there was NO WAY to welfare paying EU countries from Greece.

Merkel DEMANDED that borders MUST be kept open!

EVERY asylum seeker that came to Germany could have been kept in CLOSED refugee camp or CLOSED residence according to EU directives until their asylum application has been decided but Merkel CHOSE to allow all asylum seekers to be free to do whatever they wanted.

Merkel should have been deemed unfit and incompetent and mentally disturbed by German parliament in 2015 when she said "there is NO LIMIT how many asylum seekers Germany takes" and demanded that borders must be kept open and she should have been placed on sick leave due to a clear mental breakdown.

Now the situation is such that there is NO truth and NO media and NO police in Germany anymore that would be honest and work for German people.

It is all about Princess Merkel and how Merkel can never admit she was wrong so it is just deflection of the blame to evil racists, evil hate speech, evil AfD.

Everyone around the world should BOYCOTT all German made products and goods until Merkel is REMOVED from power by German parliament and Germany sends FAILED asylum seekers back home (there are hundreds of thousands of FAILED asylum seekers hanging around freely in Germany now) and Germany stops demanding that EU must bring more migrants to Europe or spread migrants to every EU country and Germany stops giving residence permits EASIER than other EU countries do and EASIER than directives demand (Germany has a category called "humanitarian protection" and Germany gave almost 50.000 migrants that in 2017 and "humanitarian protection" is given to migrants who do NOT qualify for either asylum or subsidiary protection and EU directives do NOT demand "humanitarian protection" so those 50.000 could have been sent back home instead) and Germany stops allowing asylum seekers to hang around freely and starts using CLOSED refugee camps or CLOSED residences as allowed by EU directives.

If you buy German products you are supporting Merkel and what Merkel is doing to Germany, Germans and Europe and all Europeans...

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