Agricultural Exports Plunge, Trump Accuses China of Meddling in US Elections


The census dept reports the trade deficit widened by 5.3% with ag exports down 9.5%. Trump was already annoyed.

The Census Bureau advance report on International Trade in Goods shows the international trade deficit was $75.8 billion in August, up $3.8 billion from $72.0 billion in July.

  • Exports of goods for August were $137.9 billion, $2.3 billion less than July exports.
  • Imports of goods for August were $213.7 billion, $1.5 billion more than July imports.

International Trade Details

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Year-over-year exports rose more than imports but nearly every other aspect of the report looks miserable.

Agricultural exports are down 9.5% from July and a whopping 15.2% since June.

China Places Ad in Des Moines Iowa Register

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Striking back at the agricultural belt, China took out ads in the Des Moines Register.

Trump Accuses China of Meddling in US Elections

The Des Moines Register reports Citing ad in Des Moines Register, Trump accuses China of meddling in U.S. elections.

Twice Wednesday, President Donald Trump pointed to a Chinese government-backed advertising insert in the Des Moines Register as evidence Beijing is trying to interfere in the U.S. midterm elections.

“Regrettably, we found that China has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming 2018 election, coming up in November, against my administration,” Trump said at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday.

Our Farmers Will Make a Fortune

"Our farmers will make a fortune when this is over."

When will that be?

Today's report will have Trump howling even louder. Agricultural exports are way down.

Expect more foolish retaliation by both sides.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Doesn’t matter how hard or how often he beats her, the GOP will stay loyal, because that’s what battered wives DO.


It’s sad to see Trump repeating the same mistake over and over. I imagine it won’t matter how much harm he does to American farmers though; he will just increase the amount of farm subsidies and call it “winning”.


At least the Chinese are obvious about it. They don't create fake protests like the CIA does.


Are Americans that DENS that they continue to forget that our own CIA has interfered over 80 Countries' election or political process since WWII? MSM carries the news of election meddling by Russia+but conveniently forget what we have been doing to the rest of the world!


yeah, yeah yeah...when 100 million screaming Chinese hit your U.S. shores you can parade your Chinese flag....but wait...communism is good...piff

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